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Jason Miller, 4th Grade

Jason Miller, 7th Grade, 1981

Jason Miller, 8th Grade

Jason Miller, The Great Kamala

Location: Email:
(The Miller's house did not fare very well through Hurricane Ivan in 2004, forcing them to move to another house.  "Our house wasn't destroyed, just flooded out and uninhabitable.  We lost a lot of our stuff due to water damage - but actually fared pretty well, compared to most.  Most of the houses on the water were simply destroyed and the owners belongings strewn around the neighborhood.  We were relatively lucky, our roof stayed on.")

Wife: Tara Leigh Miller (Married 9/30/95 at at Holy Guardian Angels Church on Kutztown Road in Temple, PA)
Children: Claire Elise Miller (born 5/03/00) According to Jason: "She was born six weeks early. I was in Little Rock, AR and somehow, by the grace of God, I made it to the hospital in Fort Walton just in time for the birth. I, of course, saved myself a lifetime of torture. The drive from Little Rock is about 10 hours - I made it in less than 8, without a ticket (the car has never been the same). And yes, I made it just in time (well actually Tara waited for me). Tara is a great mother - she's a natural. I'm a freak. I'm convinced Claire cannot be protected enough. Lucky for her I deploy quite a bit."

As of 8/02/01, Jason said Claire "is growing like a weed."
Pets: 2 dogs: Jake and Ali
1 cat: Hazel
1 fish: as yet unnamed ("we just call him fishy.")
BS in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University in 1990 and MAS (Aerospace Science) from Embry Riddle in 1994.

Per Jason, "After high school, I went to Lehigh on an Air Force engineering scholarship. After Lehigh, I had one year until I started active duty with the Air Force. I worked as an engineer with Beitmen and Huyett in the Medical Arts building on 5th Street. This is where I met Tara - she worked for the human relations center, same building.

While at Lehigh, the Air Force decided they wanted me to fly. Then the Air Force decided they had too many pilots. They made me an engineer again and I started with the Air Force in May of 1991 at Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL (Cocoa Beach). I lauched Global Positioning Satellites out of the  Cape and did some limited work for the Space Shuttle and some commerical satellite programs. Tara moved to FL to keep an eye on me in 1992 - we've been together since.

In 1994, the Air Force decided I could be a pilot and sent me to pilot training in Lubbock, Texas, followed by advanced training with the Navy in Corpus Christi, Texas. Tara and I were married a week after I finished pilot training.

I then spent some time in Little Rock, Arkansas learning how to fly.

Jason was in Korea in April of 2001, just south of Seoul.
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Jason listed "Aerospace Engineering" as him planned future career path.
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Class of 1986
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Beth Rosser
Jason Miller

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Summer '85 ... Mount Grateful and Evermore ... no trees ... Georgetown ... Solar Convection ... Heating ... Lucifer and Raticast ... Marching Band? ... Gazupie Software ... AT and T ... Ice Hockey Lab ... GreenOlds ... Brain Trust ... Good Luck!

'86 Senior
Class Trip

15 minutes later they were all naked...um, just kidding.


From the June 1986 Penn Post
Jason Miller, The Great KamalaTOP RANKING SENIORS
     JASON MILLER is a member of College Bowl and band, where he plays the trumbone. He is president of the NHS, treasurer of the Science Club and secretary of the United Nations. Jason plans to go to Lehigh University and major in engineering. He has received a $1,000 scholarship from 1-lorrigan American, Inc.

Chris Mal Notes:

I think Jason's nickname was "The Great Kamala," wasn't it? The name of a wrestler that Brendan Kane gave him for some reason.

Jason called me prior to the 10-year reunion let me know that he wouldn't be able to come to the 10-year because of work.

Jason was another guy who spent a lot of time losing to me in various video games.

He also joined Brendan and I on many occasions in our travels all over Neversink Mountain, and climbing cliffs that I'm sure I wouldn't have the cookies to climb today!  I remember one time being half way up one cliff when Brendan accidentally dislodged this gigantic rock that went falling down and just missed Jason's head who was right behind him. (See Jason's note below.)

