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2015 Draft Day
Year #31
Friday, March 27th, 2015, 5:30 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

Mark Bennett Chuck Gallagher Mike Capilo and Dale Scott Rob Miller
Sleepy Jon Perkins Blair DeWalt Marty Slickers Rick Franz

2012 Draft Day
Year #28
Friday, March 30th, 2012, 5:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

Drew Gallagher, 2012 Rick Franz Mark Bennett Jon Perkins is #1
Peachy Mal Maher Dale Scott Marty Slickers
Mal Maher Chuck Gallagher Jamie Schlesinger
Mal Maher Mike Capilo  

2011 Draft Day
Year #27
Friday, April 1st, 2011, 5:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

Jamie landed Albert Pujols for $57. Dale had 1 beer and then spent $46 on Jose Reyes. Just before Perk stuck his tongue in Marty's ear. If he hadn't been trying to bid me up, he wouldn't have gotten stuck with a $14 Jose Contreras.
Michael Joey Capilo Chuck landed a $42 Michael Bourn, and a $40 Ryan Howard. Perk spent $1 on each of Towles, Barney, Hairston, Barmes, Giambi, Wolf, L.Hernandez and Maholm. Rick went back to Virginia with a $29 K-Rod, and a $26 Corey Hart...and a $20 Jason Bartlett?
Mark, Marty and Perk Mark spent $57 on Hanley Ramirez and $38 on Matt Holliday who got his appendix out the day of the draft. Ellen drafted for Mal who was in Africa visiting his in-laws. This is the ESL's 27th year.  Wow.  We're cool.
Mike ate a lot of nachos for lunch.      

2010 Draft Day
Year #26
Friday, April 9th, 2010, 5:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

Dale thought Michael Bourne was worth $38 Yearly ritual of Mike staring at lamps. Yearly ritual of Mike staring at lamps. Paid $44 for Matt Holliday
A picture of Corn Chips and Chocolate Covered Donuts I love Mike Leake Perk talking Drew into paying $18 for Mark DeRosa Chuck and Ellen
Marty showing up late per team protocol ESL Draft Day 2010, our 26th year Jamie paid $12 for Carlos Zambrano despite 8ER in 1IP before we drafted.  

2009 Draft Day
Year #25
Friday, April 3rd, 2009, 6:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

"A Ballsy Roto Genius" -- Mike Drago
1st place
The face of a man about to draft Kyle Lohse on purpose.
2nd place
This is the face a person makes when you are the proud owner of Roy Oswalt.
3rd place
Mark Bennett is going to name is next child Alfonso.
4th place

Sadly, I somehow lost all of the pictures I took at the 2009 draft.

2008 ESL Draft Day
Year #24
Friday, March 28th, 2008, 6:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

The face of a man about to draft Kyle Lohse on purpose.
1st place
"A Ballsy Roto Genius" -- Mike Drago
2nd place
The smile of a man about to bid $1 on Jon Lieber and Ryan Madsen, and $2 on Endy Chavez.
3rd place
This is the face a person makes when you are the proud owner of Roy Oswalt.
4th place

* 2008 was the ESL's second year of significant turn-over.  Mike Capilo decided that Rotisserie baseball was just Dungeons & Dragons for adults (What's wrong with that?), and retired from the ESL for the 2nd time, this time after just 1 year.  Gerry Orlando wasn't asked to return after not paying his 2007 entrance fee until February 2008.  Mike Moyer always said his days as a Rotisserie baseball owner were a short-term affair, and he packed it in after 2 years (Mike wasn't sure that he had watched 2 baseball games over those 2 years.)

* Replacing Mike, Gerry and Mike were the Penske duo of Paul Rosa/Jack Mitchell, Mark Bennett and Chuck Gallagher.  Paul returns to the league after a 5 year absence.  He had played in the ESL from 1996 thru 2001, finishing 1st in 1997.  Mark Bennett has played in our AL-only league since 2001.  7 out of 10 owners now play in both leagues.  Chuck Gallagher has been the host of the ESL draft since the late 1980's, so his joining of the league has been a long time coming.

* I think this is the first year that everyone was on time!

