June 1985

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606








LORI FIZZ is the class of 1985's vale�dictorian. Lori has won a National Merit Scholarship and is in the NHS. She has also participated in College Bowl, FTA, Science Club, and Penn Alma. Lori was on the bowling team for two years and swims on the Antietam Swim Team. She plans to go to Rochester Institute of Technology and major in Biomedical Computing.

The remaining students in the Top 10% of the class follow alphabetically.

MATT ELVIN has also received a Na�tional Merit Scholarship and has been in the NHS and College Bowl. Matt has played the baritone sax in the high school band for the past four years. He has been in BLC and has played soccer and volleyball. Matt will be going to Bucknell University.

SIBYL KANE has participated in band and chorus throughout high school. She was in the Y-Teens, Science Club, UN and was a cheerleader one year. Sibyl will be going to the University of Pennsyl�vania majoring in Veterinary Medicine.

DONALD MACKOWIAK is in the NHS, UN, Student Council, and BLC. Donald has worked on the yearbook for the past two years. He is also involved with scout�ing. Donald is planning to go to Albright College, majoring in Chemistry.

JENNIFER MILLER, besides being aca�demic is also very active in MPHS. She has participated in field hockey, softball and cheerleading. Jenny has been elected to NHS and has worked on Penn Post and Penn Alma. Jenny has also been in chorus, science club, GLC and Y-Teens (being president this year). She has been the Class of 1985 's secretary for the past two years and was their homecoming queen. Jenny will be attending Elizabeth�town College and will major in occupa�tional therapy.

GREGORY TUCCI has been in BLC, Science Club, Chess Club and College Bowl. Gregg has played the trumpet in the MPHS Band for the past four years. He is active in the sports of soc�cer and tennis and he has worked on the yearbook for the past two years. Gregg will be going to Villanova and will major in Chemistry.

     - Heather Hill


The Senior Prom, held on the first of June at the Riveredge, was a successful evening for all those who were in atten�dance. The evening started off with a meal consisting of filet mignon or sea�food. The seniors then commenced to the dancing floor where a night of fun and excitement greeted them at every turn.

     - Robin Clouser

JUNE 1985


   Commencement exercises for the MPHS Class of 1985 will be held June 13 at 8 p.m. Tom DiGiacomo, senior class president, will welcome everyone; Jennifer Miller will give the invocation;. Tim Miller will give the benediction.
   Speakers will include Lori Fizz, valedictorian, whose speech is entitled "We Prepare Today for Tomorrow." Mathew Elvin, salutatorian, will speak on the topic "We Turn Our Failures Into Successes," and n on "We Seek a New Horizon."
   Mr. Frank Orlando, high school principal, will present the graduates as they re�ceive their diplomas from Dr. Horace F. Darlington, Jr., superintendent of Antietam school districts, and Lucille Kantor, president of the Antietam Board of Education.
   "Pomp and Circumstance" played by the MPHS band will welcome the soon�to-be-graduated seniors. The band will also play "Ready to Take a Chance A�gain ", and "Dreamer" sung by a girls ensemble. The graduation ceremony will end with the recessional "Coronation March."
     - Robin Clouser

New Beginnings

Each Day is another beginning
Each sunrise brings hope to the heart And what's gone before is a burden no
As we look toward a rosy new start.

Mistakes we have made are behind us.
In today's golden dawn we will find
A path leading out of the darkness
To peace and contentment of mind.

Each hour ahead holds a promise
And in each of our hands is the key
To open up broader horizons
And show us how good life can be.

So let's welcome each bright new
And substitute hope for despair.
As we lift up our eyes to the rosy-hued
Let's rejoice at the sun rising there!