Jason was also part of the Dungeon's and Dragons contingent which also included Brendan, Darren Max and Jeff Greene.

Jason�s youngest sister, JoDeen (Miller) Buckwalter, was married on February 17, 2001 (According to Jason, "My parents had to install a new septic system. Some dude showed up to dig out the crap - now JoDeen is marrying him. Interesting turn of events. They have bought a house in Birdsboro.") Further proving it's a small world, Steve Kunkel said that he saw pictures of JoDeen's wedding because he knows the mother of the flower girl - Steve had no idea JoDeen was Jason's sister but then recognized Jason in some of the pictures ... I got an email from JoDeen on 6/07/04.  She is actually a teacher at Antietam High School, teaching Special Education.  Her email address is JBuckwalter@AntietamSD.org.

Jason�s oldest sister, Joelle, now has three children.

In the small world department, Jason was in Las Vegas in late 2002, went to Caesar's Palace and ran into a bartender named Jim Engle who was from Wyomissing, PA.  They didn't know anyone in common, but the bartender threw out the name of Steve Stremba, who Jason somehow remembered seeing somewhere on my webpage.  Steve is a guy who works in my department at First Energy.  Jason probably saw the Stremba webpage link somewhere on this site.

Per Jason, 8/21/03:  "Florida isn't too bad.  My only complaint is that all the guests on the Jerry Springer show live in my neighborhood.  It is definitely not the Florida you think of ... I continue to fly and continue to teach.  My current job keeps me running from Florida to Las Vegas pretty often.  If you ever get to Vegas, let me know, there's a good chance I will be there."

Jason is a big fan of Tori Amos's CD called "Under the Pink."  He said that CD got him through pilot training.

Jason reported on 7/13/04 that his Mom ran into Sue Klempke.

Note from Jason, March 2001:
"Chris, thanks for taking the time for putting this stuff together. I really enjoyed reading about other people. On a few 'Senior Memories' I caught a Spook lane or two. I seem to remember driving down Spook lane one night and seeing Deb Lojec's silver car (some Chevy kind of thing) stuck high in the trees and rocks. A pretty impressive piece of driving. I don't know if that's what they were referring to and, I certainly would not have remembered it unless I read your page.

I do remember Brendan trying to kill me while we were climbing the stripped out mining area on Neversink. You had a name for each mountain. I believe each one corresponded to a Led Zeppelin song. Brendan claimed he accidentally loosened the rock; but, it was well-aimed and nearly took my head off (this was probably before high school)."

C. Alexander, Kristen Bukowski, Peggy Monroe, Jason Miller, J. Kirn, Jeff Dobbins, Alan "Al My Pal" Ganas

What the hell is with that tie?!  And why are Alan's ears glowing?

Nice sweater, Nick.

Audio Visual Aids

United Nations
Club 1985

United Nations
Club Officers 1986
Prez - Steve Kunkel
VP - Dennis Swartz
Tres - Nick Baer
Secretary - Jason Miller

1986 candidates for "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Leaders of the Antietam Creek pH testing Club

College Bowl 1986
Seniors in front row:
Suzanna Post
Christine Jurasinski
Brendan Kane
Jason Miller

Science Club
Officers 1986
Prez - Brendan Kane
VP - Chris Malinowski
Tres - Jason Miller
Secretary - Heather Hill

Jason's sister Joelle (Class of '87) and her family
2001 Pictures
The Gibas Family, 2001
Joelle, Seth, Zachery, Nathan and Matthew Gibas
Joelle and
Matt Gibas
and their
three sons
Zachery, Seth and Nathan Gibas
Zachery, Seth & Nathan Gibas, December 2001
(Born 1995)
(Born 11/18/00)
(Born 6/13/97)
Seth Gibas at 5 months, son of Joelle (Miller) and Matt Gibas
Seth Gibas

Nathan (4-years old) and Seth (1-year old)
Nathan & Seth

2002 Pictures
Nathan & Zach, Spring 2002
Nathan & Zachery
Zachery, Seth and Nathan in the Spring of 2002
Zachery, Seth, Nathan
Seth Gibas, Spring of 2002

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in cold sweats after having a nightmare
about that rock that almost killed him:

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