John Mazzo

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Address: Email:
Spring Township, PA Unknown
Wife: Married
Children: 2 kids
Occupation: Insurance adjuster for Progressive Auto Insurance.  (When you see one of the white Progressive SUV's driving in your neighborhood, it's just John Mazzo!)

I'm pretty sure John was a home appraiser not long after we graduated.  When I was still living with my parents about 4 years after high school, I came home one day to find John on our porch.  (He had a full beard.)  That was back around 1990.

A search of the Internet in 2001 found an index of stores selling "Hathaway Shirts" - whatever those are.  One of the distributors of "Hathaway Shirts" is or was "John Mazzo of 48 South 6th Street in Reading, PA."  I think someone once told me that's John's dad.  That page on the internet was gone in 2003.  However, a Yahoo Yellow Pages search of "John Mazzo" found a "Men's Apparel Retailer" named "John Mazzo".
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, John listed "Business" as his planned future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Newcomer's porch ... Bilo ... Stone Harbor ... Beanies ... the garage ... Genesis '83 ... Van Halen '82 ... Mao's History Class ... the Drums ... The French Creek Cruise ... The Concepts of Mole and Delewski.
Chris Mal Notes:
John was an usher in Dave & Moria Dunkelberger´┐Żs wedding in 1996.  Little known fact:  Dave and John are cousins.

I paid John 20 bucks our senior year to drive me to my creepy girlfriend's house in Birdsboro because I didn't have a car to drive that week.

In my 1985 yearbook John wrote:  "Dear Chris, to a dude who love the fantastic Phil Collins, good luck in the future and by the way, get a real hair style.  John Mazzo."

John ran into Darren Max at Hollywood Video in Wyomissing in 2004.  John then organized a bar gathering for himself, Darren, Dave Dunkleberger and Dave Thomas.

John's sister and her husband own the Ocean Blue Bar & Grille located at 600 Penn Street, Reading, PA 19602, 610-372-5300.  (If you happen to go there, it's in the same building at Wachovia Capital Management Group, which is where Lee Pace works.)
There is a message on this page about the B's Duet - cool!
John with a cast on his wrist

Amount of money John's taxi service
made during high school
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