Beth Klempke

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Beth Ann

Beth Klempke, 6th Grade

Beth (Klempke) Ebling

Beth Klempke, Christmas 2004

Beth (Klempke) Ebling, 2006

Location: Email:
Reading, PA
(bought the home
where she grew up)

Beth (Klempke) and Ben Ebling on their wedding day!  
Beth & Ben on their wedding day  

Ben E. Ebling (married 08/19/95)

Zachary Tanner

(Born in 1989) -
As of 2005, Zachary loves to race go-karts at Schellhammer's, and even won Rookie-of-the-Year honors.  He is going to Vo-Tech for HVAC and is doing very well.

Tanner (Born in 1992) -
Tanner loves golf and bowling, and according to Beth is a typical teen boy ... He will be playing Football at Fleetwood this year since Antietam, of course, doesn't have a football team.
Eric Jessica Ashley Jaime

(Born in 1979, passed away in 1997)

Jessica (Born in 1982)

Ashley (Born in 1986) - graduated from Governor Mifflin and is now a student at Millersville.

Jaime (Born in 1990) - is a student at Governor Mifflin.
Occupation: Hairstylist
AOL Website: All about Beth on AOL:
Hobbies & Interests: According to her AOL profile: "Dancing the night away, girls nights, OC here we come, The Bearded Clam, Hanging with my dearest and closest friends..."
Pets: 2 Dogs:
Ebby, a Lab born in 1994
Bebe, a Cocker Spaniel born in November of 2004

4 Cats:
Porache, born in 1988
Geezer, born in 2001
Zoid, born in 2003
Favorite HS
The class trip in 12th grade, Vo-Tech bus rides, hanging out with my friends.
Exciting Things
Since HS:
Pursued my career as a hairstylist, had two children, got married and bought a home I grew up in.
Person I would
most like to
see again:
Everyone, but especially Mr. Fegley, our class advisor
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Beth listed "Cosmetology" as her planned future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Thanks to all my friends ... LQ, SB, SS, MW, LJ, EP ... gas in Honeybrook ... 176 ... road to nowhere ... babysitting ... New Year's Eve '82 ... while cup ... N.Y. trip ... Winter '85 ... SCMS ... baseball games '83 ... Heaven ... roadtrips in the Z ... going to fires ... March 26, '85 ... 4-wheelin' w/Pfahl ... Thanks Mom and Dad.

Beth (Klempke) Ebling and Lori (Quaintance) Hevalow, Christmas 2004
Beth (Klempke) Ebling and Lori (Quaintance) Hevalow, Christmas 2004

Landon Hevalow and Beth (Klempke) Ebling, January 2006
Beth (Klempke) Ebling and Lori (Quaintance) Hevalow's son Landon, January 2006

Chris Mal Notes:
The first thing the year-book lists under "Beth Klempke" is "Smile Contest - 9."  Beth told me in 2005 that she did, in fact, win the smile contest.  It had something to do with it being "Dental Week."  She, her sister Sue, Missy Ryan and others were interviewed in the office that week to determine the winner.

Beth works at the Boscov�s Beauty Salon and used to be my grandmother�s personal hairdresser. Every time she used to get her hair cut she'd tell me "That girl who knows you, Beth, cut my hair the other day."

In March 2005, someone in her family living in California found Beth thanks to this website.  The two of them are now working together to put together their family tree!

Beth Klempke and Lori Czarnecki, Vo-Tech Cosmetology

Beth Klempke &
Lori Czarnecki
Senior Vo-Tech

Number of times Beth
cut my grandmothers hair
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