June 1986

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606

Christine Jurasinski
Leann Deisher
Beth (Rosser) Smith
Karen Denby
Jason Miller, The Great Kamala
Suzanna (Post) Barlow
     CHRISTINE JURASINSKI belongs to MLC, chorus, Science Club, Student Council, Girls� Leader Corps and College Bowl. This year Christine was president of Y-teens, editor-in-chief of the yearbook, and vice-president of NHS. She has played volleyball since 10th grade and golf since 9th grade. She was Mt. Penn�s Junior Miss, a participant in Hugh O�Brien�s Leadership Seminar, and finally, a Merit Scholarship commended student. Christine will attend Elizabethtown College and major in pre-med.

     LEANN DEISHER is a member of the Science Club, Y-teens, and the German Club. In her junior year, she was treasurer of the Science Club, and this year she is president of the German Club. Leann also played field hockey since her freshman year. Leann will attend Juniata College, where she received a $2000 scholarship.

     KAREN DENBY is a memoer of Y-teens, Girls� Leader Corps, NHS and Penn Alma. Karen has played field hockey since 9th grade. This year, Karen was co-captain of the cheerleading squad, to which she has belonged since 9th grade. Karen plans to attend Bloomsburg University where she will major in nursing.

     STEVE KUNKEL belongs to Boys� Leader Corps, Science Club, College Bowl and NHS. This year, Steve was president of United Nations. He has also played golf since 9th grade and basketball in 9th, 10th and 12th. Steve has won the Optimist Oratory Contest and received an American Legion Award and a citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Steve will be majoring in political science at the University
of Richmond.

     JASON MILLER is a member of College Bowl and band, where he plays the trumbone. He is president of the NHS, treasurer of the Science Club and secretary of the United Nations. Jason plans to go to Lehigh University and major in engineering. He has received a $1,000 scholarship from 1-lorrigan American, Inc.

     ELIZABETH ROSSER plays the flute for the band, is a member of Y-teens, Science Club, chorus, and NHS. Elizabeth played volleyball her junior and senior years. Her future includes going to Lebanon Valley College where she will major in psycho-biology. Elizabeth received a $3,000 United Methodist Bicentennial Scholarship.

     SUZANNA POST is president of the Student Council, vice-president of NHS, and a member of Y-teens and Girls� Leader Corps. Suzanna has won honorable mention for both the Women in History Billboard Contest and the Woman�s Club Art Com�petition. She placed 1st in both the National Science Olympiad and the PA Mathematics League Contest. This year Suzanna received National Merit Science Awards in biology, chemistry, and physics, and a certificate of merit for high performance on her SAT�s. Suzanna will attend the University of Virginia and major in architecture.

JUNE 1986

     The commencement exercises for the Mount Penn High School Class of 1986 will be held June 12. Leon Pace, class president, will welcome everyone; Kelly Clark, secretary, will give the invocation; Randy Boyer, vice-president, will give the benediction.
     The theme will be �Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.� The speakers will include Christine Jurasinski, valedictorian, whose speech is entitled, �Today is the Beginning, Not the End.� Leann Deisher will speak on �All Experience is an Arch to Build Upon,� and Elizabeth Rosser will speak on �Possibilities-Unlimited.�
     Mr. Frank Orlando, high school principal, will present the graduates as they receive their diplomas from Dr. Horace
F. Darlington Jr., superintendent, and Al Worrall, president of Antietam Board of Education.
     �Pomp and Circumstances� will be played by the MPHS band to welcome the soon-to-be-graduated seniors. The band will also play �Where No Man Has Gone Before.�
     There will also be a slide presentation entitled That�s What Friends Are For.� The vocals will be Karen Denby, Christine jurasinski, Julie Horst, Cathy Ketcher and Barbara Yerger on the piano.
     The graduation ceremony will end with the recessional �Ticino.�
          - Kristen Pfahl

