Sue Klempke

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Sue Lynn

Sue Klempke, 4th Grade, 1978

Sue (Klempke) Rainey

Location: Email:
Reading, PA
(Living in Pennside for the
last 20 years as of 2012)
Husband: Larry Curry
Married in Las Vegas on May 16, 2012 after being together for 12 years.  Married at The Little White Chapel, right where Elvis is!

Larry is Eddie Curry's cousin!
Occupation: Reading Hospital ICU, phlebotomist/diagnotic tech
Born March 12, 1991
Graduated from Antietam Jr/Sr High School Class of 2009
Attended RACC for the first two years and now attends Kutztown University majoring in Special-Ed and Elementary-Ed.

Born on May 11, 1994
Graduated from Antietam Jr/Sr High School Class of 2012
Attends West Chester University

Step-son, Larry
Born on July 24, 1991
Graduated from Wilson High School Class of 2009
Attends Penn Tech, Major is architect

Step-daughter, Keriann
Born on September 9, 1993
Graduated from Wilson, Class of 2012
Is serving in the United States Marines
When finished will be a Chemist
Two yorkies: A female named Penelope and a german yorkie (briewer) male named Chase (Larry is a phillies fan so guess where the name came from!)
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Sue listed "Nursing" as her future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Best friends -- SB, LJ ... SB falling over the couch ... LJ running and hiding ... Forgetting where the car is parked ... Get out of town ... Labor Day Weekend '85 ... August 30, '85.

From the June 1986 Penn Post
     Our Vo-Tech Student for this issue, Sue Klempke, recently received the HOSA Outstanding Senior Award, which includes a $50 Savings Bond. Sue is in the Health Assistants program at Vo-Tech East. She is so skilled in her area that she recently placed first in ftc HOSA State Competition in Medical Assistant Clinical Work. She will now compete on a national level in Philadelphia in July. The skills she is tested on include finger puncturing, white and red blond dilution, white blood count, hernocrat, Wright stain, EKG, positioning a person, autoclaver, identifying instruments, and urinalysis.
     Sue�s hobbies are horseback riding, swimming, and being with her friends.
     Sue is planning to work at the Beverly Manor Nursing Home. Her hopes for the future include becoming a registered nurse.

Chris Mal Notes:
A number of things in Sue's "Senior" activities section confused me - what is "HOSA"? Wasn't that what Bob and Doug McKenzie named their dog? "Take off, you hosa." Anyway, Sue was a Hosa in 10th, 11th and 12th grade. In 11th grade not only was Sue a Hosa, but she is listed as "HOSA Parlimentarian". That sounds kinda cool - don't know what it is, but it sounds pretty damn important.

Sue's sister-in-law is married to Steve Kirlin's step-brother.

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