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Susan E.

Susan Pieja, 4th Grade, 1978
Susan Pieja
Location: Email:
Reading, PA
Husband: Divorced
Children: None
Post H.S.
6 Month LPN program at Reading/Muhlenburg Vo-Tech
Occupation: Beverly Manor Nursing Home, Exeter Township (this is the same nursing home that Sue worked at when she was in high school.)
Pets: 1 cat
Favorite H.S.
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Sue listed "Nursing" as his planned future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
My best friends Bev, Mindy, Lori and Karen ... Cruisin' with Bev ... Vo-Tech rides ... Hey, Bev, "Crown me!" ... "What?!" ... Lincoln Continentals ... Troy's birthday present ... Thanks to my friends and family.
Chris Mal Notes:
Is anyone else wondering what Troy's birthday present was?!

Susan is still a Van Halen fan although the aged David Lee Roth turns her stomach.

Highlights from Sue's AOL Profile...
Hobbies: "Hanging out with my REAL friends- Tina (can't wait to hit those O.C. MD clubs), Michelle, DeDe, sista ho-sy, Shelli (5 weeks to go!!!), Stacy, Mike, Brad, Jay (any new tats to show me:)) hehe), Bev & Min (my friends since we were young & innocent, hehe.)"
Quotes:  "If you're not a sincere friend then quit wasting my freakin time! bye, bye, bye 5 more weeks!!!! Look out, get out of our way, here we come!!!! woohoo!!!!"

Susan's mom works at Berkshire Commons, an assisted living facility in Wyomissing, where Mrs. Haag was living.  She used to send Susan some things that she'd make during activities, and occasionally she'd send Susan a card.  Susan lost touch after after Mrs. Haag moved to Country Meadows.

1985 Girls
Bowling Team

1985 Girl Bowling team featuring Mindy Snyder!
Click to enlarge!

Stuff to Know about Susan:
If you could dye your hair any color? Lighter blond
What was your first car? Chevette
Do you eat the stems of Broccoli? Sometimes
Storms, cool or scary? Scary
What's under your bed? Cross-stitch supplies
What's on your mouse pad? Lions
Do you like to drive fast? Not really. I've turned into a little old lady. Bev, I can still see over the dash though.
Future Child's Name? Still waiting for the future husband's name
How many times before you answer the phone? Depends on whose name is on the ID box.  3 if I want to talk to the person.
Favorite Movie: Sixth Sense, What Lies Beneath
Favorite Sport: Baseball and hockey
Favorite Alcholoic Drink: Fuzzy Navels, Hard Lemonade, shots of Purple Hooter and shots of Buttery Nipple (my favorite drinks sound kinky but they're damn good, LOL.)
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Sound: Laughter
Favorite Smell: A good smelling man and soap
Least Favorite Smell: My job and a bad smelling man
Favorite Boardgame: Monopoly
Favorite Magazine: Soaps
Chocolate or flowers The girls from work know this one from my nightly chocolate fix, LOL. Chocolate!!
Is the glass half empty or half full? Hell, I don't know. It'll be completely empty soon.
Susan in 1986
(12th Grade)
Susan Pieja, 1986

Aluminum foil crusifixes?
Middle School: 1981
I'm not sure what this was about.  The picture didn't have a caption.  Was this aluminum foil crucifix class?

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