     Drunk driving, a cause of many teenage deaths, is one of the greatest fears now that graduation day and prom night are approaching. Many of the major television networks are promoting commercials that try to convince students to play it safe and party sober, but many people still fear losing a loved one and some will.
     Party Sober �86 is one of the promotions aimed at making these celebrations safer. The Penn Post would like to support this statement, wishing everyone involved, especially the Class of �86, a great and memorable graduation, but most of all, we want you to make it a safe one.
          - Kerry Motze

     This year at Mt. Penn finals were held on June 3, 4, 5, 6. The finals consisted of information learned throughout the whole year. If you didn�t save any material, you were in trouble, unless you have a computer-like-mind. But not to worry, what�s done is done, but here is a tip for next year. Before school begins, get a small cardboard filing cabinet that can fit anywhere. Then, during the school year when you receive anything important, put it in the filing cabinet. By the time finals come around, you�ll feel really good that you saved everything and were so organized. It will also make studying a lot easier.
          - Pam Tucci

     Last year the big event was USA for Africa, along with Live Aid. This year it is Hands Across America. More than 5 million peopled linked hands across all the U.S. for 15 minutes on Sunday, May 25. At least $50 million dollars was raised to combat hunger and to help the homeless in America. Participants paid $10 or more just to get a space in the line going through at least 16 states.
     There were some concerns about extensive heat in regions such as Texas, New Mexico, Arizona. No serious health problems, however, were reported.
     The gaps between hands were filled with ribbons, banners, and even cars. Some of the major cities that were included were Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Memphis, and Cleveland. President and Mrs. Reagan also participated in Washington, D.C.
          - Kristen Pfahl


     It seems strange to me that if I count the number of school days remaining in this year, and add 180 to that number, I�ll have the number of school days remaining until I graduate. That day is less than 200 days away.
     It�s hard to believe it�s so close because I�ve been waiting for the past twelve years of my life to be a Senior.
     I feel that next year will be a challenge to my friends and me. There will be many decisions to make, some major, some minor. There will also be many deadlines to meet.
     It will also be a year of fun, because we�ll be at the top of MPHS - we�ll rule the school! What could be more fun than that except for not being in school at all?
     Yes, Senior year is upon us. It will be a year filled with hard work and fun. It will be the year that we�ll never forget.
          - Nancy Snyder


8th grade: Hershey Park. . . food fights in cafe. . .class picnic. . . �Stan, please come to the office" . . . air-conditioned pods. . . Mr. Leinbach�s ferd�s. . . Donkey basketball. . . Mr. Himmelberger. . . study halls. . . lowa Tests. . . "Open your test booklets and read the directions silently while I read them aloud". . . Bierly Burgers. . . ping-pong tournaments. . . making commercials. . . The last 8th grade class at the middle school. . . Mr. Wheeler�s films. . . foldies. . . making roses for Valentine�s Day. . . Mr. Bierly. . . bars at recess. . . clubs. . . the haunted hall. . . Christmas dance with �real food�. . . Mary Dolciani�s bible.

9th grade: First time in high school. . . Me bottles. . . being lost. . . Mrs. Haag�s Opportunity class. . . Geiger�s lab room flood by EKP. . . Y-teens initiation. . . 1st �real� sports. . . open lunch. . . foreign languages. . . jump rope-a-thon. . . warming b-ball bench. . . finals. . . fun day at A-field. . . an uncooperative typewriter. . . difficult lockers.

10th grade: dissecting frogs in biology. . . Mrs. Thomas 1st year of hockey. . . class rings. . . the beginning with Mr. Zuber. . . going to Vo-tech. . . the fashion show. . . cheerleading. . . hockey party. . . Mr. Choyka�s laugh. . . Great Adventure with Girls� Leader Corps.

11th grade: Mr. Choyka�s history class. . . Miss Brobst�s science class. . . slave auction. . . getting lost in Vermont with Nelson. . . France/Spain. . . Mao�s funky film. . . Varsity basketball 3rd place in district 3. . . dance marathon. . . special olympics. . . Spanky�s bandwagon begun. . . hoop-hop. . . Girls� Division 1 Bowling Champs. . . rafting. . . fire extinguisher battles. . . swimming in gym class. . . senior class picture at French Creek. . . Chink shop. . . Bio trips. . . almost there!

