20-Year Reunion Day #1

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Day #1 - Adults-Only Dinner at Anthony's
Saturday, August 12th, 2006

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Thank You Suzanna
for pulling it all together!

Classmates in attendance for dinner:
Randy and Colleen Boyer
Kathy (Ford) and Mike Keck
Sally (Ford) and Jim Stewart
Karel Frymoyer
Kelly Grim and Todd Cantwell
Brendan Kane and Sandy Horning
Christine Jursinski-Sanchez and Carlos Sanchez
Chris and Bev Malinowski
Darren and Deb Max
Lee and Melissa Pace
Cathy (Ketcher) and Kevin Rowley
Kevin and Natasha Krick
Suzanna (Post) and Myron
Missy (Ryan) and Andy Wittig
Gabi Savitz and John Midlige
Kim Schmidt
Laura (Schnader) and John Van Aken
Todd and Jen (Reimert) Weikel
Valerie Whalen
Barclay and Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer (Ziegler) Eisenhard

Classmates who came during or after dinner to say hello:
Allison (Pool) Dracha
Mike Gardecki
Mindy (Snyder) and Mike Hinnershitz
Susan Hunt
Sybil Kane
Denise (Smith) Porcaro

Christine Jurasinski-Sanchez and her husband Carlos with Sandy Horning and Brendan Kane Lee/on Pace Cathy (Ketcher) and Kevin Rowley Suzanna (Post) Barlow with the Weikels and Wilsons
I couldn't stop looking at the hair...love it. Karel Frymoyer, Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley and Kim Schmidt Mike and Kathy (Ford) Keck Kim Schmidt plans to move to Florida soon after the reunion
Kevin Rowley and some guy Kathy (Ford) Keck Lee and Melisa Pace Darren Max
Sally (Ford) and Jim Stewart Natasha and Kevin Krick, and Jennifer (Ziegler) Eisenhard The best looking guy in the class, with Sandy Horning and Brendan Kane in the background John Midlige and Gabi Savitz
Valerie Whalon Gabi Savitz Lee and Melissa Pace Kathy and Sally Ford
Class Clown Jen and Barclay Wilson Mike Gardecki John and Laura (Schnader) Van Aken
Kelly Grim grins Darren and Deb Max Susan Hunt, Denise (Smith) Porcaro and Allison (Poole) Dracha Kelly Grim and Todd Cantwell
Laura (Schnader) Van Aken Todd and Jen Weikel Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley and a toothpick Mike and Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz
Brendan and Sybil Kane Clevage Kelly Grim and Gabi Savitz Randalstilskins
Karel Frymoyer Brendan and a very attractive man Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley + a toothpick Suzanna (Post) Barlow and Kelly Grim
  Missy (Ryan) Wittig Reunion Cake, special thanks to Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley  
Missy, 1986Kelly, 1986
1986 ...
Missy & Kelly, 2001
... 2001 ...
Missy (Ryan) Wittig, 2006Kelly Grim, 2006
... 2006

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