April 1983

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606

APRIL 1983

Carolyn Horst received a full 4-year tuition tot he School of Visual Arts in New York City

     Carolyn Horst, a senior at Mount Penn, has recently received a full-four year tuition to the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Carolyn applied for this scholarship early in December. On December 11th, Carolyn took a three and a half hour drawing examination to determine if she would be a finalist. Upon receiving finalist status, she was summoned to New York to be interviewed as the last step in scholarship selection on January 24. Carolyn was notified on March 22 that she was one of the students to receive the scholarship. Carolyn�s career goals are uncertain at this time, although obviously she will be doing something artistic. Carolyn has won many art awards for our school and should be noted for her talent as well as congratulated on her winning the scholarship.
          - Marshalle Palm


Students of the Issue
From Our Critics



Mr. Orlando Named Principal
     Mr. Frank Orlando, our acting principal of Mt. Penn junior-Senior High School on July 1, 1983. The Antietam School Board appointed Mr. Orlando as the principal, subject to his completion of his secondary certification program at Lehigh University.
     His past experience makes Mr. Orlando well qualified for the job. He taught English in this district for 12 years. For 6 of those years he also held the position of assistant principal. For the past school year he has been acting principal. Over the years his responsibilities have ranged from audio-visual equipment and general supplies to discipline.
     Mr. Orlando has also been active in sports. He was first the varsity basketball and baseball coach and then became the athletic director, a position which he still holds. He is now the winter sports chairman for the Berks County Interscholastic Athletic Association. As of May 1, he will become president of that organization.
          - Pam Horning

Miss Geiger Retires
     On Monday, March 21, the school board accepted with regret the resignation of Miss Anita Geiger. To most of the 7th-9th graders this may not mean much, but those of us who know her realize a great loss.
     Miss Geiger came to Mt. Penn in September of 1951. Over her many years here, she has served our school well. She taught not only physical education, but health and science as well. Although none of our present athletes have been privileged to play on her teams, she has coached very successful field hockey, basketball, and softball teams in the past. In more recent years, she served as an ever-devoted advisor of Girls� Leader Corps and Student Council.
     Since taking her sabbatical leave this year, Miss Geiger has used her time for her hobbies. Her main interest is carving ducks from wood. Antiques and boating fill the rest of her spare time.
     The staff and students hope Miss Geiger�s retirement is filled with health, happiness, and pleasant memories of her years at Mt. Penn High School.
          - Trish Hill

Beth Long wins 4-year scholarship to Ursinus College!

     Congratulations are in order for Beth Long who won a full, four year scholarship to Ursinus College. Recently 8 people out of 33 applicants were chosen for the Board of Directors Scholarship, which covers full tuition.
     Beth sent applications and umpteen forms in hope that she would be chosen. The financial aid department looked back to her 9th grade records and also into her extra-curricular activities and accomplishments.
     In order for Beth to keep the scholarship, she must maintain at least an 85% average. The money can be stopped if this is not achieved.
     Beth plans to major in mathematical science and have a minor in astrophysics. She hopes some day to work at NASA, possibly with the space shuttle. When asked her reaction to winning the scholarship, Beth replied, �Ursinus College is where I really wanted to go to school, so I was thrilled and very excited to win the scholarship.�

          - Dave Ravel

Another Point Of View
     On Monday, March 14, a visitor came to Mt. Penn to speak to a family living course. This person was from the Berks County chapter of Battered Women, which is a very worthwhile organization. She explained to the seniors the problem of wife abuse and beating and the methods of alleviating this problem. The speech was informative and very interesting.
     That, however, is not the point of this article. My purpose is to express the feeling brought out in an argument after class, involving her, me and another student. According to the beliefs of this organization, it is a mortal sin to spank a child if he does something bad. She believes that a mother and a father should know how to raise a child properly and not have to resort to hitting the child.
     My ideas on the subject are definitely set in stone. I realize that a smack is not always the solution to a behavior problem, but, on the other hand, I do think that sometimes there is no alternative. Believe it or not, there is a difference between discipline and abuse. Without a certain amount of physical discipline, a child is going to grow up to be a spoiled brat.
     The point was also brought out that since I was spanked as a child, automatically I�m going to be a wife beater and child abuser. I fail to see the connection here, If a child does something wrong and gets spanked, he is going to know not to do it again. However he is not going to be psychologically scarred by this to the point that he becomes violent in later years.
     I, by no means, am a child psychologist or expert in the field of rearing children. My ideas may be completely off base. I do know, however, that my children will get a spanking when they deserve it, but I also know they will not get one when they do not deserve it.
         - Dave Ravel

