Lisa Westervelt

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Lisa Lynn


Lisa Westervelt

Lisa (Westervelt) Kiedeisch, Spring 2003

Address: Email:
Reading, PA
Husband: Fred E. Kiedeisch, Jr. (married 7/22/89)
Children: Lisa's daughter Alexa, Spring 2003Kyle (Born in 1990)
Alexa (Born in 1993)
Lilly (Born in 2008)

The picture here is Alexa in the Spring of 2003.
Occupation: According to Lisa's AOL profile, her hobby is cooking and she works occupation is "Food Service."
Pets: Dog - Ginger
Rabbit - Thumper

2003 Pictures

It's pretty cool that so many people in our class are still friends.
Kelly (Grim) Seyler, Kelly's daughter Megan and son Baily, Suzanna (Post) Barlow, Suzanna's son Troy, Lisa (Westervelt) Kiedeisch's daughter Alexa holding Suzanna's daughter Colette, and Lisa.
Spring of 2003 at Suzanna's

Kelly (Grim) Seyler and Lisa (Westervelt) Kiedeisch at the Matchbox 20 Concert in Reading on 10/18/03.

Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Lisa listed "Business" as her future career path.
Favorite H.S.
Ski trips, Mr. Haag, Hanging out with "the girls," and graduation.
Exciting Things since H.S.: Got married, had my two children and did a little traveling.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
NYC -- Ichabod's ... getting lost with Dubs ... Wild Passionate YEAHS ... creeper ... ski trip -- all night PIG ... Blue Falls ... chasing and prowling with CK ... "Flasher" on 422 ... Hayride ... "RAERIN" ... A-Field ... My #1 FROG ... Thanx Mom, Ray, and Buddies.
Chris Mal Notes:
This "flasher" on 422 must've been hung like a horse.  I think he was mentioned in about a half dozen "Senior Memories."  He clearly made quite an impression on many people.

Suzanna Post had Kelly Grim and Lisa (Westervelt) Kiedeisch and all of their kids over for Easter in 2003.  (See the picture above!)

Lisa ran into Kelly (Grim) Seyler at the Matchbox 20 concert at the Reading Sovereign Center on 10/18/03.  (See the picture above!)
Lisa Westervelt in Typing Class, 1984
Lisa in Mrs. Starr's
Typing Class
Students looking really bored.
Mr. Choyka's
History Class

Lisa W is quite a hottie.
Lisa W

Don't stick it out if you don't plan on using it!


Christine Jurasinski, Music Class 1980
Middle School: 1980
Looks like Tracy Hartz, Christine Jurasinski, Stephanie Shaeff, Lisa Westervelt, Lori Stoss, Beth Klempke...

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about the flasher on 422:

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