Sudden Death Rules

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Sudden Death History

The 2 Basic Rules

  • Each week you pick ONE NFL team that you think will win - NO SPREAD.  If that team wins, you advance to the next week.  That's it!  Easy, right?
  • What's the catch? Well, you can't pick that team again for the rest of the year, so if, for example, you pick the Denver Broncos in Week #1, you can't use Denver again.  Those are the two basic rules:  Pick one team to win each week and you can't pick the same team twice.


Other Minor Details

Cost is $25 per entry.
Approximately 20% of every entry will be kept partly as payment for the hassle of tracking everyone's picks.
The last person remaining in the pool wins.
Ties count as a win - the object is to NOT LOSE.
If every selection remaining in the pool loses in a given week, the pool is not over!  (That is, this wouldn't mean that everyone splits the money.)  The pool is not over until ONE person is left standing, so if EVERY pick loses in a given week, the pool moves on to the next week, and everyone that lost that week gets a reprieve.  (Stated another way, the pool isn't over until every remaining pick in a given week loses except one.)
If you have stumbled upon this website through the internet (Google, Yahoo, etc.) you are not eligible to play.  In an effort to keep the number of entries at a reasonable amount, you must be invited to play.
If you forget to submit your pick before the first game of the week, you are out of the pool - end of story.
The exception to the above rule will be for Week #1.  If you hand in your money, and forget to make a pick, you will be given your money back regardless of what Arizona does in Week #1.
If there is a game on Thursday (or Saturday), you MUST submit your pick before that game even if you intend to use the Sunday or Monday night game!  Likewise, if you intend to use the Monday night game, you still must submit your pick before the first game of the week.
If multiple teams remain at the end of the regular season, the winner will be the entry that has won their games by the most cumulative points.  If two or more teams tie for most cumulative points, the tie-breaking method will be determined later but using the play-off games in some fashion.
Remaining entries may split the prize pool only if EVERY other remaining pick agrees to do so.  In other words, if the pool gets down to, say, 3 people, all 3 must agree to split the money or the pool moves on to the next week.
Each person is allowed to have as many entries as you like.  If you want to invest in 8 picks, for example, be my guest.
If something comes up that isn't covered by the above rules, we reserve the right to remind you at a later date of any oversights.  Should something come up that we haven't thought of, we will make every effort to resolve the issue in a manner which we think is most fair.  If you don't like the decision, we reserve the right to refund your entrance fee (even if it is the last week and you are one of 3 entries remaining.)

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