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2015 ASL Draft Day
Year #31
Saturday, March 28th, 2015, 10:30 a.m.
at The Trooper Thorn's

Mark Bennett Dave Woodley and Drew Gallagher Matt Dodge, Mike Drago, and Mark Martin Jack Mitchell and Paul Rosa
Jon Perkins      

2012 ASL Draft Day
Year #28
Saturday, March 31st, 2012, 10:00 a.m.
at The Third Rail

Matt Dodge, 2012 Dale Scott Marty Slicker Mike Drago
Talk to the hand Mark Bennett
Dan Haughney Jon Perkins Rick Franz

2011 ASL Draft Day
Year #27
Saturday, April 2nd, 2011, 11:00 a.m.
at The Third Rail

Paul paid $18 for a shortstop with a broken leg The Chicken and The Drewer. An Orioles Fan and a Nachos Fan A guy in camouflage, Perk, Marty and Dale
Matt Dodge...the Fantasy Team owner, not the punter Secret Lovers The yearly picture of Scott Metcalfe's hat Drew and Rick
Perk, Marty, Dale and Matt Mark studying how he can outbid me for Brad Penny and Mark Teahan. Paul and Jack 4 starting pitchers going into the draft, and then drafted 5 more.  They might be punting saves. This was the ASL's 27th year!  OMG.

2010 ASL Draft Day
Year #26
Saturday, April 10th, 2010, 10:00 a.m.
at The Third Rail

Drew paid $36 for Pedroia which looked like a steal compared to $37 for Howie Kendrick or $29 for Adrabul Cabrera These guys paid $29 for Asdrubal Cabrera. Hide your face, you're about to spend $23 on Erick Aybar. He's smiling.  This was apparently taken BEFORE he spent $18 on Mike Gonzalez.
ASL 2010 Garret Atkins for $14 makes him sooooo happy. Jamie Schlesinger's new parter, Jeff Tantum Matt, the Chicken and Dale getting ready to draft.
Rick Ankiel $17, Ken Griffey $5, Dice-K $4...It all made so much sense at the time.      

2009 ASL Draft Day
Year #25
Saturday, April 4th, 2009, 11:00 a.m.
at Tailgaters Bar & Grill

He looks deep in thought because he's about to draft Ichiro for $47.
1st place
Holding the papers that say Paul Konerko for $31 is a good idea.
2nd place
Why did I just draft Shea Hillenbrand?
3rd place
This "OF" you see right here is going to be Alexi Ramirez for $13.
4th place
Unfortunately I lost all of the pictures from 2009

2008 ASL Draft Day
Year #24
Saturday, March 29th, 2008, 11AM
at Tailgaters Steakhouse

"A Ballsy Roto Genius" -- Mike Drago
1st place
A winter of anticipation resulted in an outfield of Borchard, Damon Hollins and Todd Hollandsworth for $4 total.
2nd place
Why did I just draft Shea Hillenbrand?
3rd place
This "OF" you see right here is going to be Alexi Ramirez for $13.
4th place

* There was only one ownership change going into 2008.  Drew Wine packed it in after just 2 years in the ASL - finishing in 1st place in his 1st season, and then bailing out on the draft and finishing 11th last year.  He was replaced by the esteemed founding father of the ASL, Mike Drago.  We were thrilled to have Mike back in the league after a 3 year absence.  The Chicken has the league's best track record of anyone to play in the ASL for more than 2 seasons, finishing in the money in 11 of 17 seasons and finishing first in 7 of those.

* Alex Rodriguez went for a ASL record $62 to Jamie.  That's left him with almost nothing to round out the rest of his roster.

* Most expensive offensive players drafted:  A-Rod ($62 to Jamie); Miguel Cabrera ($51 to Dale); David Ortiz ($48 to me); Vladimir Guerrero ($46 to Drew); Alexi Rios ($42 to Stu); Manny Ramirez ($42 to me); Justin Morneau ($37 to Rick); Vernon Wells ($35 to Perk); Jim Thome ($34 to the Chicken); Derek Jeter ($34 to Drew); Paul Konerko ($31 to the Chicken); Michael Young ($32 to the Chicken); Travis Hafner ($31 to Drew); Raul Ibanez ($31 to Scott M); Josh Hamilton ($30 to Perk); Julio Lugo ($30 to Perk)