                        - Alice E. Chase



     I say lost class because you really have to look to find us. I feel that when God created the baby boom he said to our class, "The Buck Stops Here!" And it surely did. You would think that in your senior year, there would be the most students of all. I mean, I know I want to graduate, but I guess, for whatever reasons, some don't.
     I think its funny that instead of marking off the days to go, I'm marking off the students who are going. I will say this though, if we can't think of something to brag about, we can say that the 1985 graduating class is and will probably be the smallest class in Mt. Penn history.
     Just because we're small doesn't mean our accomplishments are small. If anything, it just means we'll have to try harder and accomplish more so that people won't forget that there was a 1985 graduating class.
     Just think if we had a big class, it would be a lot harder to remember our fellow students. Besides, for us, graduation will have the real meaning of "congradulating. "
          - Robin Clouser


     As I look into next year, I am both excited and nervous. Everyone says that your senior year is the best and that there will be many unforgettable moments. It seems that ever since first grade I've been saying, "When do I get out of here?"
     Now, I can't believe it's my turn to go out and face a whole new world. It seems rather frightening to think that I have to make major decisions about my whole future, and it also makes me sad because I'm leaving all of my best friends and memories behind. Most people say, "We'll stay in touch," "we won't forget .each other," and "it's not going to happen to us." No matter how we try, we're bound to drift apart.
     I only wish I had more time to be with my friends. It's a shame that people just want to get out and don't care because they don't realize how important high school life is. These have been the best years of my life, so far. It just all flew by way too fast. We really have to enjoy the times with friends now because sooner than we realize, we will be facing a world of totally different faces.
          - Diane Churan


8th grade: Allistaire Cooke movies. . . New York Tudor Hotel. . . Hershey Park trip. . . football game at the barbeque. . . The Music Hall at the Middle School (dances). . . basketball games in a big gym. . . a lounge in the library. . . Miss McCaw. .. bus rides to school on the floor. . . OK, Mrs. Kuzminski. . . commercial awards in English. . . Mr. Fegely vs. Steve Kerlin. . . the Bierley burger. . . Lots or rocks and minerals in science class. . . Doug's accidental encounter with the fire extinguisher. . . Tom Ware's cigar.

9th grade:
the Dreaded Math Class with Mr. Strickler. . . Y-teens initiation. . . the lost biology class on a trip to the lake. . . Mr. Haag's English class a proposition? . .Chris in the trashcan outside at lunch. . . The Muns-Ha! Ha!. . . Mr. Okenewski-insubordination. . . MLC dress-up trip to New York. . . softball-standing in a field hoping for a coach. . . Mr. C's full-contact gym class. . . having Mr. Dengler's class in Mr. Segro's room. . . blowing bubbles in reading class.

10th grade:
Mr. Higgins. . . Miss Levi's wigs. . . JV hockey was great!. . . Kevin Shearer's game-winning shot in BB playoff game. . . sweet 16. . . driving buddies to softball . . . gerbil food. . . one less biology substitute (Newcomer did it?). . . Mr. Riley. .. Mr. Choyka, "A couple of things."

11th grade: Mr. Choyka, "A couple more things! ". . . chorus trip to Hershey. . . German class-singen and tanzen. . . Mike N.-the drop off. . . getting lost coming home from Exeter. . . history with Mao. . . physics-a perpetual study hall during Miss L's absence. . . J.R., the mad flasher. ., Mr. C's class in Polish history. . . educational stats class. . . slave auction-Sammy's physique. . . the mystery of Mr. O's hubs and the missing doors. . . Mr. B's English classes-the best we ever had. . . home basketball game against Central-WE WON!. . . silkscreen class. . . a China take-home test was stolen, and we know who did it!. . . "Shut up, Vogt.". . . Give me an "M". .. Zoro's gifts to Zuber.

12 grade: class trip??? . . Homecoming. . . the big yearbook staff and a crumpled picture. . . calc, lA, and APM - really too little math.. . Drew and Dave traded to Mr. Hamilton. . . N.H.S. - problems!. . . the Hoop Hop. . . research papers - pulling all-nighters for Mrs. 5.. . . relaxed Bio II classes. . . Mr. Ranck, the pyromaniac. . . cuttin' IP in A & P - ask Chris about the cow's eye. . . 4th period - Mickey D's. . . 8th period arguments (DiGiacomo vs. Becker). . . Variety Show? . . lunch with the seniors - awesome. . . How do you do economics? . . "The Birds and the Bees". . . CPR with the faculty. . . bus drive to Vermont with Nelson. . . "The agony of defeat". . . college visits. . . "Mr. Cox, I've had it!". . . Mrs. Starr's Office Practice class. . . "All things being equal - Mediocrity is easy.". . . Woooo Mr. Segro. . . "The Miller's Tale" . . . the insubordination clause. . . the tin man finally found his heart this year. . . "There is no Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny is dead! ". . . "Pardon the interruption" . . . It was just wonnnderrrfulll!


