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Karen (Orth) Rimby


Karen Orth, September 2001

Karen (Orth) Rimby, 2006

Location: Email:
Reading, PA

The Rimby Family
(September 2001)

Karen, Stephen and Ryan - September 2001

Husband: Stephen L. Rimby (married 4/11/92)
Children: Ryan Rimby (born 6/03/93) - Ryan is playing on Exeter's travelling basketball as of February 2005, where they were division champions.  Basketball is Ryan's favorite sport, and he's also actively involved in Boy Scouts.  As of 2006 Ryan was a Star Scout, and hopes to one day become an Eagle Scout like his Dad.
Pets: Yellow Lab - Sadie (from Humane Society in May 2004)
Guineu Pig - Larry
Hamster - Sunnie
Birthday: Karen: 4/19/68
Post H.S.
4 years - Midwest Implant Institute - Ohio
Occupation: Dental Assistant - Dr. Leddy's (Karen started working there 1987!  2006 marked her 20th year!)
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Karen listed "Dental Assistant" as her planned future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Walking home with Steph ... Gary, me, Mark, and Sandy going out! ... conversations with funny face and Kelly ... meeting new friends ... fun at Tech ... fun at Susan's ... Summer of '85 ... Thanks Mom and Dad!
Chris Mal Notes:
Karen�s parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on 8/11/97. Karen�s dad is retired from Plumber�s local #690, and her mom was employed by St. Joseph�s medical center.

Karen has remained good friends with Kim Schmidt.

Karen noted in the senior yearbook that she intended to become a "Dental Assistant" and that's what she's doing right now which is an impressive achievement of future goals.

On 5/04/02, Karen was at the 16-year Class Dinner at 3rd & Spruce with her husband and son.  Also in attendance were:  Suzanna (Post) Barlow and son, Barb (Yerger) Weston and family, Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley and family, Lori (Czarnecki) LaPearl and family, plus Bev and I.

Karen is a big fan of Rosie O'Donnell.

Karen is a member of the Antietam pool as of 2005, and says that she sees Sue Klempke and Missy Ryan there on occasion.

15-Year Reunion

Dave Dunkleberger, Beth (Rosser) Smith, Karen (Orth) Rimby

Karen Orth, Cathy Ketcher, Missy Ryan and Beth Rosser

Chris Mal and hot chicks

Kim & her 2 kids, Karen & her 1 kid, and Cathy's 2 kids

Dave Dunkelberger,
Karen (Orth) Rimby,
Beth (Rosser) Smith

Karen Orth,
Cathy Ketcher,
Missy Ryan,
Beth Rosser

Karen Orth,
Chris Mal
and Kim Schmidt

Kim Schmidt & kids,
Karen (Orth) & son,
Cathy (Ketcher)'s kids


5 out of 5 dentists surveyed recommend Karen Orth to clean your teeth.
Vo-Tech Picture
Senior Year
(Dental Assistant)

Sue, Lori and Karen
Susan Pieja,
Lori Czarnecki,
and Karen Orth
(Senior Year)

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brushes her teeth every day:

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