* This is also one of the first years that no one left a significant amount of money on the board.  I believe Mal was the most with a mere $4 remaining.

* This is likely the first time that TWO teams have used their utility slot on an 11th pitcher.  (Paul/Jack put a $29 Dan Haren there, and Dale put a $2 David Riske there.)

* Jamie bidding $35 immediately on Rafael Furcal was one of the largest cricket bids that I've ever seen.  I was hoping to get him in the high 20's.  It appeared Jamie was going to get the last laugh as Furcal came out of the gates with a huge bang until getting hurt at the end of May.

* Most expensive offensive player for the 2nd year in a row was Jose Reyes ($59, Marty).  (His price-tag actually went UP $4.)

* After Reyes ($59), the next most expensive offensive players were...Jimmy Rollins ($52, Mark); Matt Holliday ($52, Dale); Carlos Lee ($52, Perk); Alfonso Soriano ($47, Mark); Albert Pujols ($44, Dale); Mark Tiexiera ($43, Perk); Adam Dunn ($40, Perk); Amaris Ramirez ($39, me); Derrek Lee ($37, Drew); Rafael Furcal ($35, Jamie); Jason Bay ($33, me); Willy Tavarez ($31, Drew)

* The most expensive pitcher was Johan Santana ($44, Jamie), followed by Billy Wagner ($33, Jamie); Dan Haren ($29, Paul/Jack); Aaron Harang ($29, Chuck); Trevor Hoffman ($28, Dale); Roy Oswalt ($27, Dale); Carlos Zambrano ($26, Paul/Jack); John Smoltz ($26, Drew), and Chad Cordero ($25, Marty).

* First players taken in the reserve draft were: (1) Cameron Maybin to Jamie, (2) Steven Pearce to Chuck, (3) Jordan Schaefer to Dale, (4) Matt LaPorta to me, and (5) Angel Villalona to Marty.  Schaefer was slapped with an unexpected 50 day suspension for performance enhancing drugs the day after the draft.

* As of early June the steals of the draft appear to be Nate McLouth ($25, Mal) and Edinson Volquez ($5, Mal).

* Biggests draft busts as of early June...Corey Patterson ($24, Paul/Jack) who was released by the Reds in early June; and Andruw Jones ($25, Chuck) who was hovering around .150 before hitting the DL; and Chad Cordero ($25, Marty) who hurt himself the 1st week of the season and has been on the DL ever since.

Jamie Schlesinger, about to luck into a $1 Fred Lewis. Perk's pretty hat.  I really should've gotten a picture of the bright Orange Crocs. Mike Capilo and the lamp having a staring contest. Mark Bennett is going to name is next child Alfonso.
Jamie made hudreds of colored sheets so that he could draft Chin-Lung Hu for $2. Mal loves Scott Hatteburg. Paul Rosa and Jack Mitchell, about to draft Jayson Nix for $6. The board told Drew to draft Austin Kearns for $20.
Mal was very excited to get a $1 Justin Germano who was 0-3 with an ERA of 6.00 thru early June. Grego Blanco's biggest fan. Drew had already drafted Cesar Izturis so there was now time for him to auctioneer. Mike didn't want to be in the league, but he still couldn't keep himself away.
ESL Draft Day, 2008 The face of a man about to draft Kyle Lohse on purpose. Brad Lidge at $24 looked a little risky at the time, but he's been lights-out thru early June. Paul and Jack stuffing their faces so they would have enough stamina to say "Ty Wigginton $25."
This is the face a person makes when you are the proud owner of Roy Oswalt. If we could bottle this kind of concentration, gas would only be 50 cents per gallon. Marty Slickers, holding his invisible video camera. Chuck started drinking early to numb the pain of a $15 Elijah Dukes.

2007 ESL Draft Day
Year #23
Friday, March 30th, 2007, 6:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

The grin of a man about to draft Aramis Ramirez and finish in 1st place.
1st place
He's smiling now, but he's about to blow $14 on Miguel Montero.
2nd place
"A Ballsy Roto Genius" -- Mike Drago
3rd place
The smile of a man about to bid $1 on Jon Lieber and Ryan Madsen, and $2 on Endy Chavez.
4th place

* 2007 was a year of a bit of turn-over.  Mike Capilo and Mal Maher took the place of Lorenzo Paul and Scott Winterburn.  Mike Capilo decided one year was enough and resigned at the end of the 2007 keeping the "rotating 10th place team" curse alive.

