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Tweeter Bro

Most Spirited

Address: Email:
Sinking Spring, PA
Wife: Wendy (Exeter High School graduate) - married in the mid 90's.
Children: Nathan (born in 1996)
Rhiannon (born in 1997) - yes, it's from the Fleetwood Mac song
Post HS Education & Achievements: Graduated from Penn State
Occupation: Army National Guard in Kutztown
(Dennis was previously working at Competition Tire, an affiliate of GoodYear)
Pets: The world's dumbest dog, Captain, and Missy Cat the disappearing feline.  She usually only comes out at night and only to me.
Why is the Mountaineer's arm in a sling?

Class of 1986
Most Spirited:

Dennis Swartz
Kelly Clark

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Georgetown ... UN Club ... Tag team championship bout ... Friday Football Bets ... Tweeter Bros ... Bessie ... Merry Christmas ... The day we won the State Basketball championship ... Dead Meat ... You should've never come home.
Chris Mal Notes:
Dennis was another one who didn't get his picture taken for the yearbook and was subsequently missed when we sent out invites for the 10-year class reunion. (Why would so many people not get their pictures taken?)

The fact that Dennis was voted "Most Spirited" in the Class of '86 makes it kind of ironic that we sorta overlooked him, and likewise kind of odd that someone would be class "Most Spirited" but refuse to put their picture in the senior yearbook.

Helping Dennis to win "Most Spirited" honors was his role as the "Mountaineer" mascot at all of our school sporting events.

Dennis and I were in Boy Scouts together. He was always very enthusiastic in all of his endeavors.

If I remember correctly, Dennis lived less than a minute's walk from the Mt. Penn Volunteer Fire Department and was an active participant along with others such as Mike Vogt.

He and I used to call each other "Tweeter Bro" which had something to do with our use of the "tongs" in Chemistry class which we called "Tweeters", the reasons for which are probably lost forever in time.  I guess when you're in 10th grade there's just something amusing about pinching each other with tongs and giving your tongs a name like "Tweeter."

On 11/28/02, I received an email from a friend of Dennis who went to college with him at Penn State and was hoping to find his email address on the Internet.  He didn't find it since Dennis is one of the few people who I haven't been able to track down (or, rather, one of the few who hasn't searched for his name on the Internet and found this site!)  He did tell me that he is probably still living in Fleetwood, his wife's name is Wendy and she graduated from Exeter, and that he is/was working at Competition Tire, an affiliate of GoodYear.
What the hell is with that tie?!  And why are Alan's ears glowing? Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Nice sweater, Nick.

United Nations
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someone with his "Tweeter":

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