Jay Kissinger

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Al Gutentag


Jay Kissinger, 2007

Location: Email:
Summerville, SC
(Was previously living in Mountain Home, Idaho.  Per Jay, 10/28/07, "About five months ago, I received orders for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) from NAS Pensacola Florida to Charleston AFB South Carolina.")

Jay Kissinger and His Family, 2007 The Kissingers
Lori and Jay
Hannah, Heidi and Alyssa

Heidi Kissinger, just after she was born Jay's middle daughter of three:
Heidi Elizabeth
Born 3/25/01, 4:18 a.m.,
7 lbs. 2.5 oz., 19 1/4"

(This picture was taken
just after Heidi was born)
Wife: Lori ("I met Lori in San Antonio Texas at church when all the little old ladies felt compelled to become match makers. They pushed it pretty hard too. The thing is Lori and I had already been kind of dating before they took notice, but we didn't let them know. We let them have their entertainment. It was cute. We liked each other so much that we decided to make it permanent on 9 July 1995. Lori's occupation is a Christian school teacher. She was a teacher at the San Antonio Seventh Day Adventist Junior Academy at the time. Now the thing is, that when we met, she was just as displaced as I was. She originally is from Washington state but it was her getting hired in San Antonio that put her there.")

Lori is a full time Domestic Engineer but eventually will continue as a school teacher when all the kids are in school.
Children: Three daughters: 

The oldest, Alyssa (born in 1997), "is our little congress girl."

The second, Heidi Elizabeth, born 4/25/01 (4:18 a.m., 7 lbs. 2.5 oz., 19 1/4")  "Heidi is a comedian and athlete."

Hannah (born in 2002), "thinks she is the boss. She is also the one that is the loudest and most opinionated. She's a little pistol."
Occupation: Air Force

As of 10/28/07, "I'm currently supervising the Aircraft Structural Maintenance Shop for the 437th MXS. (MXS is for maintenance squadron...I know...its silly but that's the way it is) Anyway, I work on C-17 globemasters They are a lot of work. I think more so that F-15's.  I've just been promoted to E-7 which is MSgt which means Master Sergeant which means I get yelled at more and take on more responsibility and that everyones problems are now my problems. I then ask them what their problem is!"  (The pictures shown here are C-17's.)

As of 2001, "I am currently a Staff Sergeant working Aircraft Structural Maintenance. That means I perform the structural repair of the aircraft structure, skins, and paint system just to keep them flying."
Post HS Educ.: Jay graduated Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelors in Professional Aeronautics.

Jay also  an Associates in Metals Technology through Community College of the Air Force.
Pets: One Beagle named "B.J." ("No family is complete without a filthy, lazy, scared of every stranger it meets dog. No cats though. I don't have much use for cats. We wound up getting him in July of 1995. I was having a lapse in creativity for names at the time so I called him B.J. which stands for absolutely nothing at all. He is a full bread beagle runt that sleeps 90% of the day away, only getting up on his feet occasionally to go outside or lap up some water. Although, whenever the door bell rings, he's the family greeter to get to the door first.")
HS Nickname: Al Gutentag
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Jay listed "Engineering" as his future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
J. P. Wild Willy ... Whoo! Mr. Segro ... Contemplating the weekend ... Good Luck Steewie and Deewie ... Gumbie ... Oh, no, I can't be fired again!
Info from Jay's Sister Julie:
In February of 2000 I exchanged some emails with Jay�s sister, Julie, who informed me that Jay has been in the Air Force since graduation and looks a LOT different than he did back in �86. Julie was in our class until 9th grade.  Her email address is hair1122@webtv.net
Chris Mal Notes:
Jay and I always had fun dialog and we always seemed to find each other particularly amusing. I remember insisting constantly that Jay was "fired." I never did figure out what job he was doing for me, but I fired him every time I saw him anyway. This may not seem funny to you, but it busted me up at the time.

According to a letter that Mindy Snyder got from Jay's wife, Lori, in mid-January, 2002, Jay has been sent off to Afghanistan to help in the efforts to fight the war against Terrorism.
Al Gutentag and His Pal Chris Mal
One of many pictures
that I subtly
snuck in behind
Didn't we have a slide of sperm to look at under a microscope?  Cool...sperm...he-he...he-he...he-he...
Jay Kissinger
Crussin' Goalie
Mr. Ranck's Chemistry Class, 1985
Mr. Ranck's
Chemistry Class 1985

Number of times I
had to fire Jay:

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