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4th Annual
Christmas Dinner, 12/26/0

Jolie and Baylor Baylor, Michael, Chris, Tom, Drew, and Marc Jolie
Michael and Sue will be getting married in May, and Michael's bachelor party will be in Las Vegas Future School Teachers Bald Spot and Mary
Sheepish Grin inherited from his father Toni, Margaret and Chuck Emerald Avenue Hockey Hall-of-Famer and his son Toni's daughter
Jolie and the puppy dog Ellen and Tom Baylor and Jolie

Our the middle of our street....

12/09/95 - Chris & Bev get married.  It's also the first time that it snows that early in December in something like 20 years.

12/09/05 - This picture was taken of our house on our 10 year anniversary.  The first time it had snowed on December 9th since the day we got married.

Cooperstown 2005

Drew Gallagher, in front of the picture of Big Pappi Rob Farr, proud Phillies fan

From my trip to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies with Drew Gallagher and Rob Farr.  (Ryne Sandberg and Wade Boggs were inducted.)  These 2 pictures were taken inside the Hall.

3rd Annual
Christmas Dinner, 12/26/04

Dr.Moyer and his Mom and Step-Dad The soon-to-be groom and bride! Who couldn't smile when you're as cute as these two love-birds? 1 Broken Arm Baylor and Michael

Trashy guys among a bunch of trash

This is another picture from the trip Drew Gallagher, Greg Ciambruschini and I took to Boston in 1995.  We didn't know what this was about at first.  It appeared as though a hurricane had made its way down this street.  Turns out this is what it looks like as the street-side farmers' market closes down each night.

Jeff Werner's 40th Birthday
October 22nd, 2004

Jeff smiling because his best friend Chris Mal was at the party. Thurmont Jeff prentending to be interested in other gifts, but deep down just can't wait to see what Chris Mal got him.
Jeff and Kim discussing how much they love Chris Mal.  "Just looking at him makes my heart go pitter-patter," said Kim. Scott Metcalfe unable to avoid the camera's eye Yawn, this is nice, but can I just open Chris's gift, please?

Top:  Jeff laughing, Thurmont, Jeff opening gifts
Bottom: Lovebirds, Scott Metcalfe caught on film, "Yawn - another present? I'm so popular."

Fort Walton Beach, FL
This is a picture of Pete Gabrielli at the Chip & Putt, and the other is Greg Ciambruschini at the Mini-Golf in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  These were taken on a guys-only trip that we took back in 1997.  Drew Gallagher and Rob Farr were also along on this trip.

Chi Chi Gabrielli Tiger Ciambruschini

Cooperstown, New York, 7/25/04

Quack Quack George Grande and Marc Kingsley George admiring his new bat Near the Cooperstown golf course with the lake in the background

These are pictures I took in Cooperstown the weekend of the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies in 2004.  The pictures on the far left and far right are from around Lake Onteona.  The middle two pictures are of George Grande, Master of Ceremonies for the Induction Ceremonies each year for the last 25 years.  He has stayed at the Inn at Cooperstown every year since it opened, and has become part of the Induction-Ceremony-weekend-Inn-at-Cooperstown family.  To commemorate his 25 years as MC, the owners of the Inn had some wood which was part of the original structure of the Inn made into an authentic old-time bat and presented it to George on the porch after he returned from the ceremonies.  That's the Inn at Cooperstown owner, Marc Kingsley, in the second picture.  George Grande is also a 36-year veteran broadcaster, and has been the Cincinnati Reds play-by-play voice on TV since 1993.  He was also one of the original ESPN Sportcenter hosts.

Cozy Piglets
Sleepy Cozy Piglets
A picture I took at the Kutztown Festival on 6/27/04.

Pete DeCoursey in action
Pete DeCoursey, our country's future Monica Lewinsky
This picture of Teresa Heinz Kerry ran in the Allentown Morning Call on July 26th.  Holding the recorder in the back is our very own Pete DeCoursey.

My New Fish Tank
as of 7/17/04

Totally cool fish My aquatic masterpiece He actually looks more solid maroon in person.  The camera flash may him appear lighter.

After months of preparation, I finally got this thing set up, put the live plants in and added the first couple fish.  Believe it or not, these are FRESHWATER fish.  They are called "Discus Fish" and are found in the wild in the Amazon.  When full grown they will be about 6-8" in diameter.  I am planning to add about 5 additional Discus varieties to the tank in the near future.  (Those white streaks you see in the background of the tank picture are actually just bubbles from the "bubble wall".  I should have turned that off for the photo.  It looks cool in person, but just looks like a blur in the picture of the tank.)

Ocean City, New Jersey
This was taken during the 5 minutes of somewhat blue skies that we saw during our trip.
From our weekend trip to Ocean City, NJ in June 2004

 The Pagoda of Reading, PA

The Pagoda on a beautiful Saturday morning. That Jolie under a beautiful tree near the Pagoda...and then hit with the "Watercolor" effect.
What you can't see in this picture is all of the trash at my feet.  People are really pathetic.  A TV set?  A car battery?  And of course, fast food wrappers, cans, bottles... I'm sure I caught this tree blooming on just the right weekend.  Absolutely gorgeous tree.
Taken from the base of the tree made for an interesting affect. The Reading Pagoda, 5/01/04

Hot Boston parking valetDrew Gallagher, Greg Ciambruschini and I spent 3 days and 2 nights in Boston in 1995.  The last day there we saw an afternoon Red Sox game and planned to leave in the middle of the game to get a jump on traffic.  We parked the car in one of those garages where the first guy in is parked in by dozens of otGreg in his brand new sports carher cars.  You leave your keys in the car and if you have to get out, the attendants move all of the other cars.  This garage was huge: multi-levels filled with hundreds of cars.  When we got back to the garage to leave we couldn't find even one single person.  We looked around, yelled for someone, waited a few minutes... and then hopped in some really sweat cars and began suffling them around.  We could have quite simply drove off with any car that we wanted.  These are the pictures!

8 men and a million video tapes
Clockwise from top left:  Tom Holland, Pete Gabrielli, me, Mike Moyer, Mike Capilo, Drew Gallagher and Rob Epler.

This picture was taken at Tom Holland's house on 11/28/03.  After a night at Tailgaters and reminiscing about the past, we decided to go to Tom's on a whim, a place where we had passed a lot of our time 15-20 years earlier.  We had to throw coins at his bedroom window to get his attention, but he let us in, and we actually had a camera to document the event. 


 Mifflin Ice Hockey 2003-2004

The Champs Future NHL Hall-of-Famers

Damon Max, Eric Groscup and Dean Stremba played on Mifflin's elementary champion Ice Hockey team in 2003/2004.  Proving that it's a small world, Damon is Darren Max's son - I graduated from MPHS with Darren; Dean is Steve Stremba's son - Steve sits right next to me at First Energy; and Eric is Tom Groscup's son - Tom used to be one of my supervisors ... Eric is in the top row of kids all the way to the left, Dean is in the top row of kids 3rd from the left, Damon is on the far right, Steve is top left, and Tom is the guy without a hat on the right ... I, of course, massaged the picture of Eric and Dean in PhotoShop ... The Mifflin Hockey team has their own website.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ
The red rocks in Sedona, AZ - part of our Arizona vacation in 1998.
(This picture was actually taken with nothing more than
one of those disposable wide-angle "landscape" cameras.)