12th grade: stupid lockers. . . M & M sale. . . the yearbook. . . Hawaiian Luau. . . Home-coming. . . egg babies. . . word of the day. . . Variety show. . . 1st period gym class. . . Gummy-Baer syndrome. . . Mr. Dengler�s �editorial�. . . McDonald�s with A & P. . . varsity basketball team tied for Division 1 champ. . . ski trip. . . sophomore invasion. . . the dilapidated building. . . marching band. . . beating Central in hockey. . . senior knock off day. . . Prom at the Sheraton. . . class trip to Virginia. . . �Are you doing what you�re supposed to be doing?". . . First Boy�s bowling team goes over .500 (25-19). . . the �Golden Pass". . . a lost snake. . . Physics trip to Penn State. . . being happy. . . it�s finally over, but missing everyone already.
          - Pam Tucci

   For the past three years I have had a pen-pal in Spain, and it�s been a very enjoyable and educational experience for both of us. She has taught me about what her life as a teenager in Spain is like. I�ve learned about customs that are similar yet different to American ones. One of these happens on New Year�s Eve. During the last twelve seconds of the year, my pen-pal and her friends try to eat twelve grapes, one for each second left in the year. Most people don�t finish their grapes, though, because they are laughing too hard.
     She also helps me with my Spanish, telling me how to say certain words and phrases. She�s sent me Spanish recipes, which is nice except that the measurements are in the metric system so I have to convert them.
     Usually pen-pals in different countries only write once or twice a month because of the time it takes to mail the letter, and also because there�s so much to say! Anyone who enjoys making new friends would probably enjoy having a pen-friend in another country. To get a foreign pen-pal, speak to the foreign language teachers in your school. They can give you the address of the International Youth Service in Finland, who will send you the name and address of a person they feel is suited to you.
          -- Nancy Snyder
     The class of 1986 took their Senior Class Trip at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia. It was a three day, two night excursion which included horseback riding, golf, pool facilities, a barbeque held at Road�s Farm Inn, and a luxirious condo complete with kitchen, fireplace and multiple bedrooms.


Volume XXIX, Edition 8
June, 1986

Penn Post is published 8 times per year by the Journalism Class of Mt. Penn Junior/Senior High School.


Editor Pam Tucci
Editorials Lorraine Tobias
Features Irene Hatzistavrakis
News Dan Hafetz
Sports Jon Frankowiak
Senior Ed. Kristen Pfahl
Reporters Sandy Horning
Cindy Jurasinski
Kerry Motze
Kathleen Petruska
Marla Schnee
Nancy Snyder
Mike Young
Advisor Mrs. Strickler

Outstanding Seniors

Sue (Klempke) Rainey


Marta Weitz

     Our Vo-Tech Student for this issue, Sue Klempke, recently received the HOSA Outstanding Senior Award, which includes a $50 Savings Bond. Sue is in the Health Assistants program at Vo-Tech East. She is so skilled in her area that she recently placed first in ftc HOSA State Competition in Medical Assistant Clinical Work. She will now compete on a national level in Philadelphia in July. The skills she is tested on include finger puncturing, white and red blond dilution, white blood count, hernocrat, Wright stain, EKG, positioning a person, autoclaver, identifying instruments, and urinalysis.
     Sue�s hobbies are horseback riding, swimming, and being with her friends.
     Sue is planning to work at the Beverly Manor Nursing Home. Her hopes for the future include becoming a registered nurse.

     Andrea Kane, a former student at Mt. Penn, recently received recognition for her work in dance. She has traveled this year with the Bennington Dance Tour, which she was responsible for organizing. The Tour took Andrea and 7 other students to Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New jersey, and Washington, D.C., performing scenes in the style of Peking opera.
     Andrea�s dance training began here in Berks County at the Wyomissing institute of Fine Arts and later she worked with
Carol Ennis. This year she studied with Ye Shoo-Lan, a well-known actor from Beijing.
     Andrea�s other talents include playing piano, guitar, and writing her own musical compositions. She performs with a recorder ensemble at Bennington, a Renaissance music group, and with the Bennington Community Players.
     Andrea will graduate from Bennington College, Vermont this month. She is considering going to China to study dance.

