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Julie Ann

Julie Hyman, 4th Grade, 1978

Julie Hyman

Julie (Hyman) Singer on her wedding day, 1997

Location: Email:
Paoli, PA

(Moved from Wyomissing in 2004 - see below)

Husband: Frederick Jay Singer (Married in 1997) (Fred graduated from St.Paul�s School in Concord, New Hampshire and Yale University. He is employed by "Singer Equipment Co." located in Hyde Park.)

  Reading, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Mt. Laurel, NJ

Singer Equipment - Reading,  PA

     In 1918, eighteen-year-old Frederick Singer started Singer Crockery Company in a 15-foot-wide store in Reading, PA. Traveling throughout eastern Pennsylvania, he sold china and foodservice supplies to hotels, bars and restaurants.

    Soon Fred's brothers joined him in the business and they moved to a larger location, doubling their space. The next 30 years brought several more moves and expansions; the company added a contract department and increased its inventory to include equipment, furniture and paper goods. In 1967, Singer built a 53,000-square-foot showroom/office/warehouse complex in Wyomissing, PA.

    As the sales force increased, Singer expanded the geography it served to a 150-mile radius of Reading, including the cities of Lancaster, Harrisburg, Carlisle, Pottsville, Stroudsburg, and Philadelphia, PA; Atlantic City and Toms River, NJ; and Wilmington, DE. In 1986, the company built its current headquarters, a 110,000-square-foot facility in Reading. Singer Equipment Company was named national "Dealer of the Year" by the industry's trade journal in 1987.

    A New Jersey contract office was established in 1988 and a used equipment division was added in 1990. Singer consolidated its presence in the Lehigh Valley with the buyout of Allentown Bar and Restaurant Supply in 1994. In 1998, Singer opened a 50,000-square-foot Philadelphia Superstore displaying one of the largest inventories of equipment and supplies in the eastern United States.

    In 2001, Singer will be celebrating its 82nd year in the foodservice industry. The company has come a long way from that small storefront of 1918, yet remains true to its founding philosophy of providing exceptional service in meeting the needs of the foodservice industry.

Email from Julie, 5/05/04:  Over the past few weeks we have made the decision to move to Chester County, found a house and made arrangements to list our house for sale.
This plan was precipitated by Fred's company's plan to move to Morgantown (equi-distant to Reading and Valley Forge) and by my finding a public school district which seems like a really good fit for Isaac and Lilly.  The district is the Treddyfrin-Easttown School District (known to the locals as TE).  Isaac will be going to Kindergarten in September at the Valley Forge Elementary School.
The house that we found is located in Paoli (about 5 miles down 202S from the King of Prussia Mall - which is how I plan to coax our Reading buddies to visit us regularly :)) 
While we are excited to have found such a good school opportunity for our kids (and we like being closer to Philadelphia), we are very sad to be moving farther from so many wonderful friends (and our parents) in Reading.
Children: Isaac (Birthday: May 5th)

The Singers adopted a girl from Korea in February of 2003!  Her name is Lilly.  Bev and I got to see her in March of 2003 when we ran into them at the Fairgrounds Farmers' Market.  Lilly was 4-1/2 months old at that time.  According to Julie, Lilly has been an incredibly easy baby.

The picture to the right is Lilly on 5/29/04 taken at Brendan Kane's PhD party.
Post HS Educ. &
Graduate of University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School
Occupation: Devereaux Foundation, Devon, Chester County
(In our senior yearbook Julie listed "Elementary Education" as the future career she hoped to enter.)

Hyman - Singer Wedding Announcement
from 11/09/97 Reading Eagle/Times

Julie & Fred
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Nautilus ... HKA ... 42nd St. ... R and R ... The Mall ... Bowling with LP ... Y-Teens initiation ... Arner's ... swimming ... Beach with Heather ... Prince ... JB, LW, SS, SP, CC.
Chris Mal Notes:
Julie and I ate lunch together at the Fairgrounds Square Mall on numerous occasions just after high school when we were both interns in that area. We both returned to college and I didn�t see her again until almost 15 years later in August of 2000 when I ran into her at Taco Bell outside of the Mall.  Coincidentally, I ran into Julie again at the same Taco Bell on 6/18/04.

Julie became good friends with Brendan and Sandy Kane after she met her husband, Fred, who just happened to be close friends with Brendan.  This is actually a very unique and unbelievable story!  Julie began dating Fred while Brendan and Sandy had been living in Ireland.  Julie and Fred then decided that they would take a trip to Ireland, and while there would see Fred's old friend Brendan.  It wasn't until then that Julie realized Brendan was actually Brendan Kane.  Julie and Brendan had not seen eat other since they walked off the stage together the day of graduation, and then the next time was in Ireland almost 10 years later!

Julie and her husband, Fred, Brendan and Sandy were at The Peanut Bar on 5/08/02.  Bev and I were invited to attend, but I was taking a baby-CPR class that night.

Question: What is with Julie's senior picture?  Obviously she chose not to get the professional photos taken through the school, but, was an overexposed picture with Barb Yerger's profile in the background the best picture we could find?

Dave Strickler punched Dave Knorr in the stomach while we were doing jumping jacks in kindergarten class. Julie Hyman came to his aid.

Bev and I ran into Julie, her husband Fred and their son Isaac at the Fairgrounds Farmers' Market on 9/13/02.  We were returning our dirty dishes to Havana Joe's, and they were about to place their order.  (I highly recommend Havana Joe's by the way.  The man is a culinary genius!)  We ran into the Singers AGAIN on 3/14/03, and again we were returning our dishes to Havana Joe's, and Fred had just placed an order.  And, as if that wasn't enough...I was eating lunch on 4/03/03 at a new Italian place near the Fairgrounds Square Mall called Capri Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant, and who comes strolling in?  None other than the entire Singer family!  And THEN, we ran into them AGAIN on 5/03/03 eating dinner at Isaac's over near the Berkshire Mall!

Since we kept running into them at restaurants around the Reading area, we decided it was time to just invite them over for dinner at our place.  Julie and her family, and Brendan Kane and his family were over for an afternoon of fun and yummy Salmon on Sunday, 5/04/03.

Kelly (Grim) Seyler's daughter, Megan, has a dance class at the same place that Julie's son, Isaac, has some sort of sports class.  They ran into each other there in October 2003.

Julie and I, and our families attended a Ph.D. party in on 5/29/04 in honor of Brendan Kane who graduated from Princeton and will be on his way to teach at Norte Dame starting in August.  There was a moonbounce at the party, and at one point Julie and I were in there with the kids. In 1986 we walked off a stage with our diplomas, and 18 years later there we were in a moonbounce in Narberth.  (I took some pictures at the event which you can see if you CLICK HERE!)

Over Thanksgiving of 2005, Brendan, Sandy, their kids, Bev, Jolie and I met at Julie (Hyman) Singer's house for brunch.

(12th Grade)
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