To the underclassmen who are sitting there thinking they can't wait until they're seniors and can get out of school �believe me, don't rush it. I now sit here as a senior thinking, "Wow! Where did the time go?" That is what you will think at this point. I'm thinking that now I will be out of school for good and have to go to the same boring routine of work for the rest of my life. There will be no more staying out late and just sleeping the first three periods, nor more having carefree fun with all my friends in school, no more driving substitute teachers crazy, and no more knocking off just for the fun of it. Now I have to face reality and responsibility.
          -- Scott Christman

Volume XXVIII, Edition 8
June, 1985

Penn Post is published 8 times per year by the Journalism Class of Mt. Penn Junior/Senior High School.


Editor-in-Chief Heather Hill
Editorials David Moleski
Features Steph Sosh
News Jen Eckel
Sports Karen Denby
Reporters Dave Blose
  Diane Churan
  Robin Clouser
  Kelly Grim
  Sandy Steigerwalt
  Scott Christman
  Stephan Martin

NHS/NJHS Induction

     The newly elected National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society members were inducted on Monday evening, May 6. To be elected to the NHS the student must show the qualities of character, leadership, service and scholarship. The NJHS qualities are the same as NHS except citizenship is added.
     In order to honor more students there was and will be no limit to the number of students inducted.

NHS Inductees

Class of 1985
Gregory Tucci
John Sosh

Class of 1986
Audrey Acker
Randal Boyer
Diane Churan
Kelly Clark
Leann Deisher
Karen Denby
Kathleen Ford
Sara Ford
Heather Hill
Christine Jurasinski
Steve Kunkel
Thanh Lieu
Jason E. Miller
Jill Moyer
Suzanna Post
Beth Rosser
NJHS Inductees

Class of 1988
Debra Albrecht
Kristen Bukowski
Michael Dautrich
Daniel Hafetz
Sandra Horning
Jeffrey Hoyt
Donese Mabry
Amy Milakofsky
Jason A. Miller
Kerry Motze
Jocelyn Quaintance
Mary Ellen Reed
Harry Siklas
Rebecca Weitz
Marsha Yerger
Dayna Yoder

Class of 1989
Rebecca Caves
Alicia Gibb
Leah Hill
Malinda Hill
Yen Lieu
Jennifer Reimert
Kimberly Sobjak

          - Heather Hill

Outstanding Seniors


     Our female Senior of the Issue is Jacqueline Ritter. Jackie is a member of FTA and goes to Vo-Tech for Occupational Child Development. Three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, she helps out at the Pennside Presbyterian Weekday Nursery School from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. as a teacher aid, teaching pre-school children from the ages of three to five.
     In the future, Jacqueline plans to attend RACC for Early Education. Jacqueline loves nature and likes to go hiking and camping. She also likes to swim and collect unusual thimbles.
          - Robin Clouser


If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always the best interest.
          - Benjamin Franklin


     Our male Senior of the Issue is Thomas DiGiacomo, president of the senior class. Tom is involved in our sports program, having played soccer, baseball, and volleyball. Tom says that what he likes to do most in his free time is playing sports and chasing girls.
     Popular with his fellow classmates, Tom was elected King of our Homecoming Day festivities.
     Tom's future plans are to attend the University of Maryland on a ROTC scholarship and from there to join the U.s. Air Force.
          - Scott Christman


