Jody Brigel

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Jody Lynn
Cutest Female

Jody Brigel, her husband works at GPU just like Chris Malinowski!

Location: Email:
Reading, PA Unknown

Steve & Jody
(September 2001)

Steve and Jodi (Brigel) Daniels...and Missy (Ryan) Wittig behind them.

Steve & Dustin
(September 2001)

Steve & Dustin Daniels

Husband: Steve Daniels (Steve is a lineman for Metropolitan Edison/First Energy and works out of the same building as Chris Malinowski!  He started out as a meter reader, and then got a job as a lineman in 2004.)
Children: THREE BOYS!

and Jake the Snake and...

I ran into Jodi's husband, Steve, on 9/10/03 in the First Energy parking lot where we both work.  I hadn't seen him in quite a long time.  They had their THIRD boy last summer.
Chris Mal Notes:
Steve and Jodi used to own the "Idaho Spud Bar" (1000 North 9th Street). The 10-year reunion was scheduled to take place at Eric Delewski's, however because of inclement weather, the event was moved to the "Spud Bar". Jodi and Steve closed the doors to the public and donated the beer at cost. Evan Spohn was the bar-tender there for a while.

I was at Jodi's 16th birthday party.  She was actually dating Steve at that time. I think he bought her a mo-ped.

On Page 135 of the senior yearbook is a cute picture of Jody, but it's covered by ads for Elby's Restaurant, Charcoal Chef Restaurant, John Haas Seafood, Suburban Restaurant & Tavern, Antique Airplane Restaurant, Pennside Drive-In, Brother's Pizza and V&S Sandwich Shop.  Most of Chrissy Cunnius's head is also in the corner of the page.  See below!
It's a Small World:
6/01/04, I ran into Jodi Brigel and Missy Ryan at Alebrije Mexican Restaurant in Mt. Penn.

3/19/05, I ran into Jodi and Steve and their kids at the Exeter Library opening ceremony and Easter Egg Hunt.
Cute as a button

Class of 1986

Jody Brigel
Randy Boyer

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
The Silo November 30, 1983 ... Steven -- AMLF ... March 16, 1984 ... the Hut ... Me bottles ... dances ... McDonald's ... "Bruce" ... Wildwood '84 ... Ocean City ... All the unforgettably great times with SD, PB, WC, JH, SP, LP, MF, NP, CC, KC, LW, DM, KM, JH, MR and MW ... Thanks Mom!

15-Year Reunion

Bev (Kercher) Burge, Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz and Jody (Brigel) Daniels

Bev (Kercher) Burge,
Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz,
and Jody (Brigel) Daniels

Is that Mark Pellerite all the way to the left?
Jody doesn't feel like answering.
5TH GRADE, 1978-79!
Oops...I forgot to take the post-it off of the page when I scanned this picture.
Jody hiding behind the ads,
and Chrissie sneaking into the picture

Number of miles on the Mo-Ped
Jodi got for her 16th Birthday Party:

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