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Sheila Ann

Sheila Mervine, 4th Grade, 1978

Sheila (Mervine) Witthaut

Sheila, from her Engagement Announcement in the 7/19/98 Reading Eagle/Times

Location: Email:
Stoney Creek, PA
(farm near Bertie's Inn)

Christopher and Alison Wittaut, June 2003
Christopher and Alison Wittaut,
picture taken 6/17/03.

Sheila (Mervine) Witthaut and her family at the 15-Year Reunion
From 15-year class reunion, September 2001.

Christopher Wittaut
Christopher, June 2002

Alison Wittaut, June 2002
Alison, June 2002

Christopher & Alison Wittaut, June 2002
June 2002


Sheila's Engagement
Announcement Photo


Husband: Christopher P. Witthaut.  Sheila became the bride of Christopher Witthaut at St. Catherine's on April 18th, 1999. Her husband is a graduate of Exeter High School and Penn State where he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is employed by Birdsboro Wire Processing - the same place where Sheila is working! Sheila's sister, Melanie, was maid of honor. The reception was as the Reading Country Club.
Children: Alison (Born 4/08/00)
Christopher (Born 6/11/01)
Pets: 2 Cats: Sneakers and Taz (according to Shiela, the name fits!)
Post H.S.
Berks Technical Institute
Occupation: Birdsboro Extrusions (formerly known as "Birdsboro Wire Processing Inc.")  "My husband is the plant manager and I am the office manager - there are two other employees.  We extrude copper for electrical contacts, the best way to explain it is it is like Playdough being pushed through the different shapes only this is copper."
Since High School: Have been to California, Mexico, Canada and Germany.

"Saw a few more Dead shows until Jerry's untimely death.  What a sad day that was."
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Sheila listed "Business" as her planned future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Chem I labs with Sally -- It's on fire! ... Basketball games ... Dead shows -- 6/28/85 ... Temple visits ... You annoy me ... Your Mom!! ... Great friends (LP) ... arrarra ... What a strange trip it's been!
It's a Small World Afterall:
Small World note #1:  Sheila's husband's sister, Susanna Witthaut, married Wayne Beaver (Exeter '88 graduate) in 2003.  Wayne Beaver is Missy (Beaver) Julian's brother who I lived with for a full year in 1994.  Steve Julian and Missy, and Sheila's husband were all in the wedding party.  Not only that but Susanna also graduated from Drexel the same year that I did (1991).

Small World note #2: Sheila ran into Alan Ganas who works at Bertie's.  Al remembered that he was the first one to start calling me "My Pal Chris Mal."  Also, Sheila's husband Chris and I have a mutual friend in Brian Ahrens, who graduated from Exeter in '88.

Small World note #3: As of 2006, Sheila reports that she has run into Mark Schwartz at Bertie's on more than one occasion.

15-Year Reunion

Missy Pfahl, Megan Pfahl (on slide), Sheila (Mervine) Witthaut and Alison Witthaut

Missy Pfahl, Megan Pfahl
(coming down slide),
Sheila (Mervine) Witthaut
and Alison Witthaut (back)

Hey, is Shiela cheating in this picture?! I'm very happy about this keyboard, it makes me smile! Don't stick it out if you don't plan on using it!
Keep Your Eyes
on Your Own Test!
Sheila in


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