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Kelly A.

Kelly Carter, 4th Grade, 1978

Kelly Carter, Senior picture, 1986

Location: Email:
Muhlenberg, PA
Husband: Not married.
Children: Paige Kelly (born March 2007).
Occupation &
Where I Work:
July 2007 Update:  Kelly is working for BCIU as a school bus driver for special needs children and in the near future will be working for UPS as a Saturday delivery driver.  "I love driving those big vehicles more than driving a car."

She was working out of her home for Aetna US Health Care (Reading), but has to drive to Allentown once every week.  She had worked for Aetna since 1990 ... Kelly hopes to get a job as a pastry chef in the near future (as of early 2005).  She said that there's not much of a market in Berks County.
Post HS
Kelly went back to school again in July 2003 to York Technical Institute (YTI) to become a pastry chef!  If you happen to see one of YTI's commercials, don't change the channel - Kelly is IN the commercial!

July 2007 Update: I make all kinds of cakes for friends, family and coworkers. So, if you need any pastries for a special occassion, let me know. I like to work with shaped cakes, sponge bob, blues clues, bugs bunny etc. Recently I made the graduation cakes for Amy Helm's (now Tomlinson) daughter, Amanda.
Hobbies: Kelly bowled in FOUR different leagues in 2003, until she started attending YTI in July of 2003 which cut into her bowling time.  Kelly thinks it would be a fun idea to get as many people together from the bowling team and have a bowling reunion!
Pets: Has at least one cat according to
Chris Mal Notes:
I remember in around 7th or 8th grade just after my voice really started to change, Kelly used to tell me that I had such a cool voice and should be on the radio.  Since then, the only thing people say about me and radio, is that I have a face that was made for it.  Hahaha.

By the way, who is Warren? (see below.)
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Warren ... Nugget ... Elliot ... and the fence ... Bowling ... Homeroom with Fegs ... Friends ... VAV ... Fighting with Amy ... June 4, 1985 ... Say good-bye to Mt. Penn High ... Miss Gerbino ... Warren ... Warren ... Warren!!!

1984 Girls
Bowling Team

1985 Girls
Bowling Team

1986 Girls JV
Bowling Team

The 1984 Girls Bowling team featuring Mindy Snyder!
Click to enlarge!

1985 Girl Bowling team featuring Mindy Snyder!
Click to enlarge!

1986 MPHS Girls JV Bowling Team starring Kelly Carter!
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Kelly Carter...and Thanh sneaking in the picture.  Is this why Thanh didn't get her own action photo?

Student Council official wardrobe: V-neck sweaters

Was Thanh the treasurer for all clubs?

Lefty Carter

Student Council
Officers, 1986

Prez: Suzanna Post
VP: Kelly Carter
Treas: Janine Lysczek
Sec: Sam Laturza

Future Business
Leaders, 1986
Prez: Audrey Acker
VP: Kelly Carter
Treas: Thanh Lieu
Sec: Cori Roboski


Kelly Carter, 1978, 4th Grade
Elementary School: 1978
4th Grade Class Picture

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