     Barclay Wilson is the last Male Senior of the Issue. Barclay is in Vo-Tech which makes him not as well known with some of our teachers.
     Barclay is very active in the sports here at Mount Penn. He has participated in soccer in all of his four years as a high school student. He also played volleyball his last two years at Mount Penn. In his spare time, Barclay enjoys spending time with Amy, Todd, Sean, and Chris. He also enjoys motorcycle riding and cars.
     After graduation, Barclay plans to get into the machinist toolmaker trade.
Dan Hafetz

President - John Henry
Vice President - Cherisse Conlon
Secretary - Becky Shaeff
Treasurer - Cindy jurasinski

1987 Class Officers
President - Nick Baer
Vice President - John Henry
Treasurer - Kim Steiger
Secretary - Cherisse Conlon

1988 Class Officers
President - Charles Truckermiller
Vice President - Todd Boyer
Secretary - Joy Christman
Treasurer - Cindy Jurasinski

David Dunkelberger (Food Preparation) Schuylkill Valley Rest. Assn. - Dinner, Trophy.

David Dunkelberger (Food Preparation) Byron Keller Award - Plaque, $50 Savings Bond.

Sue Klempke (Health Assistant) Outstanding Senior - $50 Savings Bond.

Erich Pfahl (Welding) - American Welding Society - Plaque.


     Marta Weitz, the senior class clown, is the month�s Senior of the Issue. You should know Marta because she tries to make it a point to meet everyone and be friendly with all. If you�d like to find Marta around school check with the Modern Language Club, of which she is president, Girl�s Leader Corps, Y-teens, or FBLA.
     In her spare time, Marta enjoys talking on the phone, jogging, and eating peanut butter swirl ice cream. She works at Brooks at the mall, and she also works on the Words of the Day in her homeroom. She says that Homeroom 301 is her favorite class during the day.
     After graduation, Marta will be attending West Chester studying Business Management and Administration. She would
then like to attend the Fashion lnstitute of technology in New York, studying retail management and fashion merchandising. Then she says she will be ready to have a real life.
Dan Hafetz

     The newly elected National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society members were inducted on Tuesday, May 20. In order to be elected to NHS, a student must show the qualities of character, leadership, service, and scholarship. Citizenship is added to these qualities for members of NJHS.

Class of 1986
Maia Carvalho
Wendy Crow
Corienne Roboski

Class of 1990
Peter Civitarese
Doreen Fisher
Donald Miller

Class of 1991
Shelby Davis
Amanda McGuire
Gregory Pocrass
Brian Snyder
Class of 1987
Nick Baer
Jennifer Eckel
John Henry
Gloria Hutcheson
Barbara Meitrott
Norine Miller
Steve Reis
Alan Rosenthal
Jennifer Schickler
Kim Steiger
Evangelia Siklas
Stephanie Sosh

We, the Class of 1986 of Mt. Penn High School, being of sound mind and body, do make, publish, and declare this our Last Will and Testament. We hereby bequeath the following:

Audrey Acker leaves her little brother Stacey her intelligence, good looks, wonderful personality, wrestling ability, and her car.

Sherri Becker leaves her bathroom privileges to Mr. Strickler.

Dave Blose leaves to anyone who wants it, his music talent, charm and personality.

Brett Bowers leaves Jason Miller his air jordans and basketball savy.

Randy Boyer leaves Dave Rogers and Steve Monroe the key to Mr. Groff�s heart.

Jodi Brigel leaves Marla Schnee her sense of humor.

Mala Carvalho leaves the underclassmen the hope that they will never have to hear �life isn�t fair� or �we�re preparing you for college.�

Diane Churan leaves Amy Miller all the skills and patience necessary to make next year�s basketball season the best ever.