Penn Post Staff

Editor Trish Hill
Editorials Dave Ravel
Features Jeff Jacobson
News Beth Long
Sports Pam Horning
Art Mindy DiGiacomo
Reporters Tim Conlon
Jodi Kisling
Marshalle Palm
Stephanie Rosenthal
Lynn Slutsky
Advisor Mrs. Strickler
E.T. - Nothing New
     I don�t think it has escaped anyone that in a multitude of stores there is a plethora of E.T. paraphernalia. Cheap E.T. food trays that cost more than albums and E.T. dolls that don�t look like E.T. anyway�all of this made its way to the shelves before Christmas. Fortunately for the industry, E.T. can�t scream for royalties. In fact, all he seems to be able to say is �phone home,� a line which has appeared in two comedy films that I know of and more of the commercial paraphernalia than I care to count. I don�t begrudge Spielberg for trying to make money on a movie like this, but I do dislike the fact that this movie is given such a high rating for its artistic value. This movie is mindless entertainment, and it takes no real skill in making such a picture. The same formula that went into this picture also made millions of children applaud when the bad guys got a pie in their faces in Walt Disney films. I feel Spielberg has gotten into a rut, punching two films out (Poltergiest and E.T.) that have no real detour from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a film that at least had a fair bit of meaning behind it. I think the only thing that will vindicate Spielberg would be his applying the profits from E.T. to a film diverging from the norm and more befitting his talents.
         - Jeff Jacobson

The Bare Minimum
     The $3.35 an hour may seem like big money when the summer months arrive because your friend and mine, Ronald Reagan (Crusader for big business and the Republican dream), is pushing a bill which would lower the minimum hourly wage to $2.50 an hour.
     This proposal, in my opinion, can�t fail because the only people against it have no say.
     Put yourself in a Senator or Congressman�s place. The President tells you it�s good for the unemployment statistics; the corporations tell you it�s good for production; and the I.R.S. tells you they don�t care because students don�t pay Federal Taxes anyway. Which way are you going to vote?
     The most ironic fact is that the only minority without a lobby is America�s young people, but maybe they won�t forget.
         - Tim Conlon
E.T. Or Not E.T.
     By now almost the entire nation has seen the movie E.T. The article that condems E.T. is very unfair because I liked it. Not a good enough reason, well I�ll give you some more.
     Take a look at some of the movies that are now in the theaters; they are pretty bad. E.T. is a different kind of movie with a different kind of story. It is probably the first movie like it since Star Wars.
     The argument has been made that there is nothing new about E.T. and that the whole idea is becoming stale. I say that the only reason E.T. has become stale is because of the media. Let�s face it; there�s only so much E.T. people can stomach. To name a few there are E.T. shirts, notebooks, video games, board games, drinking glasses, and dolls. With that type of advertising any movie would become stale.
     My suggestion is to see the movie at least 3 times and buy an �I love E.T.� button and enjoy.
         - Dave Ravel

Dear Editor
Dear Editor,
     I have always enjoyed being in band and chorus, but lately it�s become more of a strain than anything else. First of all, teachers continually forget my obligation to band and chorus during Activity Period and frequently schedule meetings then or ask me to make up a test then. It�s easy to get around the latter part: I simply make up the test after school one day. But the meetings are another matter. If I go to band or chorus, I run the risk of missing something important at the meeting. But if I go to the meeting, I get in trouble for missing band or chorus! Before, Mr. Ruch would let me out on occasion because he knew I would be able to handle the music. But so many people have failed to show up for so many rehearsals that now Mr. Ruch has taken to giving a daily grade - even for lessons. Now I run into more problems - what if I feel that I can�t afford to miss a class and choose not to go to lessons? Unless it�s something super-important, I�ll get in trouble for missing lessons, And yet, band and chorus aren�t my entire life - I have to keep my regular grades up, too. So what now? Band and chorus got the short end of the deal when they were scheduled during the only meeting time for other clubs and activities, but now the students are getting caught in the middle, and I don�t like it. Whatever I do, I lose.
         - Obligations at Both Ends

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Ping Pong Honors
     Like to play ping pong? Think you�re any good? Then perhaps you were a participant in the ping pong tournament recently sponsored by the National Honor Society. A registration fee of 50 cents was charged to cover the cost of trophies. Games were played during activity periods. Contestants played 15 point games, best out of three, in the elimination games to determine individual grade winners. The following people won top honors for their grades:

7th grade:
8th grade:
9th grade:
10th grade:
11th grade:
12th grade:

Derek Hutcheson
John Henry
Co Lieu
Gregg Tucci
Darren Modricker
Greg Volutza

     The next round of competition pitted Derek Hutcheson against John Henry, Co Lieu against Gregg Tucci, and Darren Modricker against Greg Volutza. Games were played to 21 points, and winners were chosen in the best of three games.
     John Henry defeated Derek Hutcheson 21-12 and 21-15. Co Lieu defeated Gregg Tucci 21-18 and 21-19. Finally, Greg Volutza defeated Darren Modricker 21-9 and 21-9.
     In the final round of competition to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the school, Greg Volutza won the �bye�; consequently, Co Lieu and John Henry squared off for the first match. Co Lieu defeated John Henry 21-13 and 21-16 to put Henry in 3rd place. To end the tournament, Co Lieu then played Greg Volutza to determine 1st and 2nd places; Greg defeated Co 21-10, 18-21, and 21-10 in the full three games to become the 1983 ping pong champion.
         - Beth Long

Bowling Winners
     The girl�s bowling team had the best overall record in Division I which made them the Division I champions. For attaining this honor the girls and their coach, Mr. Fegely, will be receiving lightweight, lined jackets. Printed on the jackets will be Division I Bowling Champions.
         - Pam Horning


The odds against bowling a perfect game are 4,000 to 1.

Basketball Playoffs
     The Mounts knew going into the game against Millersburg they would have to stop them going inside and that they had to make their own offense work under Millersburg�s pressure defense. The Mounts did not do this and therefore lost the game 82-60. The Mounts started out very slowly and didn�t start playing up to par until midway through the second quarter. They then ran off 10 points right before the half to bring the game within 15 points, but the deficit from the first quarter was just too great for the Mounts to overcome.
     Jeff Eckel had a team high of 19 points; Tom Sload followed with 14 points; Matt Faust had 8; Kevin Shearer, 7 points; Jeff Motze, 6 points.
     The Mounts had a disappointing season because they had very high expectations at its beginning. One goal they did attain was to be the overall Division I Champions.
     For achieving this goal the ten varsity team members, the two coaches, and the manager will be receiving a lightweight, lined jacket. The jackets will be black and will have Division I Champs printed on them.
         - Pam Horning

High Roller Awards
     Five members of Mount Penn�s bowling team received patches for their high scores from the Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA). Our bowlers were in the Junior division, 12 to 14 years old, or the Major division, 15 to 18 years old. In order for a Junior girl to receive a patch, she must have a game high of at least 175 or a triple of at least 475. For a Major girl to receive a patch she must have a game high of at least 200 or triple of at least 500. In order for a Junior boy to receive a patch he must have a game high of 200 or better or a triple of at least 550. A Major boy must have a 225 or higher or a triple of at least 600 to receive a patch. The patches show the bowler�s score and his age group.
     Karen Koch, a senior, received two patches; one for her 200 game and one for her 558 triple. Junior Keith Biscanti had a 236 game and 636 triple, and he received two patches for his accomplishments. Alvin Long, a sophomore, had a 228 game high and a 606 triple; for this he received two patches. Freshman Mindy Snyder also received two patches for her 210 game high and her 484 triple. Sally Ford, a freshman, received a patch for her 177 game.
All-Stars Picked
     Jeff Eckel and Trish Hill will be Mt. Penn�s representatives in the eighth annual Duke DeLuca All-Star Basketball double-header on Friday, April 8, 1983. The boy�s game will follow the 6:30 girl�s opener at Albright College�s Bollman Center. Berks County is divided geographically into two halves, an East and a West. Jeff Eckel will be on the East team which will be coached by Reading�s Rick Binder. Trish Hill will play on the girl�s East team. Roger Gallo, Muhlenberg�s coach will coach the girl�s East team.
     The players, who are all seniors, and the coaches are all chosen by the media. Each school has one or two players representing them. The game is held in the honor of the late Duke DeLuca, who was a Reading Eagle sportswriter. The money raised from the DeLuca game is used for a basketball scholarship to either Albright College or Kutztown State College.
         - Pam Horning

Softball Begins
     Softball season will begin on March 28 with a home game against Governor Mifflin. At this writing no games have been played, but Mr. Fegely and Miss McCaw are hopeful for a very successful season for both varsity and JV teams.

Bert Schreiber - pitcher
Trish Hill - catcher
Gioia Freeman - 1st base
Lisa Hafetz-2nd base
Lynn Slutsky - infield
Audrey Acker - infield
Denise Malecki - infield
L�Oreal Endy - center field
Robin Tobias - left field
Amy Schnader - right field
Deanna Spohn - DH

Tracey Rogers
Mindy DiGiacomo
Jackie Savitz
Jenny Miller
Vicki Straka
Robin Frankowiak
Dawn Hill
Dawn Doskus
Kelly Carter
Diane Churan
Kelly Clark
Karen Denby
Kelly Bonnema

         - Mindy DiGiacomo
Play Ball
     The first varsity baseball game was played on Friday, March 25 against Schuylkill Valley. The JV season also started that day. At this printing the scores were not available. Mr. Dengler, varsity coach, and Todd Bowers, JV coach, are hoping for successful seasons.