* With Dale Scott's father being ill Dale could not make it to the draft.  (Sadly, he passed away not too long afterwards.) Drew's Dad, Chuck, filled in for him, bringing home Jason Bay ($43), Scott Rolen ($37), Rafael Furcal ($35)...and David Newhan ($1)?

Further adding to the chaos, Gerry Orlando was hit on the head by a bat while umpiring a game at Bloomsburg the day of the draft, and wound up spending the night in the hospital.  I drafted his team for him, drafting what seemed like a great pitching staff of Roy Oswalt ($38), Brandon Webb ($32), and Randy Johnson ($19).  Gerry's team floundered for much of the year before making a late-season surge to finish 7th.  Never being the responsible one, Gerry was a dead spot the entire year and didn't pay his entrance fee until after the season.

* Further-further adding to the chaos, Mike Moyer unexpectly had to work late and also was unable to attend.  Mike's partner Josh Keller and his friend Steve, filled in, but still finished in last place.

* Most expensive offensive player was, as expected, Jose Reyes ($55), but what wasn't expected was that he went to ME.  I'm not sure I remember spending $40 on any given player before, so this was a bit of a surprise to even me.

* I'll blame the distraction of drafting 2 teams at one time, but I essentially left $33 on the board when I was forced to spend $20 on Jorge Julio who I released in May, and $13 on Preston Wilson who was out for the year by June because I didn't spend the money when I had the chance.  I did have $3 left over for the end game which netted me a $2 Scott Linebrink and a $1 Mike Pelfrey which looked like steals and long term keepers.  Both wound up being complete busts.

* While I essentially left money on the table, Mal Maher DID leave actual money on the table to the tune of $15.

* Perk finished in first place, but, as always, it's interesting to look at the players drafted by the team that finishes first.  Would you have thought that the team that had 11 spots to fill and used 8 of them on Yovit Torrealba ($1), Ryan Theriot ($1), Cesar Izturis ($1), Jason Lane ($1), Andy LaRoche who didn't play much all year ($1), Livan Hernandez ($2), Oliver Perez ($1) and Solomon Torres ($23) would be the team that would take it all home?

* Watching Jamie draft Miguel Montero for $14 is always fun.

* After Reyes ($55), the next most expensive offensive players were...Jimmy Rollins ($47, Jamie); Aramis Ramirez ($46, Perk); Chase Utley ($45, Josh); Jason Bay ($43, Chuck for Dale); Adam Dunn ($39, Drew); Scott Rolen ($37, Chuck for Dale); Rafael Furcal ($35, Chuck for Dale); Mike Cameron ($32, Drew)

* The most expensive pitcher was Roy Oswalt ($38, Me for Gerry), followed by Trevor Hoffman ($35, Caps); Brandon Webb ($32, Me for Gerry); Carlos Zambrano ($32, Jamie), Francisco Cordero ($32, Josh); Jake Peavy ($29, Maher), and Bobby Wickman ($27, Maher).

* First players taken in the reserve draft were: (1) Homer Bailey to me, (2) Tim Lincecum to Perk, (3) Joey Votto to me, (4) Roger Clemens (who was still unsigned for the 2nd consecutive year for our draft) to Dale, (5) Yovani Gallardo to Jamie.

Late reserve picks that turned out to be steals: Michael Bourn to Perk in Rd #3 ... Tony Pena to Drew in Rd #4 (looks like he'll close in 2008) ... aaaaand that's it.  Unless I overlooked someone, no one after round #4 really made much of an impact.

* In hindsight, steals of the draft were:  Tom Gorzelanny $1 to Drew ... Dmitri Young $1 to me ... J.J.Hardy $8 to me ... David Weathers $6 to Marty ... Josh Hamilton $4 to Mal Maher ... Orlando Hernandez $2 to Mal Maher.  That's about it.  Let me know I overlooked anyone.

