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Robert J.

Bob Painter

Bob Painter in the Marines in 1988
Soon after HS

Location: Email:
Was living in Stoney Creek in 10/2000, but moved back to Dallas, Texas where his X-wife lives so he can be closer to his daughter.  According to, Bob has now moved to...


Holly Painter
picture taken Christmas 1999

Wife: Divorced
Children: Bob has a daughter named Holly Ann (born in 1993), who, to paraphrase Bob: "She's really amazing. I don't know how it happened, but she even says things like 'Thank You' and 'Please' and stuff like that that I never say!" Although Bob is divorced he has custody of Holly (who by the way is one of the cutest little girls you�re ever going to meet. At the 10-year reunion, Bob had her along.  I should also add that Bob seems like a great Dad!)
Post H.S.
Bob was in the Navy
Occupation: Semiconductor Manufacturing Specialist for Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas. According to Bob around 1995, "�in layman�s terms this means I make computer chips. I work in a clean room in photolithography, which is putting the patterns of the electrical components on silicone waffers. Sound impressive?" (Bob says that if your computer crashes you can blame it on him � it�s probably a chip that he made that failed.)

According to Karel (Frymoyer) Guinther, Bob was living in Arkansas as of 2004, and was working in a kitchen as a chef.

Woody, Marta Weitz,
Bob Painter & Beth Rosser

(November 2000)

Woody, Marta, Beth, Bob (November 2000)

Woody, Marta Weitz,
& Bob Painter

(November 2000)

Woody, Marta and Bob (November 2000)

Thanh Lieu and You're Welcome

Class of 1986

Bob Painter
Thanh Lieu

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
The Stones ... Robert Plant ... Rush ... Yes ... The Firm ... U2 ... Lynchburg, TN ... Whippits-n-Freezer stops ... street hockey tourney ... "on the beam" ... Wildwood -- Rev. Scott ... Greenbug, Lipps ... "Say Butch" ... Goory S*** ... "In loving memory of John, BONZO Bonham" ... Gigging with Woody ... the rock ... the steps.
According to Bob's (former) Web Page:
Bob has pretty much been a nomad most of his adult life due to the fact that he spent 5 years in the Marine Corps and Navy and his ex-wife spent 5 years in the Navy. He has lived in Oklahoma, Nashville, Orlando, Rhode Island, Virginia Beach and, most recently, Maine prior to moving to Dallas.

He goes on to say, "If you�ve never been to Maine I highly recommend it. Maine is one of the last truly unspoiled areas of the US and the people there are about the friendliest I have ever met. The only drawback is unless you�re a fisherman or a lumberjack there isn�t much work. If you can handle the cold weather, mountains of snow and the Moose that eat your flowers it is truly the place to raise a family."

"Besides the fact that my daughter is my whole life, I am still pretty much the same person I was in high school, except a little more responsible. I still am an avid reader and am a Hockey fanatic. I play Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey when I�m not working or picking up after Holly."
Chris Mal Notes:
Bob is really the reason that you are reading this. If it wasn't for Bob, I probably would've stayed in St. Catherine's and eventually gone to Central where I would've learned a lot about how to rebel against authority and little about anything else. You see, Bob used to live right down the street from me on 23rd street in Mt. Penn. When we were in 3rd and 4th grade, we used to hike up in the mountain and collect caterpillars. I don't remember why, but we called them "Sparkies." We'd put them in one of those metal lunch boxes that one of us had and we'd take them home with us - the lunch box was then referred to as the "Spark Box." We'd bring them home and put them in an old aquarium that Bob had sitting in his back yard. ...But I digress - Bob would tell me stories about how there were no evil nuns at Stoney Creek, and about this cool teacher named Mr. Leinbach who had a Train Club. I asked my parents if I could switch schools and the rest is history.

In that picture above with Marta and Woody, it looks like Bob has a Sparkie on his upper lip
Bob Painter, 6th Grade
Check out the picture of Bob from 6th grade!

Bob was voted "Friendliest" in the Class of '86.

Bob was previously living in Maine, but moved to Texas for better job opportunities. In an email Bob sent me he describes Maine as "truely God's country � (if you can handle the winters).  Almost zero crimes, and everybody has a laid-back (read lazy) attitude. Texas is just too flat and brown for me. I MISS THE GREEN TREES AND MOUNTAINS!!!! Dallas is OK, though, way hot."

As of 9/99, Bob planned on buying a house out in the country about an hour from Dallas.

Bob signed my 11th grade yearbook with the Yes 90125 symbol next to his name.

I always knew him as "Bob" but apparently since we graduated, he has been going as "Rob Painter" instead of "Bob Painter."

Number of caterpillers (a.k.a. "Sparkies") that
Bob and I took home from Neversink Mountain:

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