* Most expensive pitchers drafted:  Francisco Rodriguez ($38 to Dale); Mariano Rivera ($35 to Mark); C.C.Sabathia ($33 to Dale); B.J.Ryan ($26 to the Chicken)

* As of early June, the steals of the draft appear to be:  Cliff Lee ($1 to Dale), Joe Crede ($4 to Jamie), Josh Hamilton ($30 to Perk), Carlos Quentin ($10 to Rick)

* The first round of the reserve draft went like this... (1) Matt Wieters to Mark, (2) Jarrod Saltalamacchia to me, (3) Jeff Clement to me, (4) Jed Lowrie to me, (5) Mike Moustakas to Jamie, (6) Marcos Scutaro to Stu, (7) David Price to me, (8) Carlos Triunfel to Dale, (9) Lars Anderson to Marty, (10) Austin Jackson to Scott M, (11) Garrett Olsen to Scott M, and (12) Desmond Jennings.  Surely that is the first time in ASL history that catchers have been taken with the first 3 picks!

* Thanks to a keeper list that was about 20+ deep, I was able to trade for a bunch of picks.  I wound up with 3 of the first 4 overall, 5 of the first 12, and 7 of the first 24 picks.  The Tumor-7, as they have become known, include Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jeff Clement, Jed Lowrie, David Price, Desmond Jennings, Taylor Teagarden and Ben Francisco.

This "OF" you see right here is going to be Alexi Ramirez for $13. Here are Drew and Scott working out a deal.  If Scott won't bid on Juan Rivera, Drew promised not to bid on Jason Botts. Scott Metcalfe's Hand, a yearly tradition Dale Scott stuffing his face
The face of a man about to bid $14 on Chris Denorfia. Stu is about to bid $42 on Alex Rios and he's happy. For a guy who doesn't want to be IN the league, Mike sure does like to get photographed with us. Mike Drago attempts to erase the memory of his $4 Kevin Millwood bid.
It says right here..."Kobyashi will be the Indians closer." $30 on Josh Hamilton, good.  $30 on Julio Lugo, ummm, not so good. Marty's smiling because he has catchers on his active roster. Mark is smiling, he's about to draft Mariano Rivera.  Dale is not smiling, he's about to draft Adam Melhuse.
Drew may have the Sox jersey, but Chris Mal has the top of their line-up. Hey, I got a picture of Scott's face! Another year, another picture of Scott's hand. Holding the papers that say Paul Konerko for $31 is a good idea.

2007 ASL Draft Day
Year #23
Saturday, March 31st, 2007, 11AM
at Tailgaters Steakhouse

The face of a man about to draft Carl Crawford for $57!
1st place
He looks deep in thought because he's about to draft Ichiro for $47.
He drove all the way from Robesonia so he could draft Josh Paul and Kelly Shoppach.
Fausto Carmona - 18 wins for $1!
4th place

* After the money pay-out fiasco of 2006, Jamie Schesinger took over for Scott Winterburn inheriting a sweet nucleus of B.J.Upton ($10), Curtis Granderson ($5), Grady Sizemore ($10), Justin Verlander ($5) and Huston Street ($14), but still only finished in 9th, after dumping mid-season for the first time in his Rotisserie career.  Jamie didn't help himself by leaving a ASL high $8 on the table (not to mention spending $13 on Greg Zaun, $18 on Scott Podsednik who was hurt for most of the year, and $11 on Boof Bonser who won 8 games but with a 5.10 ERA.)

* After winning it all in his first season in 2006, Drew Wine bailed out at the last minute, and then didn't pay his entrance fee until after the season was over.  Mike Capilo was kind enough to fill in for him on draft day, picking up A-Rod ($54), Mariano Rivera ($40), Chone Figgins ($34) and then an amazing NINE other players for $1 each.  This was good for 11th place.  Drew Wine was shown the door after the season ended.

* With Dale Scott's father being ill Dale could not make it to the draft.  (Sadly, he passed away not too long afterwards.) ASL Founding-father Mike Drago was kind enough to fill in for him, and drafted what seemed like a decent team at the time, but some bad luck, and then mid-season dumping left Dale with a last place finish.