     Mr. Minter has recently gained recognition in several art exhibitions. The first was a statewide juried exhibition titled "Pennsylvania Artist/Educator." This exhibition was held at the William Penn Memorial Museum in Harrisburg. Its main purpose was to salute art teachers in our public and private schools and to present an opportunity for the general public to view the professional artistic abilities of those who teach art.
     Another exhibition in which Mr. Minter participated was the 30th Annual Regional Art Exhibition held recently at the Hazleton Art Gallery. This show was opened to 156 artists with 351 works; it later got juried down to 59 artists with 85 works for competition. Mr. Minter was one of the 59 and had 3 works of the graphite media in the show.
     Through recognition of these exhibitions, Mr. Minter has been invited to participate in a four-man exhibit by the Fine Arts Chairman of Gettysburg College. This exhibit will contain 5-10 graphite works from Mr. Minter, and 5-10 graphite works from the other .three participants. A tentative date of Oct. 15 to Nov. 15 has been set for this exhibit at the Gettysburg College Gallery. On the opening night, a reception and short discussion about Mr. Minter's work will take place.
          - Kelly Grim

     As you embark upon a richly deserved summer vacation, I ask that you contemplate the following:
     It was approximately 200 years ago that one of America's greatest leaders summed up the im�portance of education. "The nation that expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, expects what never has been and never will be," said Thomas Jefferson.
     Other great Americans have echoed these sentiments. "Upon the subject of education. . . I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we, as a people, can be engaged in,' remarked Abraham Lincoln.
      James Madison put it this way: "A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people."
     The message is the same today and will be tomorrow. The American dream is that every individ�ual will be able to improve him or herself and build the life that he or she desires. That revolves around a job, and jobs not only are the foundation to an individual's economical success but to the economic success of his family and to the society in which he or she resides.
     Your economic success and ultimate happiness therefore are totally dependent on how well you apply yourself to the quality education system provided for you at Mt. Penn. Looking at some�thing as basic as unemployment clearly shows the value of a quality and TOTAL education. The national figure for unemployment, according to the Department of Labor, is 8.1%. People who had eight years or less of schooling were more likely to be unemployed than those with more education. Eight-and-a-half percent of students with less than a 9th grade education were without jobs. High school graduates are less likely to be unemployed than the national average as only 5% of all high school graduates are without jobs.
     I bring these statistics and quotations to your attention in the hopes that you return in Septem�ber with a heightened or a renewed interest in applying yourself to the educational system. When that renowned hero He-Man states "I have the power," it is not a power derived from Castle Grey. skull, but from the knowledge that he has a high school diploma hidden beneath his breastplate.
     Have a great, enjoyable, and safe summer.



Joe Boyle leaves Jeff Petersen the Mr. Potato Head Award of the year.

The Veteran's leave the rookies the sophomore jinx.

David Chlebowski leaves Gabrielle Savitz love, happiness, and security throughout her lifetime.

Robin Clouser leaves her sister Donna, the canny ability to make honor roll and still be able to lounge back and take it easy.

Mrs. Starr's 5th Period Office Practice Class leaves her baby the brains, patience & working ability of them all.

Tracy Damiano leaves Troy Damiano the ability to get through school.

Matt Elvin leaves to the entire school a world free of punk music.

The Calculus Class leaves Mr. Hamilton a lint-free, staple-free world.

The Seniors leave to the sophomore class unicolor, symmetrical haircuts.

Tracy Epting leaves Bob Kowalski a Ford.

Tracy Epting & Robin Clouser leave Mr. Dengler two punctual students like themselves.

Lori Fizz leaves to Ms. Luckenbach a real college bowl team that wins when it's supposed to.

Alan Ganas leaves Ms. Luckenbach a store of slightly used animal parts.

Terry Goodbred leaves Amy M., Cherisse C., Kathy & Sally another year of running and hockey practices. Make the best of it!

Kelly Gray leaves Mrs. Thomas a gym class with a good attitude.

Christopher Hains leaves to anyone his apathy.

Homeroom 302 leaves Mr. Brossman a real set of ties.

Sibyl Kane leaves to her brother Brendan, acceptance at Lancaster Country Day School.

Jenny Miller leaves Sally Ford all her coordination to help her avoid smashing into people in the middle of the A-field.

This year's Penn Alma Staff leaves next year's Penn Alma staff lots of luck and a large debt.

Tim Miller leaves the ability to walk the halls of MPHS to anyone worthy of it.