The grin of a man about to draft Aramis Ramirez and finish in 1st place. Perk essentially drafted A.Ramirez, G.Jenkins, T.Hudson, S.Torres and a bunch of $1 filler...and that's all it took. Chuck bid up the Phillies but settled for Jason Bay and Scott Rolen. The face of a man already bored with this, and it has only just begun.
Everyone getting ready, doing some last minute studying. This is what a person looks like when they are about to say "$39" for Adam Dunn. He's smiling now, but he's about to blow $14 on Miguel Montero. He left $15 on the board...$30 if you also count the $15 he spent on Ianetta.
Marty is just smiling because he has a car to drive home in after the draft this year. They roomed together in college...Now years later they can cry on each other's shoulders about overpriced catchers. A guy named Steve.  He's just happy because he's in a room full of cool people. Jamie ponders the thought of drafting Brady Clark, Nook Logan AND some guy named DeAza in his last 3 outfield spots.  Life is good.
It took all of these papers in neat and orderly folders to draft Yadier Molina AND Adam Eaton on the same roster.  Nicely done. Would Michael have drafted Jason Schmidt for $22?  No, but only because Mike wouldn't know who he is. Perks is thinking, "Hmmm...Yorvit Torrealba, Ryan Theriot, Cesar Izturis, Jason Lane and Oliver Perez...I bet that would lead me to a pennant."  ...and he was right. Don't outbid me for Rod Barajas and Wade Miller or I'll threaten you with these karate moves!
Mike has a very nice behind. The smile of a man about to bid $1 on Jon Lieber and Ryan Madsen, and $2 on Endy Chavez. Is this where the David Newhan pick when awry? He named his son after Brady Clark, so it made sense that he wound up on Jamie's team.
Perk kept a $50 Albert Pujols going into the draft.      

2006 ESL Draft Day
Year #22
Friday, March 31st, 2006, 6:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house
* Every owner was back from 2005.  This was ESL year #2 for Marty, Lorenzo and Mike/Josh.

* Drew Wine was on hand to auctioneer, his first Rotisserie baseball experience.

* Drew G, Drew W, Dale, Perk and I played wiffleball before the draft in the backyard, on a day which was absolutely stunning for early April - low 70's and sunny.  Unfortunately the highlight was my stumbling bumbling effort to catch a foul pop which ended in grass stains and me losing a sneaker.

* Most expensive offensive player was, as expected, Albert Pujols ($50, Lorenzo).  Pujols was followed by Adam Dunn ($46, Scott W), Alfonso Soriano ($43, Gerry), Jimmy Rollins ($43, Dale), Todd Helton ($40, Perk), Carlos Beltran ($38, Marty), Mike Cameron ($35, Gerry), Aaron Rowand ($33, Mike/Josh), and Rafael Furcal ($32, Jamie).

* The most expensive pitcher was Jake Peavy ($38, Scott W).  That was followed by Eric Gagne ($30, Dale), Jason Schmidt ($29, Perk), Pedro Martinez ($28, Me) and Mark Mulder ($25, Perk).

And, yes, I left a whopping $16 on the table.  I suck.

* First players taken in the reserve draft were: (1) Stephen Drew to Jamie, (2) Andy LaRoche to me, (3) Roger Clemens (who had yet to sign with anyone) to Marty, (4) Chris Young to Scott W and (5) Jason Saltalamacchia to me.  Jamie had 6 of the first 20 picks in the draft.

