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Rotisserie Baseball

Eternal Squabblers League
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2020 ESL Standings
"A Ballsy Roto Genius" -- Mike Drago
2020 Winner Chris Malinowski

Chris Malinowski 65
Rick Franz 63
Blair DeWalt 54
Drew Gallagher 52
Mark Bennett 47.5
Marty Slickers 46.5
Jon Perkins 43
Dale Scott 38
Rob Miller 22
Matt Zappacosta 9

Altered States League
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2020 ASL Standings
Matt Dodge, Mike Drago, and Mark Martin
2020 Winner Mark Martin

Mark Martin 99
Drew Gallagher 95.5
Chris Malinowski 91.5
Matt Dodge 90
Eric Weiser 78
Dave Woodley 69
Rick Franz 48.5
Ken Axe 47.5
Mark Bennett 41
Mike Drago 34
Dale Scott 33
Marty Slickers 20
In the 10/11-17/00 issue of Baseball Weekly (Page 40), John Hunt ran a story called "This Season's Greatest Fantasy Finishes".  Hunt wrote: "...[in] the Altered States League...Drew Gallagher won after a 15-year drought (not long, since he's a Red Sox fan.) Gallagher's team won thanks to Mark McLemore's steal of second base in the final game.  He won the league by one point, finishing in a tie for first in stolen bases.  The second-place team happened to finish one behind the co-leaders in steals - meaning that steal made the difference.  (McLemore was Gallagher's final pick, 'and the closing bid happened to come as I was going to get another beer,' he said.)"

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