Steve Newcomer leaves to Tom DiGiacomo and Alan Ganas each 1/2 of his bowling skill.

Chris Peckham leaves Sue Klempke all of his possessions.

Valerie Petro leaves Mrs. Starr, another great class like her favorite 5th period Office practice class.

William Reed leaves Mt. Penn Elizabeth & Mary Ellen.

Jackie Ritter leaves success, laughter, and good times to Dennis.

Roberta Schreiber leaves to her brother Rick all the success with school & soccer.

Tom Schmidt leaves to the future Varsity Soccer players, the back of the bus.

Jim Seiz leaves Ron Slutsky his basketball shot and his intimidation.

John Sosh leaves Mr. Zuber to Damian in the hope that he will still be around to coach.

The Senior Basketball Players leave Mr. Zuber the patience for next year's team.

Sandra Steigerwalt leaves Chrissy many happy years at MPHS.

Margaret Stenavage leaves Jimmy Page to Kelly Grim.

Katharine Sternbergh leaves Mr. Brossman a life's supply of peanut butter eggs.

The Seniors leave Mt. Penn the great memory of the class of '85.

Vicki Straka leaves to her terrific brother who she loves dearly, her controllable temper, an A in Spanish, and her good looks.

The A & P Class leaves Miss Luckenbach a McDonald's credit card.

Traci Wenger leaves to Ryan Petersen a "BIG" smile.

David Werner leaves Steve Monroe his baseball "smarties."

Lori Quaintance leaves Missy Watson & Beth Klempke 2 years of good luck in Mt. Penn High.

Michele Zillhart leaves Helene Stoltz one wild last year at Mt. Penn.

Tina Seidel leaves her brother Kyle great times & memories his last three years at Mt. Penn.

Todd Ringler leaves Mrs. Thomas the ability to remain sane in this place.

Gregg Tucci leaves Brendan Kane his razor sharp senses, cat-like reflexes, lightning quick mind, and dashing good looks.

Tom DiGiacomo leaves the Mt. Penn Faculty Members a senior class that doesn't act like seniors.


Joseph Boyle
York College of Pennsylvania
history and political science

David Chlebowski
Penn State (Berks)

Robin A. Clouser
Manor Jr. College
court reporting

Scott Christman
Lincoln Technical Institute

Tracy Damiano
Wertz Hoffman Parks Realtors

Thomas DiGiacomo
University of Maryland
Air Force ROTC - engineering

Daryl Divine
Ritz Camera Center
lab technician

Dawn Doskus
Alvernia College
play therapy

Matthew Elvin
Bucknell University

Tracy Epting
Reading Area Community College
medical secretary

Lori Fizz
Rochester Institute of Technology
biomedical computing

Alan Ganas
Penn State (Berks)

Teresa Goodbred

Kelly Gray
Phila. College of Pharmacy and Science
physical therapy

Christopher Hains
Rensselaer Polytechnic
physics engineering

Beth Hartline
Springfield Knitting Mills

Sibyl Kane
University of Pennsylvania
veterinary medicine

Dana Kistler
radio electronics

Robert Kowalski

Hugh Levan
Penn State

Holly Light
Empire School of Cosmetology

Stephan Martin

Gywnne McCormick
executive secretary

Jennifer Miller
Elizabethtown College
occupational therapy

Tim Miller
U.S. Air Force
Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist

Lisa Mowery
Renee hairstylist

Mike Neiman
U.S. AirForce

Donald Mackowiak
Albright College

Steven Newcomer
Penn State
chemical engineering

Kent Patterson

Chris Peckham
painting contractor

Valerie Petro
BCIU, Dana Corp.
receptionist or secretary

William Reed
Boston University
International Realtors

Todd Ringler
management/public communications

Jacqueline Ritter
occupational child development

Roberta Schreiber
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Thomas Schmitz
Penn State Berks Campus
business administration

Kristine Seidel
American Bank
accounting field

James Seiz
West Chester University
major undecided

John Sosh
Albright College
major undecided

Sandra Steigerwalt
Shippensburg University
elementary education-English

Margaret Stenavage
vocalist, artist

Katharine Sternbergh
Albright College

Elizabeth Stewart
Penn State University
food management

Vicki Straka
East Stroudsburg University
physical education

Robin Summers

Lisa Truckermiller

Gregg Tucci
Villanova University

Michael Vogt
fireman in New York City

David Werner
Millersville University

Traci Wenger

David Werner
Millersville University

Already attending college:

