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Stars of 10/18/98
@Angelica Hardball, vs. Luckey's
(L 5-6, L 1-15 in 5 innings)
Record after games: 7-3

Dickie Delp
This guy once bought a $125 drum seat from a woman in Idaho on eBay, and never received it.
RBI, 2 runs
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Chris Hunter
Chris Hunter has gone to the Eagles training camp a number of times.

walk, RBI
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Darren Max
Darren wrote the song "I Can't Believe It" for the B's Duet.

1 run
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a larger picture)

Losing two games was a bit disappointing, as we were 7-1 coming into the final weekend.

Mike Zalegowski hit a "squibber" off the end of his bat just as a flock of ducks decended into the trees making loud quacking noises.  One of the funniest things I've seen on a Softball field.

Jeff Werner revealed that he didn't mark ANYTHING in his check-book prior to getting married.  In related news, Jeff might be taking a cooking class in the near future.  For his birthday this week, Jeff and his wife Kim went ski diving!

In unrelated news, it was surprising that the Eagles didn't get points this week even though it's their "Bye" week.

Dickie Delp is having problems with Windows 98.

Mike Kerber doesn't like America On-Line.

Steve Ostrowski's dog once went to a Doggie psychiatrist.

As for the games, as you can see, when one of your top 3 offensive players was someone who went 2-for-4 with a run, it probably wasn't such a good day.  Dickie and Chris Hunter were the only two people with more than 2 hits.  And the 3 shown above were the only three who hit .500 for the day, although we did somehow manage to walk FIVE times.

Gary Maugher, who wound up playing one Sunday for us in the Fall of 2002, played for Luckey's.

Game #1 Highlights:
Still, we did make it a very interesting game in Game #1.  Luckey's scored 3 in the top of the first and 2 in the top of the 2nd to jump out to a 5-0 lead.

An RBI-single by Chris Hunter scored Dickie Delp in the 3rd inning.  RBI singles by Jeff Werner and Dickie Delp made the game 5-3 after 4 innings.

In the top of the 5th we had runners on 1st and 3rd, but ended the inning with a 6-4-3 double-play.  Luckey's scored again the bottom of the 5th to make it 6-3.

In the 6th inning we opened the inning with a single, walk and a single by Max, Ostrowski and Kerber, but Darren was thrown out at home on Kerber's single, which was followed by a fielder's choice and an F-8.  End of inning, ZERO runs.

In the 7th inning, Zalegowski led off with a pinch-hit single.  An F-7 was followed by a double from Dickie Hamilton to put runners on 2nd and 3rd.  A ground-out scored the first run to make the score 6-4, but with 2 outs.  Steve Julian singled, to make the score 6-5.  The game ended on a strike-out looking.  Ouch.

Game #2 Highlights:
Game #1 apparently took the wind out of our sails.  We got creamed in Game #2.  Luckey's scored 5, 6, 3 and 1 runs, and didn't even have to bat in the bottom of the 5th.  Our only run scored on an RBI single by Dickie Hamilton in the 3rd inning.  We managed just 6 singles and a walk, and didn't have even one hit in the first two innings.

Stars of 10/11/98
@Red Caboose, vs. Chuck's
(W 22-13, W 10-8)
Record after games: 7-1

Dave Engle
Dave Engle's pictue was once in the newspaper...CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!
2 HR, 2B, SOE,
5 RBI, 3 runs
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a larger picture)

Mike Zalegowski
Mikey Z is my Hoooooooooooooooooooooters partner.

4 RBI, 4 runs
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a larger picture)

Tom Barzd
Everything Tom Barzd owns smells like beer...even his kids.

Home run,
3 RBI, 3 runs

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a larger picture)

Honorable Mention:
Steve Ostrowski (4-for-8, HR, double, 2 SOE's, 1 RBI, 3 runs)
Mike Kerber (2-for-3, walk, 1 RBI)

Home Runs:
Dave Engle, 2 (#1 & #2)
Mike Zalegowski, 2 (#1 & #2)
Tom Barzd (#2)
Steve Ostrowski (#1)

Game #1 Highlights:
Game #1 just wasn't pretty...well, not for the other team anyway.  It was an intersting game, though for two innings.

We opened the game by scoring 6 runs.  Chris Hunter led off with a single.  A home run by Dave Engle made is 2-0.  Then with two outs and the bases empty, Steve Julian doubled.  Darren Max knocked him in with a single.  Then Werner single, Ostrowski RBI single and Barzd RBI single with an error that also scored Ostrowski.

Chuck's came right back, though, scoring 5 of their own in the bottom of the first to make it 6-5.

We continued to pour it on in the top of the second.  Chris Malinowski led off with a single and went to second on an error.  With 1 out, Mike Zalegowski singled, and Dave Engled followed with a 3-run Homer.  That was TWO home runs in consecutive innings for Dave!  A Dickie Hamilton walk, a Julian single and a Sac-fly by Max scored a 4th run to make it 10-5 good-guys.

Chuck's came right back AGAIN in the bottom of the second with another 5-spot to tie the game at 10-all.