Marty ponders blurting out $20 on Dontrelle Willis only to hear crickets. Josh's papers say they should spend $33 on Aaron Rowand. Jon Perkins, 1-man set-up team If you look up Scott's nose you can see him thinking about drafting lots of rookies.
Nothing says Fantasy baseball quite like camouflage shorts. Drew on the phone with John Benson who recommended a $25 bid on Austin Kearns. Gerry's smiling because soon he will have Shawn Estes on his team. Michael still thinks it's funny that they bid me up on Austin Kearns last year and didn't even know who he was.
Humberto Cota, $2 - nicely done. Marty's car made it all the way to the draft this year. The ESL and Gerry showing his arm pits. Lorenzo saved money on babysitting so he could buy Albert Pujols for $50.
Zzzzz...Who can stay awake when you're about to draft Oscar Robles, Jeff DaVanon, Olmeado Seanz AND Jeff Francis? Dale wouldn't let anyone else draft any steals this year. The colored sheets Robert Fick, Aaron Miles and John Rodriguez for $3 total. Gerry umpired Kutztown Softball before coming to the draft.
The face of a man about to draft Nomar Garciaparra for $19 only to see him go on the DL 2 days into the season. Drew, Lorenzo and Perk and his big arms Seriously, Jimmy Rollins.....AND David Roberts?  Was that really necessary? Lorenzo has 6 Mets on his team.
The proud owner of Christian Guzman, $1. This has got to be an exciting job. Fry Road Wiffleball League 2006 MVP Scott loves his rookies - this year it was Zimmerman $19, Barfield $9 and Shealy $1.
Marty Slickers, 2006 ESL Champ Jon Perkins, ESL 2006 Rotisserie Draft    

2005 ESL Draft Day
Year #21
Friday, April 1st, 2005, 6:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house
* It was the first year in the ESL for Lorenzo Paul
, Marty Slickers and co-owners Mike Moyer & Josh Keller
* Mike Capilo filled in for Gerry Orlando who ditched us at the last minute for an collegiate umpire try-out
* Marty made it to the draft, but his car did not.  Marty was pulled over less than a mile from Drew's parents' house for an out-of-date registration.  The state trooper had his car towed away.
* Most expensive player was Carlos Beltran who went for $50 to Lorenzo.
* Most expensive pitcher was a tie: Jason Isringhausen and Eric Gagne, both drafted by Mike C for $36.
* First player taken in the reserve draft was Joel Guzman (LA, ss)

Drafting makes me sleepy. If only I was as good at drafting as I was at licking envelopes. Hey Scott, I'll help you lick those envelopes. This is the approximate size of my wee-wee.
Trading Brady Clark to Chris makes me smile. The Glee Club The face of a man about to lose BOTH of his closers to injury for the year. We all let Dale have whoever he wanted so that he wouldn't have more heart problems, and he spent $20 on Jose Cruz Jr anyway.
It's a lot easier to prepare for the draft when you only have to study the Mets. Marty made it to the draft, but his car did not. These two played footsies all night. "How do you get a save?" -- Mike Moyer
3 empty bottles...      

2004 ESL Draft Day
Year #20
Friday, April 2nd, 2004, 6:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

Would rather have no one than Corky Miller If you zoom in you'll find that it just says "All work and no play makes Pete a dull boy" over and over and over again If you zoom in on this picture you can steal Jamie's secrets Wouldn't let me have Reggie Sanders
Same expressions, different year Gerry and Scott before the draft.  Gerry's smile would soon turn upside-down. Mark would study hard so he could draft Reed Johnson the next day. Some politicians don't run for office so that they can avoid talking to Pete
A photo as rare as a unicorn - a picture of Scott Metcalfe Brad Penny, $4???????  Thanks Gerry. This picture scares me. Scott just noticed that Gerry has $70 left and everyone else is in the teens.
Brad Penny, $4...going once......going twice.......SOLD to Dale for $4.  GERRY! Pete would appear on CNN soon after the draft to discuss why he bid $20 on Placido Polanco    

2003 Draft Day
Year #19
Friday, March 28th, 2003, 7:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

Four Blind Mice Somewhere on this paper it says to pay $18 for Brandon Villefuerte Scott, about to cast a spell Could this hat be any bigger?
Daddy Petey You KEPT Brian Buchanan?! Pre-angry Gerry The official mascot of the ESL...Jamie!...err, I mean...Shaw! the name of love. It took 19 years, but Drew finally brought notes to the draft. Gave Brian Giles and Barry Bonds contracts Basement boy

2002 Draft Day
Year #18
Friday, March 29th, 2002, 6:00 p.m.
at Drew's Parents' house

Basement Boy. I love Eric Young. See that beer right there?  That's the first of many. The Twins.
The Virginia Brain Trust Should I keep Jeremy Fikac or not?  I'll drop him since Chris doesn't know who he is. Ha!  I just drafted Bobby Abreu for $45. Let the hang over begin.