Dave Ravel - P, 2B
Greg Clark- C
Tom Sload - 1B
John Ford - 2B, P
Jeff Motze -SS
Dave Werner - 3B
Joe Boyle - RF
Kevin Shearer -CF
Jeff Peterson - LF
Rick Denby
Larry Fetterolf
Warren Davis
Kevin Epler
Jeff Ravel
Jeff Rogers
Brian Schaffer
John Sosh

David Blose - lB
Brett Bowers - OF
Randy Boyer - P, 3B
Tom DiGiacomo - 2B
Billy Labate - OF
Bud Levan - OF
Chris Malinowski - 1 B, 3B

Darren Max - 2B
Tim Miller - C
Steve Orth - OF
Leon Pace - 1 B, P
Erich Pfahl - SS, C
Ron Slutsky - SS
Dennis Swartz - OF
Marc Youngerman - OF
Barclay Wilson - OF

         - Pam Horning

Who�s On The
Tennis Team?

     The first tennis match of the season will be March 24 against Hamburg. Most of the players are returning from last season, along with the coach, Ms. Schwarr, but there are also some new athletes on the team this year.

Steve DeCamillo
Jeff Eckel
Gary Ger
Todd Ringler
Carlos Schierer
Jim Seiz
Rich Smith
Gregg Tucci
Greg Volutza

         - Stephanie Rosenthal

Volleyball Tournaments
     The volleyball season is in full swing now and both the boys� and girls� teams are participating in tournaments in the area. The girls� first tournament was at Schuylkill Valley and the girls played well but couldn�t pull out a victory. Two games were credited to them because the team they were to play forfeited. The boys did better at Schuylkill Valley, winning first place overall by beating the Schuylkill Valley A team in the championship round. Coaches and referees chose Kevin Shearer and Greg Volutza as all-star players.
     The girls recently participated in a tournament at Brandywine High School. Mt. Penn was one of six teams that attended this long day of volleyball. The team played consistently and pulled a win over Brandywine. At this writing, the boys and the girls have the Mountaineer Invitational coming up. This tournament is held at Mt. Penn, this year on March 26 for the boys and April 2 for the girls.
         - Mindy DiGiacomo

Mt. Penn Hosts Tournament
     Mt. Penn High School was the recent site of the Boy�s Mountaineer Invitational Volleyball Tournament. For the second time the Mt. Penn boys came out on top. At the end of the round-robin schedule Mt. Penn was tied with Schuylkill Valley at 8 wins-2 losses, but Mt. Penn had outscored Schuylkill Valley. In the semi-final round Oley played Schuylkill Valley and Brandywine played Conrad Weiser.
     Brandywine and Schuylkill Valley came out on top. Mt. Penn then played and beat Brandywine and moved onto the finals against Schuylkill Valley, whom they beat.
     Greg Volutza was chosen by the coaches and officials for the all-tournament team.
         - Mindy DiGiacomo
Summer Soccer
Clinic Scheduled

     The 17th Annual Berks Soccer Clinic will be held in two sessions this year. The first session will be held on July 25 to July 29 at our A-field and the second session will be held from August 1 to August 5 at the Governor Mifflin Middle School field. Double sessions will be held every day starting at 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM with a lunch break. Other breaks will be taken throughout the session when necessary. If bad weather occurs spacious indoor facilities will be available.
     The clinic�s goal is to improve playing skills and to learn the techniques of soccer such as trapping, shooting, dribbling, and passing. There will also be a special goalkeeping program.
     Any male or female, who has not graduated from high school as of June 1983, may take part in the clinic. The cost of the soccer clinic is very reasonable compared to other clinics. The fee includes the instruction, beverages, and a clinic T-shirt.
     The head coach of the staff will be Frank O�Brien, an assistant coach with Marine Soccer Club of England and a coach of youth groups, will be returning for the third time to Berk�s Soccer Clinic. Jeff Claybaugh, Bob Hohl, and Shelly McCollum will be the assistant coaches at the Governor Mifflin session. Bob Hohl, Charlie Messner, and Todd Schreiber will be assistant coaches at the Mt. Penn session. If there is a large enrollment an additional English coach will be added to
coaching staff.
         - Pam Horning

All Berks
Basketball Honors

     Tom Sload, 6�2� junior, was chosen to be on the First Team for Division I basketball, Jeff Eckel 6� senior, was named to the Second Team of Division
I. Our own Mr. Gary Choyka was named Coach of the Year for Division I. These honors were voted on by the coaches of each division.
         - Pam Horning
Student Wins Bear
     On Saturday, April 2, 1983, Dayna Yoder, a 7th grader, became the proud owner of a big, brown bear. The stuffed bear has brown eyes, brown hair and is approximately 4 feet tall. Dayna acquired this huge, cuddly bear by filling out a ballot at Boscov�s East.
         - Pam Horning