Sudden Death

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Get Ready for SD11!
But this year we're moving up to another level of sophistication!

It's that time of year again!  But we have one little change:  This year we are going to use to run the pool rather than use my personal website.  That's definitely a nice change for me since it will mean a whole lot less work, and it should be a nice change for everyone else since it will be more automated, and "real time" than I was able to provide with my personal website.

To keep anyone from just stumbling onto this page at random and signing up, please contact me or Drew to get the league name and password.
To sign up...
* Click on "Register Free!" and enter all of the required info to set up your ID, password, etc.
* Click on Join NFL Pool
* Enter "XXXXXXX" (the name of our league) as the PoolName/Keyword
* The next screen will list our league.  Just click on "Select Pool"
* Enter the Pool Password: "XXXXXXX" (password that you get from me)
If you want to enter more than one pick, you'll have to create separate accounts for each pick.
Rules are mostly the same and can be found by clicking on "Rules" below or this link...
One minor, but important change because we're using this service, and are locked in to their parameters...
* Your pick(s) MUST be in by the start of the first game.  We used to allow you to pick before the start of ANY game.  So, for example, in weeks were there is a Thursday game, all picks must be in by the time the Thursday game starts!
Feel free to sign up NOW.  Please pay before Week #1.
If you have any questions, let me know.


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