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This guy lost 100s of games of Colecovision Baseball to Chris Malinowski

Brett R.

Location: Email:
Mt.Penn, PA
Wife: Engaged (Wedding set for 2002)
Occupation: "Customer Service" according to his AOL profile
Hobbies: As per Brett's AOL profile..."I love spending time with the woman of my dreams.  She's the greatest thing that ever happened to me.  She has three wonderful kids and I enjoy having them around as well."
Personal Quotes: "Don't let the small things get in your way" and
"There are too many good things to enjoy."
High School
Nick Names:
Jerry Flowers, J-Flo
High School
Jerry was a member of the infamous MPHS bowling team for 3 years, the Golf team for 4 years and the Baseball team for one.
Chris Mal Notes:
Brett spent an amazing amount of time losing to me in Coleco-Vision baseball - not to mention two of our other favorites - Miss Pacman and Miner 2049er. He was also one of the biggest backers of Guzupie Software games such as "Answer Me", "Pociss Football" and "Song Titles."

I remember Brett getting hit in the back of the head with a ruler by Mr. Dengler a lot.  Mostly for just being "Anass."

Brett's brother, Todd, coached the JV Baseball team for a couple of years. It was quite a team. If I remember correctly, Ron Slutsky led off, I batted second and played third and Darren Max batted third and played shortstop. A formitable 1-2-3 punch.

The picture to the right is of Brett from 6th grade in 1979.

Brett and I did some interesting things together. For example, I remember climbing to the top of Yorgey's next to Arner's with Brett and Bud LeVan. We had a Paint Pellet Gun and proceeded to shoot at cars as they went by. Those were the good old days - the ones where you could do stupid things without worrying about getting arrested.

Oddly, when I think of some of the best times I had in high school - riding back from bowling trips with Kathy, Sally, Audrey, Nick Baer and Brett were some of my fondest memories. Hmm, just what does that say about my life back in high school?

Brett and I used to even bowl together in the Saturday morning league - Brett might remember such names as Eric Bausch, Ned Guard, Matt Mayers and Scott Grumling!

Jerry was in attendance at JoDeen Miller's wedding in 2001.  JoDeen is Jason Miller's little sister.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Baseball '83 ... Poker Night (RB, DM, ES, JP) ... Chelbowski garden (r.s.) ... The Doobie Brothers (JS, HL, JM, BB) ... Pociss Football Olympics ... Penn-side Drive-in (KF, KC, WC, DC) ... major perdue! ... Running one-hander.
Brett's Comments in my Senior Yearbook:
To this incredible genius in the computer field who I've known for years on end.  Never forget those awesome rides on the bowling bus with K.F., S.F., A.A. and N.B.  Remember the RRTs with AAA.  Never forget those exasperating Saturday mornings bowling with Eric Bausch, Ned Guard and Scott Grumling.  Always remember those wonderful games of Miss Pacman, Miner 2049er and Pociss Football.  I'll always cherish those incredible games of Coleco Baseball where I'll be winning to the last inning then blow it.  One of these days I'm going to beat you.  One of these days!  But you never play fair.  You always gave me that weird pitch I couldn't hit.  Don't forget the high score on "Answer Me!" after playing just 25 times.  Good luck in the future.
     "Jerry" Flow

Great Adventure '88

Great Adventure has never been the same.

This is me invading Jeff's personal space.

Half of MPHS '86 does
Great Adventure

Chris invading Jeff's
personal space


The original J-Lo, this is J-Flo



1983 Mt. Penn
JV Baseball Team

JV Baseball 1983
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