But that was all she wrote after that as we continued to pour it on, and they did not.  We scored FOUR more in the top of the 3rd highlighted by a 2-run home run by Zalegowski.

For the game, as a team, we had TWENTY-EIGHT hits including FOUR home runs, FIVE doubles and a walk!  But it was Dave Engle who clearly led the way in this game, but had to leave after the first game.  For his one game he was on base all five times including two home runs and a double.

Game #2 Highlights:
Game #2 was apparently close based on the score, but no one kept Chuck's stats for this game since everyone was on the field when they were hitting.  I can tell you that we scored in bunches in this game.  We had 10 runs, but scored in only TWO innings!  Five in each of the 1st inning and the 4th inning.

First inning: Hunter single, Zalegowski 2-run HR, SOE, Julian Sac-fly, Max walk, Ostrowski 2-run HR, 6-3, Kerber walk, F-7.

Fourth inning:  SOE, F-8, Kerber single, Ulrich single to load the bases, Malinowski 2-run single, Hunter RBI single, SOE, Hamilton Sac-fly, F-10.

In contrast to the first game, this time we mustered only NINE hits.  With only NINE hits, it's actually amazing we won this game.  In the innings we didn't score, the team had only TWO hits, and one of those was erased by a double-play!  We were helped by two walks and THREE safe-on-errors.

Stars of 9/27/98
@Brookline, vs. Paint & Lacquer
(W 12-8, W 14-11)
Record after games: 5-1

Mike Zalegowski
Mikey Z is my Hoooooooooooooooooooooters partner.

2 doubles, 1 triple,
3 RBI, 4 runs

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a larger picture)

Dave Engle
Dave Engle's pictue was once in the newspaper...CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!
1 double,
1 RBI, 5 runs
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a larger picture)

Steve Julian
In Denial

1 double,
5 RBI, 3 runs

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a larger picture)

Mike Zalegowski:
In his first two games with the team, Mike was the obvious choice for Star of the Day.  He sparked the team with what would have been a single for most other people and turned heads when he didn't stop at first and dove head-first into second for a double.  He was 4-for-5 in Game #1 to lead the team to a 12-8 victory, which also included another double and a triple the opposite way when P&L gave him a serious shift to pull.  He followed that up with a 3-for-5 in Game #2 with 3 ribbies.  He even pulled off TWO singles in the first inning of Game #2.  But what was even more impressive was his defense in RF.  He made at least two catches on balls I was sure would not be caught, and on a deep fly to right, gunned down a runner at second trying to tag from first.

Honorable Mention:
Vince Kissinger (5-for-8, 2 RBI, 2 runs)
Darren Max (3-for-5, 3 RBI, 1 run)

Home Runs:

Vince Kissinger had 3 tickets to the Eagles-Chiefs game - 45 yard line, 300 level - but chose to come to Softball instead, winning lots of brownie points despite threatening to leave for the Eagles game most of the day.

Darrell Morgan played for P&L and was 1-for-3 with a 3-run HR in Game #1 and 2-for-3 with a walk and a grand slam in Game #2.

Former Esterly's player Tony Rodriguez played for P&L.  He was 0-for-2 with a walk in Game #1, and 1-for-3 with a doulbe and a walk in Game #2.

Dickie Delp was safe-on-error THREE times in Game #2:  E-5, E-6, E-5T.

Game #1 Highlights:
The Game #1 win was pretty much a product of 2 innings.  We scored 4 in the 1st and 6 in the 6th.  After scoring 4 in the first, we never relinquished the lead:  The aforementioned lead-off double by Mike Z to start the day followed by an RBI single from Carl Rudolph, an Engle single, an RBI single from Kissinger, an RBI double by Julian...and we never looked back.

The closest that P&L got was 5-3 after 5 innings, which was just before we batted around in the top of the 6th - highlighted by a Steve Ostrowski triple - to make it 11-3.

Game #2 Highlights:
Again we didn't waste any time.  After P&L opened the game with a single and 2-run HR, we sent 11 people to the plate in the bottom of the first to make it a 7-2 game after 1 inning:

Zalegowski single
Rudoph single
Engle RBI double
Julian 2-RBI single + advance on error
Ostrowski single
Ulrich RBI single
Malinowski RBI single
Zalegowski 2-RBI single (his 2nd hit of the inning!)

We then shut it down for the most part, while P&L pecked away.  After four innings, the score was an uncomfortable 9-7 Esterly's.

In the top of the 5th P&L tied it up 9-9 on a single/error, RBI single, F-10, Rodriguez RBI double, 1-3, F-7.  We pulled ahead again 10-9 in the bottom of the 5th thanks to a Zalegowski RBI single.

P&L took their first lead of the day in the top of the 6th, though:  F-7, Morgan double, RBI-single, F-9, RBI double, F-8 ... which made the score 11-9 P&L.

Thankfully, we had one more explosion in us, piecing together a bunch of singles and a few errors to make the score 14-11 Esterly's:

Engle single
Kissinger single
Julian RBI single + advance on error
Ostrowski RBI single
Ulrich SF-7
Kerber single

P&L went down easy in the 7th: L-10, F-9, single, 4-3.


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