* After saying $50 for the first time in my life the night before ($55, actually, on Jose Reyes), I shocked myself again by going all the way up to $57 for Carl Crawford.  And sometimes you need to be more lucky than good.  I didn't have much money left to spend, and I was sure that someone would say $18 for Josh Beckett, but no one did.  I got "stuck" the AL's runner-up in the Cy Young voting (20 wins, 3.27 ERA).  Coupled with John Lackey and a mid-season trade for Scott Kazmir gave me one of the best rotations in the history of the league.

* Most expensive offensive players drafted:  Carl Crawford ($57 to Me), A-Rod ($54 by Mike C for Drew W), Vladimir Guerrero ($51 by Drago for Dale), David Ortiz ($48 to Marty), Vernon Wells ($47 to Mark), Ichiro Suzuki ($47 to Matt), Manny Ramirez ($46 to Stu), Travis Hafner ($46 to Me), Bobby Abreu ($45 to Jamie), Miguel Tejada ($42 to Drew G), Derek Jeter ($41 to Drew G), Jim Thome ($40 to Mark), Johnny Damon ($38 to Stu), Paul Konerko ($37 to Perk), Michael Young ($36 to Jamie), Brian Roberts ($34 to Stu), Chone Figgins ($34 by Mike C for Drew Wine), Hideki Matsui ($33 to Drew G), Gary Sheffield ($32 to Perk), Mike Piazza ($31 to Rick)

* Most expensive pitchers drafted:  Johan Santana ($47 to Rick), Mariano Rivera ($40 by Mike C for Drew W), Joe Nathan ($37 to Scott M), Roy Halladay ($35 to Perk), Jeremy Bonderman ($32 to Jamie), Erik Bedard ($31 to Scott M), Joe Borowski ($31 to Perk), Dice-K Matsuzaka ($30 to Perk)

* In hindsight, steals of the draft were:  Fausto Carmona (18 wins for $1 to Marty!), Mark Buerhle ($9 to Perk), Gil Meche ($2 to Drew G), Jose Guillen ($8 to Matt), Joakim Soria ($1 closer to Matt), Jose Beckett ($17 to me), Al Reyes ($5 to me), Marlon Byrd ($1 by Mike C for Drew W)

* The first round of the reserve draft went like this... (1) Matt Garza to Drew G, (2) Evan Longoria to Mark, (3) Reid Brignac to Jamie, (4) Adam Miller to Marty, (5) Jose Tabata to Perk, (6) Alfredo Ledezma to Rick, (7) Kendry Morales to Scott M, (8) Zack Minor to Stu, (9) Brian Rowell to Matt, (10) Trevor Crowe by Drago for Dale, (11) Jacob Ellsbury to me, and (12) Scott Shelton by Mike C for Drew W.

* Steals of round 2 thu 8 of the reserve draft ... (Round 2) Travis Buck to me, (Round 2) Mac Suzuki to me, (Round 3) Matt Stairs to Rick, (Round 6) Clay Buchholz to Drew, (Round 6) Joaquin Benoit to Marty, (Round 6) Brian Bannister to Stu, (Round 7) Scott Baker to Perk, (Round 8) Joba Chamberlain to Mark.

Jamie joined the ASL so he could be Ross Gload at 1B for $1. says here in this menu that I should draft some guy named Zobrist for $1. Scott covers his face after he realizes that Barfield would be a $29 bust. He looks deep in thought because he's about to draft Ichiro for $47.
Mike Capilo drafted Vance Wilson, Adam Melhuse, Brian Kielty, Mark Kotsay, Marlon Byrd, Kris Benson, Fat Ponson, Steve Trachsel and Jamie Walker for $1 each. Stu's happy because he's about to spend $20 for Brandon Inge's .236 average. Best friends Why did I just draft Shea Hillenbrand?
Seriously, Fausto Carmona...$1....18 wins. Seriously, Greg Zaun, $13. ASL Draft Day 2008 Rick drove all the way from Virginia to draft Tomo Ohka.
Stu drove all the way from Virginia to draft Marco Scutaro. The ASL, a league full of geniuses. He drove all the way from Robesonia so he could draft Josh Paul and Kelly Shoppach. Stu paid almost $2 for every one of Eric Gagne's saves.
Drew drove 4 hours to draft Omar Infante.      