Kari Nordhoy
Bryn Mawr College

Michael Korsky
lndiana University of Pennsylvania



Real Seniors
   know how to deceive to receive
   get the main stall in the bathroom
   owe $500 in class dues
   dictate their homework and test dates

Real Seniors
   make sure they use up all 4 of their absences
   have no conception of what the word homework means
   don't look up to anyone at anytime, anywhere
   play practical jokes on faculty members & don't get punished

Real Seniors
   develop a disease called SENIORITIS
   disregard the attendance policy
   and all rules for that matter
   don't take math

Real Seniors
   plan 3 periods of field trips per day
   show as much or as little respect for teachers as they show us
   walk the halls whenever possible
   are easily annoyed by under-classmen
   despise term papers

Real Seniors
   Set bad examples for underclassmen
   have a hearing problem
   cut through the auditorium
   don't wear neon
   only have one gear - slow
Real Seniors
   start the count down at 179
   are always on time to commencement
   plagiarize even on their last will & testament
   find it painful to think
Real Seniors
   don't care what Frankie (not Mr. Orlando) says
   take homework offensively
   stop working after the 2nd quarter
   take the longest way to the bathroom
   worry more about graduation parties than graduation itself
Real Seniors �
   are a special breed
   have charisma
   have the determination to succeed
          - Robin Clouser

Our seniors have so far received more than $35,000 in scholarships and grants. The following have been awarded on a per year basis:

Lori Fizz $2800 Rochester Institute of Technology
Matt Elvin $2000 Bucknell University
Donald Mackowiak $4000 Albright College
Sibyl Kane $13000 University of PA
Jenny Miller $4625 Elizabethtown College
Chris Hains $2900 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Kelly Gray $4500 Philadelphia School of Pharmacy & Science
Teresa Goodbred $2300 Elizabethtown College
John Sosh $6000 Albright College
Joe Boyle amount pending York College
Katherine Sternberg amount pending Albright College

Thursday, May 23

Judy Yoder Memorial Scholarship ($150) Sandra Steigerwalt
Class of 1968 Award ($10.00) Robin Clouser
American Bank Award ($50 E Series Bond) Tracy Epting
Class of 1956 Award ($25.00) Teresa Goodbred
Antietam Lions Club-Earl Yost Award ($50) Adam Franklin Yoder
Mt. Penn Senior Woman's Club Award ($200) Jennifer Miller
The Gerald K. Romich Art Award ($100) Margaret Stenavage
Historical Society of Berks County (certificate) Donald Mackowiak
DAR - Berks Chapter Jennifer Miller
I Dare You Award Donald Mackowiak
Lori Fizz
Berks County Bankers Assoc. ($50 Series E Bond) Margaret Stenavage
Penn Alsace Award ($50 Savings Bond) John Sosh
Roberta Schreiber
Carl Cassel Award (Certificate and Medal) Matthew Elvin
American Assoc. of Univ. Women Award Lori Fizz
Mt. Penn Rotary Club Award ($25) Donald Mackowiak
Mt. Penn Junior Woman's Club ($250) Margaret Stenavage
Mt. Penn Elementary ($50 each) Sandra Steigerwalt
Gregory Tucci
Army Reserve Student Athlete Award Roberta Schreiber
John Sosh
American Legion Gregg Post # 12 (Medals) Debra Albrecht
Michael Dautrich
Bausch and Lomb Science Award Gregory Tucci
J. Lloyd Sharetts Memorial Award ($10) Donald Mackowiak
Physics Award ($10) Christine Jurasinski
Nevin S. Matz Mathematics Award ($10) Lori Fizz
Girls' Leader Corps Award (Plaque) Roberta Schreiber
TWEAD Public School Retired Employees Assoc. ($25) Sandra Steigerwalt
Principal's Award ($25) Donald Mackowiak

