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Lori Quaintence

Lori Sue

Lori (Quaintence) Hevalow, 2004

Location: Email:
Muhlenberg, PA

Lori (Quaintence) Havalow and the kids, 2006
Lori and the kids, 2006

Nicole, Landon, Lori, Julia Hevalow - 2005
 Lori and the kids, 2005

Lori and Jewels!
Lori and Julia 2004

Lori's daughter, Nikki
Nicole 2004

The Hevalow Family, Christmas 2004
2004 Christmas Picture


Woah, someone was just on a log flume!
Landon at Knoble's, June 2006

Princess Jewels eating the Royal Ice Cream
Princess Jewels (age 2), March 2006
As of August 2006, Landon was already a brown belt
Landon just after testing for his purple belt, December 2005
Some of you may remember Vince from MPHS
Nikki and her dad Vince Vanszl, May 2006
Landon and Julia, dancing with the stars
Landon and Julia, April 2006

Landon and Beth (Klempke) Ebling
Beth (Klempke) Ebling and Lori (Quaintance) Hevalow's son Landon, January 2006

Husband: Craig (married in 1997) who has a Reading Police officer for over 10 years, and was nominated for Officer of the Year in 2003.
Children: Nicole ("Nikki"), a sophomore at Muhlenberg as of 2005
Julia ("Jewels")

In January 2005, Nikki was chosen to go to Miami to perform as a cheerleader at the Orange Bowl.  "Imagine 300 cheerleaders on the beaches of Miami - without thier parents - she was in heaven."  She also met Kelly Clarkson while she was there.

As of August 2006, Nikki was working at Target (she was previously at Ozzy's), and is a senior at Muhlenberg.  She just got back from touring Europe (7 different countries) and is looking colleges (Cal, Temple and Penn State) with plans to major in Special Education.

As of March 2005, Landon was into Karate and was presently a yellow belt, soon to be camo.  He expects to be a black belt within 2 years.  He has also played a little bit of soccer and is signed up for T-ball this spring.  He is starting first grade in the Fall of 2006

Occupation: "Wife, mother, daughter, and friend...Housewife...and PROUD OF IT!!!!"  She has also worked at Penn State Berks Campus since 1992, and is an independant consultant for "Southern Living at Home."  To host a show or for employement opportunities, you can contact Lori via email or through her website...
Hobbies and other stuff we can learn from AOL: According to Lori's AOL profile her hobbies are:  "My Wonderful Husband, my beautiful children (luv ya Nikki), throwing Parties, dining out...Spending time with some great friends...(Hey Amy...)"

According to Lori's AOL Hometown Homepage here's some good stuff about Lori:  "I'm a short, but sweet girl with blue eyes and long brown hair, a touch of class and full of style!  I'm usually confident, sometimes sensitive, definitely high-maintenance.  Some people describe me as assertive, others say #itch.  I say loyal and caring and expect the same.  My mottos: 'Luv deeply and forgive always' and 'Don't settle for someone you can live with, wait for someone you can't live without.'  I did!  Luv ya Boopy (LOL)!"

According to Lori's AOL Hometown Homepage here's a general summary of day in the life of Lori:  "Cheering on my children ... admiring my husband ... kissin' boo-boos ... potty training ... encouraging my children ... seeing life through the eyes of a child two times over ... playing teacher ... slave to the treadmill ... love life ... motivate children ... comedy clubs ... dining out ... throwing parties ... listening to music ... keeping the house ... visiting with friends ... but mostly enjoying my family - everything else is second rate ... givin' hugs ... XOXOX's Luv ya Nicole!"


Beth (Klempke) Ebling and Lori (Quaintance) Hevalow, Christmas 2004
Beth (Klempke) Ebling and Lori (Quaintance) Hevalow, Christmas 2004

Chris Mal Notes:
Lori is still good friends will former classmate Amy Helm and Sue & Beth Klempke.

Lori came to our school district in 8th grade from St. Catherine's.
It's a Small World:
Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz said she bumped into Lori at Mindy's daughter Daphne's D.A.R.E. graduation at 13th & Green.  Mindy came to find out that Lori's husband was the Police officer who taught the D.A.R.E. program.

Lori's daughter had Mr. Messner's wife as a phys-ed teacher in middle school at Muhlenberg.  Lori also sees Mr. & Mrs. Strickler on occasion, because Lori's husband, who's a police officer, works with the Strickler's son, Bill (Dave's brother.)

Lori is in contact with Darren Modricker's mother through a Mommy-and-Me group that she attends with Lori's daughter Julia.  Darren is married and has a beautiful daughter named Jasmine.  He has his own photography business called Darren Modricker Photography, 580 Willow Street in Reading (610-375-3424.)

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