2006 ASL Draft Day
Year #22
Saturday, April 1st, 2006, 11AM
at Tailgaters Steakhouse

* Last year Marty called just as the draft was set to begin and said he wasn't going to make it.  Then 15 minutes later was on his way.  He arrived an hour into the draft, but somehow still managed to win the league.  This year he got lost on the way, and called multiple times to say he was just about there.  He arrived 90 minutes late, and immediately picked up Shawn Chacon $14, Carl Everett $11, and Shannon Stewart $14.  Can he pull it off again?!!?!

* This was a first-time Rotisserie experience for Drew Wine who replaced Greg Ciambruschini.  Drew's first ever purchase was a $41 Gary Sheffield.  It looks like he got a steal in a $1 Lance Nix - the day of the draft the Rangers traded David Dellucci to the Phillies opening a starting CF slot for Nix.  On the flip-side he also drafted a $28 Todd Jones who was placed on the DL the night of the draft.  Welcome to Fantasy Baseball.

* Looks like another lost cause of a year for me, not helped by Jason Bartlett getting sent down just before the draft.  I replaced him and Brandon McCarthy ($5) with rookie Kendry Morales who hadn't been sent down yet, and Dustin Pedroia who was going to extend spring camp.  Ugh.  Nothing like starting the year with two dead spots.  To pour salt on the wound, at the end of the draft I had $8 to spend and forgot about McCarthy.  I wound up taking Ted Lilly.  Lilly is now out with a bad back, and McCarthy picked up the W in the first MLB game of the year Sunday night.

* Scott W kept A-Rod ($48) and Manny Ramirez for the second year in a row.  To top it off, he actually extended Manny's contract by a year, taking him from $41 to $46.

* Jon Perkins draft the most expensive offensive player and pitcher - Vladimir Guerrero  ($50) and Mariano Rivera ($41).  (He also paid $42 for Hideki Matsui.)

* Draft day prices seemed even crazier than usual: $28 Milton Bradley (Perk), $37 Curt Schilling (Scott M), $38 Torii Hunter (Scott M), $30 Kevin Mench (Mark), $27 Raul Ibanez (Matt), $26 Mark Loretta (Matt), $35 Brad Wilkerson (Drew), $38 Melvin Mora (Stu), $35 Aubry Huff (Stu), $27 Javy Lopez (Dale)???????!!!

* Stu's pitching staff costs a grand total of $38 and half of that is a $19 Eddie Guardado. 

* The first players taken in the reserve draft w
ere Brandon Wood (Rick), Andy Marte (Scott W), Alex Gordon (me), B.J.Upton ($10, Drew), Howie Kendrick (Matt) and Craig Hansen (Mark).

This guy's mouth was able to say "Torii Hunter, $38" Scott got a freebie when rookie Chad Orvella was sent to the minors. Stu, Scott W, Drew and Perk Robertson, Silva, Affeldt, McCarthy and Dotel for a total of $5
Marty's yearly draft strategy - lateness Of all of Mark's 2006 pitchers Scott Shields led his team in wins in 2005 Drew W looking bewildered, Stu looking at that pitching staff, and Drew G holding his belly after paying $38 for Wilkerson This is why I bring donuts to the draft.
Drew's Dad is our yearly auctioneer The owner of J.P.Howell sitting next to the owner of Willie Bloomquist Matt hates pitching. Drew is calling in his bets.  I hope he took the OVER on Trot Nixon's salary.
Drew drafted Tony Batista for $5 who homered in his Twins debut Girlfriends A winter of anticipation resulted in an outfield of Borchard, Damon Hollins and Todd Hollandsworth for $4 total. Kelly Stinnet...SOLD!....for a dollar to Mr. Perkins.  (Steal of the draft)
The proud owner of Rene Rivera sitting next to the proud owner of a $17 Danny Miceli Rick came away with a bunch of players he was pleasantly surprised to get...and actually, I don't see any outrageous prices on his team - unlike everyone else's team $37 for Curt Schilling?  Nice. $159 of Stu's $260 was spent on 5 players.

2005 ASL Draft Day
Year #21
Saturday, April 2nd, 2005, Noon
at Scott Metcalfe's Mom's house

* April 2nd was met with torrential downpours.  Just about everyone was late.