Penn Alma
Donald Mackowiak
Gregory Tucci
Jennifer Miller
Christopher Hains
Vickie Straka
Michael Vogt

Future Teachers of America
Sandra Steigerwalt

Y -Teens
Jennifer Miller

Student Council
David Werner
Alan Ganas

United Nations Club
Donald Mackowiak

Sandra Steigerwalt



     On March 29, Mrs. Brault and her husband, Mrs. Spatz, Mrs. Goldstein, and several students journeyed to Europe. They all enjoyed their trip greatly and will never forget their experiences in France and Spain. Here is what some of the students wrote about it:
     "Next was the cathedral we all know and love, Notre Dame. Being the haunt of such infamous creatures of lore, such as Quasimoto, we had a great time just walking around. Since it was Palm Sunday, there were many services going on, and that added to the general atmosphere." - Steve Kunkel
     "We went on a tour of Avila and Segovia today. It was fun but very cold. We got to see them hand-make jewelry, and it was very interesting. After lunch we went to another medieval castle for a tour. That night after dinner we went to the Flamenco Show. It was really nice. That night we got back to our hotel around 3 a.m." - Marta Weitz
     "We took the subway to the Eiffel Tower. I t was a breathtaking sight! The tower was all lit up and so were the fountains bubbling in front of it." - John Henry
     "On Thursday, we toured Avila and Segovia (famous for its enormous Roman aquaduct), which were both equally beautiful cities. The most memorable sights were the medieval walls, outdated shops, and quaint cafes - where, of course, we had to sample some of Spain's famous "churrosy chocolate." YUM! - Cherisse Conlon
     - Jen Eckel and Steph Sosh

     On Tuesday, May 7, 34 members of the Boys' and Girls' Leader Corps, along with Mrs. Thomas, went as volunteers to the Special Olympics held at Kutztown University. Each volunteer was assigned a child that he was responsible to take to all his events. The volunteers spent the whole day with that one child cheering him on. All participants won a ribbon that day. All volunteers had a great time and thought the event a worthwhile experience.
          - Dave Blose

     On Tuesday, May 21, Mt. Penn High School held its annual Spring Concert. Among the groups who performed were the junior high chorus, senior high chorus and senior high band. Also performing from the elementary school were the band and chorus.
     Laura Schnader and Mary Ellen Reed sang "The Rose" as a duet, accompanied by Barb Yerger on piano and Beth Rosser on flute. There was also a special girls' ensemble who sang "Sincerely" with Mary Ellen Reed as soloist.
     Five seniors in the band and 4 seniors in the chorus performed in their final concert at Mt. Penn. In the band were Vicki Straka, Matt Elvin, Dave Werner, and Greg Tucci. In the chorus were Dawn Doskus, Terry Goodbred, Jenny Miller, and Vicki Straka.
          - Dave Blose


     On May 28th, the annual Junior class slave auction was held in the auditorium. It is there that fellow students bid on a Junior and pay for services such as book carrying, locker opening, and lunch tray carrying. It's not just slaves who are sold, cakes, pies, and other goodies are also auctioned off. There was one major disappointment this year because the buying of a grade has been abolished. In place of grade selling, tickets for wearing shorts the last full day of school were auctioned. Ron Slutsky, Dave Blose were among those who got the traditional pie in the face.
          - Diane Churan


     The Physics of Fun Program was developed in 1981 by researchers at the University of Houston, with a $225,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. They selected Hershey Park as the program's second national test site-the only eastern theme park so honored.
     On May 30th this year's Physics class, taught by Miss Luckenbach, will be participating in this unique experience. The students will have a chance to view the rides from a different perspective �not just for fun. They will also learn that the scientific concepts taught in the classroom are practical and a part of real life.
          - Diane Churan

     On May 22nd, the Girls' Leader Corps went on a field trip to Philadelphia. First stop was the Philadelphia Zoo, where they spent half of the day. Second stop was the Franklin Institute, where many interesting things were to be seen and done. Finally, the most important event on the agenda, was the Philadelphia Phillies game at Veteran's Stadium. The girls arrived early so they could watch batting practice.
- Diane Churan


