15-Year Reunion

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Thank You Cathy!
Those who were able to make it can attest to the fact that Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley went way beyond the call of duty in her efforts to make sure that the MPHS Class of '86 15-year Reunion was a smashing success.  Without question a really super time was had by all.

Classmates in attendance: Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley, Chris Malinowski, Erich Pfahl, Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz, Karen (Orth) Rimby, Laura (Schnader) Van Aken, Dave Dunkleberger, Steve Kunkel, Todd Weikel, Sheila (Mervine) Witthaut, Missy (Ryan) Wittig, Julie (Horst) Natoli, Christine Jurasinski-Sanchez, Beverly (Kercher) Burge, Jodi (Brigel) Daniels, Kelly (Grim) Seyler, Kim (Schmidt) Arnold and Beth (Rosser) Smith.

Sign at the Antique Airplane Restaurant in Exeter!

Group picture at Cathy Ketcher's, notice the two hot studs laying in front.

Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley's pool, decorated for the reunion

We had our reunion cake...and we ate it too!

Julie's Rent-a-Date, Julie (Horst) Natoli, Steve Kunkel and the Kunkel family

Jodi, Kelly, Shiela's hubby, Shiela and their kids

Chris Mal and chicks

Jodi & husband, Missy Ryan, Shiela Mervine, hubby & kid and more!

Todd and Erich, looking thrilled to have their pictures taken.

The Kunkel Family!

Cathy didn't like the shoes that Bev & Daryl were wearing so she cut them out of the picture.

Bev (Kercher) Burge and her family

Karen Orth, Cathy Ketcher, Missy Ryan, Beth Rosser

Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz and her family....and Chris Mal

Steve & Jodi (Brigel) Daniels...and Missy (Ryan) Wittig in the back

Karen (Orth) Rimby and her family

Moria & Dave Dunkelberger and their daughter

Collin Pfahl and Jaden Burge (Bev Kercher's son)

Missy Pfahl, Megan Pfahl (on slide), Sheila (Mervine) Witthaut and Alison Witthaut

Dave Dunkleberger, Beth (Rosser) Smith, Karen (Orth) Rimby

Laura (Schnader) Van Aken and her husband - who obviously didn't know they were about to get their picture taken.

Jodi (Brigel) Daniels' husband, Steve, and their son Dustin

Christine Jurasinski-Sanchez and her hubby, Carlos Sanchez

Bev (Kercher) Burge, Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz and Jody (Brigel) Daniels

Kids in the pool at the 15-Year Reunion!

Kim & her 2 kids, Karen & her 1 kid, and Cathy's 2 kids

Erich and Megan Pfahl at the 15-Year Reunion

Sheila (Mervine) Witthaut and her family

Jenny (Reimert) & Todd Weikel and their 2 kids

Candy scramble!
Candy Scramble!

The Pfahl Family

Everyone is squinting here because the sun was right behind the person taking the picture...

Missy (Ryan) Wittig & Kelly (Grim) Seyler

Chris Mal, up close and personal.

Kids on Cathy's trampoline during the 15-Year Reunion!


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