* Marty Slickers who was pulled over for an out-of-date registration, and had his car towed away the night before on his way to the ESL draft, as of noon said he wasn't going to make it, and then 15 minutes later was on his way.  He arrived an hour into the draft and almost immediately picked up a $30 Magglio Ordonez, a $27 Shannon Stewart, a $27 Mike Mussina, and a $27 Matt Clement.

* Stu Sheetz was coming to the draft just to help and watch, but wound up getting a team of his own when Gerry Orlando bailed out on his at the last minute for the 3rd consecutive year.

* It was also the first year for Greg Ciambruschini, Rick Franz and Scott Metcalfe who were taking over for the departed Mike Drago, Pete DeCoursey and Kori Walter.  Greg had previously played in the ASL in 1996 and 1997.  Scott Metcalfe had played in the ESL for the last two years.  It was a first time Rotisserie baseball experience for Rick.

* I had over $100 left on the board while most of the league was down around $25.  I thought I knew what I was doing, but after being forced to go to $29 on Kevin Mench and $20 on John Gibbons it became clear that I had made a wee-bit of a mistake along the way.

* With A-Rod being kept by Scott W for $48, no offensive player broke the $40 barrier.  Eric Chavez (Dale) and Adrian Beltre (Matt) both went for $39.

* The highest price for a pitcher was a $40 Randy Johnson (Rick).  Curt Schilling and Octavio Dotel were next at $33.

* The first player taken in the reserve draft was Ross Gload (Scott M).  The first rookie taken was Dan Meyer with the 3rd overall pick (Stu), followed by Derrick Barton (Dale) and Eric Aybar (Mark).

* After the draft we all went to Applebee's to watch the NCAA finals.

Scott entered the draft with just $92 to spend, but came away with a steal in $9 Houston Street. Scott Metcalfe's natural pose. Greg could hardly contain his giggles after Chris Mal drafted Kevin Mench for $29. A much more relaxed Matt Dodge.  Last year he had to hop on a plane to Ireland immediately after the draft.
Taken by surprise, Scott couldn't get his hand up in time. If I wasn't so sleepy...I'd kick your ass. In his first draft, Rick came away with a $40 Randy Johnson and a $36 Edgar Renteria. Mark's wife had another baby not too long before this draft.
In Stu's first draft he came away with a $21 Carl Everett, $19 Eddie Guardado and a $22 Jason Kendell. Dale stuffing his face. The "cool guys" table. I just can't get over how photogentic he is.

2004 ASL Draft Day
Year #20
Saturday, April 3rd, 2004, 10:00 a.m.
at Tailgaters Bar & Grill

Why does the Virginia contingent always look both forlorn and disturbed just before the draft? A few hours later, Matt was on a plane to Ireland Kori spent almost all of his money this year for a change. The face of a man about to have 17 points by May.
Apparently the key to this league is drafting two teams at one time. Billy Koch, $20. Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp The ASL's yearly fashion plate

2003 ASL Draft Day
Year #19
Saturday, March 29th, 2003, 11:00 a.m.
at Tailgaters Bar & Grill

He's smiling now, but that was before he paid $28 for Trot Nixon. Marty's season may ride on Jeremy Bonderman's success or failure. Are you eating a sandwich or am I just happy to see you?! These two look really good together.
Perk wasn't really very angry or threatening the entire weekend...very disappointing. This look of a man about to pay $26 for Karim Garcia. Two thumbs up!  One for each of the wins he's going to get from Ricardo Rodriguez for $13. Somewhere on that page it must say to buy Jose Leon AND Jermaine Clark.
"I didn't stop to think that I might see people today." (At a busy restaurant?) Post draft many will be happy when it's over? "I think what this team needs is a little bit of Tyner, Gant and Lamb."  

2002 ASL Draft Day
Year #18
Saturday, March 30th, 2002, 11:00 a.m.
at Tailgaters Bar & Grill

Pete DeCoursey, ASL Computer Cop A table sexy men any woman would love to be a part of.
One of Gerry's many beers (left) and Gerry (right) Mark's kid was baptized the day after the 2002 draft. Dale searches Perk's list for pitching because he didn't see any on his team.
I have Chris to thank for Kenny Lofton. Does anyone have Luis Matos? Drew saw his run of "League's Most Drunk" honors lost to Gerry Orlando in 2002.