Jill Moyer

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Jill Moyer


Address: Phone: Email:
Moved to Central-U.S.
according to Beth Rosser
Unknown Unknown
Husband: ????
Children: ????
Occupation: ????
Pets: ????
Chris Mal Notes:
Jill, along with Gabi Savitz, was in our class but actually graduated a year early.  I have pretty much no information on Jill.  Beth Rosser says she kept in touch with her for a while, but that she moved and hasn't been heard from since.

Jill competed in the "Exeter Optimist Speech Contest" on 4/06/84.  The event was held at the Exeter Restaurant and was sponsored by the Exeter Optimist Club.  Contestants were judged on poise, delivery, use of hand gestures and enunciation.  Steve Kunkel won first place.  Also competing from Mt. Penn were Bethany Lightner, Carol Bigos and Steve Reis.
Jill and Maia in
Mr. Sgro's class,
Junior Year
Jill and Maia in Mr. Sgro's class

Where in the world is...Jill Moyer:
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