Newly Elected
Class Officers

Class of '86
President - Leon Pace
Vice President - Randy Boyer Secretary - Kelly Clark
Treasurer - Diane Churan

Class of '87
President - Darren Straka
Vice President - Steph Sosh Secretary - Cherisse Conlon Treasurer - Kim Steiger

Club Officers
Modern Language Club
President - Marta Weitz
Vice President - Cori Roboski Secretary - Christine Jurasinski Treasurer - John Henry

President - Christine Jurasinski Vice President - Kelly Clark
Secretary - Sally Ford
Treasurer - Diane Churan



     The annual 8th grade trip to Hershey was on Friday, May 31. To make the day less rushed, the class left the park later than previous classes. The cost per student was lessened by participation in an Italian Sandwich Sale.
     - Heather Hill





Gerald K. Romich
     This year's sports banquet was held Friday, June 7, in the Mt. Penn High School gym.
     1985 recipients of the Outstanding Athlete were Roberta Schreiber and David Werner.
     The Gerald K. Romich Award, which is presented to a student who participates in sports and does the best with his or her ability, was received by Joe Boyle.
     Jenny Miller and Gregg Tucci were presented with the Boosters Club Sportsmanship Awards, receiving a plaque. Their names will also be placed on a plaque in the office.

Individual Team Awards

  MVP Most Improved
Field Hockey Diane Churan Jenny Miller
Soccer Tom DiGiacomo Barclay Wilson
Girls' Basketball Roberta Schreiber Diane Churan
Boys' Basketball John Sosh Jim Seiz
Tennis Todd Ringler Nick Baer
Golf Dan Hafetz Evan Spohn
Girls' Bowling Mindy Snyder Audrey Acker
Boys' Bowling Chris Malinowski Brett Bowers
Softball Roberta Schreiber Karen Denby
Baseball Dave Werner Ryan Petersen

     For 2 weeks 27 girls from grades 8 to 11 practiced for cheerleading tryouts which were held May 23.
     In order to tryout, each girl had to learn a short dance, and a cheer. She had to do 3 out of 4 jumps and make up words and motions for an original chant.
     Each girl could accumulate up to 95 points. The most important qualities were considered to be smile, voice, pep, and enthusiasm. Each of these qualities were worth up to 10 points. All other areas were worth 8 points each. An extra short dance or acrobatic move could add 5 points to the score.

Cheerleading Squad 1985-86
Kelly Clark
Cherisse Conlon
Wendy Crow
Karen Denby
Jenny Eckel
Sandra Horning
G. Hutcheson
Donese Mabry
Kristin Pfahl
Allison Poole
Elizabeth Reed
Mary Ellen Reed
Missy Ryan
Becky Schaeff
Tonya Sload
Pam Tucci

Janine Lysczek
Allisa Max
     The MPHS baseball team finished its league play with a record of 3-7. The problem at the start was the pitching, but Dave Werner, Leon Pace, and John Henry all stepped in to do adequate jobs. Bats were dead for a while but came alive to make some games close.
There are 4 seniors who will be graduating and therefore missed next year: Tom DiGiacomo, Joe Boyle, John Sosh, and Dave Werner.
         - Dave Blose

     Although the Mounts came back during the end of their season, they still managed to salvage two of their league games. They beat Daniel Boone and Wyomissing.
     According to Mr. Fegely, head varsity coach, two major keys to a good softball team are hitting and fielding. He believed that due to graduation and other problems, people had to be moved to new positions, which led to numerous fielding mistakes. To continue, the hitting was weak only in the sense that they could not get that one hit when they needed it.
     If the key to success is improvement, then this year's team was successful. Next year, with everyone returning except the only senior, Bert Schreiber, they can hope to see more improvement.
           - Karen Denby

     Despite the hard work of the tennis team this season, they had only 2 league wins. In the non-league, though, they had 4 wins.
     The outlook for next year's team is good but 3 seniors in the top 5 - Todd Ringler, Jim Seiz, and Gregg Tucci will be leaving. However, 7 juniors and 3 sophomores will be returning and hopefully some talented freshmen will join.
         - Jen Eckel