Julie Horst

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Julie Marie

Julie Horst

Julie, from the 15-Year Class Reunion, September 2001

Location: Email:
Sellersville, PA
(Moved from Schwenksville, PA
to Wyndmoor, PA in 2006, then from Wyndmoor to Sellersville in June 2007)

Marital Status: Single
Kadre Ali Richard Williams (born 8/21/07, 9 lbs-5 oz, 20")
Kadre Ali Richard Williams, 2007 Kadre Ali Richard Williams, 2007 Kadre Ali Richard Williams, 2007
Occupation: Julie closed her salon in Collegeville in 2006.  Around the time of the 10-year reunion (1996), Julie was working at Aspen Music (which was located in the Promenade Shopping Center in Exeter.)
Pets: 1 cat
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
LG and SK, JR, SJ, TH ... AR-15 with DL-PPDS ... Roasty beefy ... "Twice" ... Football games -- #72 ... Barry! ... Summer of '83 ... Picnics with Wes and Dubs ... "Oh, Deb!"
Chris Mal Notes:
I remember that Bob Painter and I used to call Julie the "Human Pinata." I believe that was because we used to pick on her a lot or something.

I remember Julie's middle name used to be "Marie" - looks like she changed it to "Horst."

I also remember talking to Julie a lot about Peter Gabriel - my favorite musical artist throughout high school. We referred to Gabriel as "The Master" - then we graduated and Peter Gabriel came out with a double-length all-instrumental movie soundtrack, waited four years and released a really bad CD with a bunch of crappy songs on it, and his days as "The Master" came to an end. I still went to see him in concert after that album which was a pretty cool show, but even still, I really haven't cared for anything he's done since the "So" album and even that has worn quite old - if I never hear "Sledgehammer" again it will be too soon! Hey, these are supposed to be Julie's memories...oh, well. Maybe next reunion she'll fill out her survey and we won't have to put Peter Gabriel's life story under "Julie Horst."

Julie was friends with Mike Wertz with whom I was in Cub Scouts.

She signed in my yearbook, "Love, Laughter & Lollipops, Juli". I'm not sure which is more peculiar the "love, laughter, lollipops" thing or the fact that she forgot the "e" when she signed her own name.  She also said, that I was "...a sweet guy...(and) very strange and confusing."

Julie listed "Social Work" as her future career choice in our senior yearbook.

I came to find out years later that my good friend, Mike Capilo, once had a crush on Julie Horst.

5-Yr Reunion

The Human Pinata and World's Greatest Organizer

Julie Horst &
Cathy Ketcher

15-Year Reunion

Chris Mal, up close and personal.

Everyone is squinting here because the sun was right behind the person taking the picture...

Kelly, Julie's Rent-a-date,
Julie, Steve & Chris

Kelly, Julie's Rent-a-date,
Julie, Steve, Christine,
Christine's Husband,
Laura, Beth & Chris

"...you can be very strange and confusing..." - Julie Horst
Julie hiding behind Ads
Don't stick it out if you don't plan on using it!

Number of times Julie
forgot there is an "E" in "Julie":

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