Co Lieu

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Mt. Holly, NJ
Wife: Vanthuy ("VanTwee") H. Lieu
Co and Vanthuy have been married since 1999.
Children: 1 girl (Alison born in 2000) and 1 boy (born in 2002)
Occupation: Responsible for telephone installations at Kennedy Health Systems.  Co has worked there since 1998.

  Alison Lieu

Alison Lieu on her 1st Birthday

Alison Lieu celebrating her first full trip around the sun!

Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Co listed "Electronic Technology" as his planned future career path.
Chris Mal Notes:
I remember Mr. Dengler hitting Co on the back of the head a large number of times for falling asleep during History class.

Co Lieu is pronounced "Ga Lou" which explains where he got his nickname: Glue.

From the April 1983
Penn Post

Ping Pong Honors

     Like to play ping pong? Think you�re any good? Then perhaps you were a participant in the ping pong tournament recently sponsored by the National Honor Society. A registration fee of 50 cents was charged to cover the cost of trophies. Games were played during activity periods. Contestants played 15 point games, best out of three, in the elimination games to determine individual grade winners. The following people won top honors for their grades:

7th grade:
8th grade:
9th grade:
10th grade:
11th grade:
12th grade:

Derek Hutcheson
John Henry
Co Lieu
Gregg Tucci
Darren Modricker
Greg Volutza

     The next round of competition pitted Derek Hutcheson against John Henry, Co Lieu against Gregg Tucci, and Darren Modricker against Greg Volutza. Games were played to 21 points, and winners were chosen in the best of three games.
     John Henry defeated Derek Hutcheson 21-12 and 21-15. Co Lieu defeated Gregg Tucci 21-18 and 21-19. Finally, Greg Volutza defeated Darren Modricker 21-9 and 21-9.
     In the final round of competition to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the school, Greg Volutza won the �bye�; consequently, Co Lieu and John Henry squared off for the first match. Co Lieu defeated John Henry 21-13 and 21-16 to put Henry in 3rd place. To end the tournament, Co Lieu then played Greg Volutza to determine 1st and 2nd places; Greg defeated Co 21-10, 18-21, and 21-10 in the full three games to become the 1983 ping pong champion.
         - Beth Long

With only 2 letters in his name, Co had an easier time than most learning to type his first name.
Co and Laura buying the answers to tomorrow's Calc test
Co Lieu and Laura Schnader

Aluminum foil crusifixes?
Middle School: 1981
I'm not sure what this was about.  The picture didn't have a caption.  Was this aluminum foil crucifix class?

Number of times Mr.Dengler
hit Co on the back of the head
for falling asleep during History class
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