Kelly Clark and Chrissie Cunnuis leave Mr. Minter a year�s supply of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Wendy Crow leaves Pam Tucci a chance to get ahead.

Christine Cunnius leaves Mr. Minter all the pictures of the sharks that she made in �his� darkroom.

Lori Czarnecki leaves her sister Cathy luck and happiness through her last 4 years at MPHS.

Leann Deisher leaves Adam, Brad, and Jim a permanent late pass after lunch.

Karen Denby leaves Dan Hafetz a real laugh.

Kathy Ford leaves Tonya Sload her great typewriting ability.

Sally Ford leaves Deb Albrecht the opportunity to improve upon her shadow.

Sean Gimeno leaves Steve Monroe his agile soccer moves.

Heather Hill leaves Leah and Mindy Hill two gorgeous guys.

Julie Horst leavers her brother Richard her good grades in history.

Julie Hyman leaves Miss Luchenbach permission to sail around the world, then go to Law school.

Christine Jurasinski leaves Cindy all of her 48 lates, two years at MPHS without being a twin, and the luxury of studying without humorous distraction.

Brendan Kane leaves Sandy Horning anything she wants that is in his power to give.

Beverly Kercher leaves to next year�s seniors a school that�s in perfect condition and all the luck they need.

Catherine Ketcher leaves her brother the car.

Beth Klempke leaves Mr. Fegley a life time supply of cowboy boots.

Steve Kunkel leaves Marc Goldstein his spot on the bench.

Thanh Lieu leaves to Mr. Messner a real economics class.
Debra Lojec leaves Traci DeCarlo a different pair of sunglasses for each day.

Chris Malinowski
leaves Mark Leffler his ability to choke in all future bowling tournaments.

Darren Max leaves Tonya Sload his great intelligence and wisdom.

Sheila Mervine leaves Mr. Strickler a new tie clip.

Jason Miller leaves Joelle his car payments.

Leon Pace leaves Rebecca Laine Shaeff his perverse sense of humor.

Jeff Petersen leaves Cherisse Conlon all of the wonderful memories they shared.

Ryan Petersen and Erich Pfahl leave Mr. Choyka �a couple of things.�

Susan Pieja leaves to Mr. Choyka a life time subscription to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Suzanna Post leaves Alan Siekerski the ability to make it to vo-tech.

Joe Richards leaves his late passes to Mr. Strickler.

Cori Roboski leaves Mrs. Ettele memories of a wonderful, �mature homeroom.�

Elizabeth Rosser leaves Mr. Ranck a book of Final Jeopardy questions.

Missy Ryan leaves Mr. Ruch a chorus that knows how to sing, but not talk.

Laura Schnader leaves Mrs. Ettele her wedding invitation and a bottomless barrel of laughs.

Steph Shaeff leaves Becky Shaeff the privilege of not sharing the car during her senior year.

Ron Slutsky leaves Debbie Albrecht his jump shot.

Melinda Snyder leaves her sister Jodi good luck and much success in the future.

Evan Spohn leaves the sophomores the ability to become as good as they think they are.

Vicky Vinchofsky leaves Steph the ability to go through 3 more years of school without having any teachers compare them.

Todd Weikel leaves all senior privileges to the juniors.

Marta Weitz leaves Mrs. Ettele a new pickle and a life time supply of the �word of the day.�

Lisa Westervelt leaves her niece Brittany and her little sister Ralin all her love and best wishes for a happy future.

Barclay Wilson leaves Chris lots of luck in getting through 4 years of high school.

Barbara Yerger leaves Marsha her piano talent, her ambitions throughout life, the ability to talk as much as she does, and the ability to be as lazy as she is.

Steve, Brendan, Christine, Jason leave Kevin Krick their college bowl prowess.

Homeroom 207 leaves Mr. Strickler the challenge of finding another homeroom as great as the one he has had for the last 4 years, although they know this is impossible.


Audrey Acker
Shippensburg University

Missy Becker

Sherri Becker

Randy Boyer
University of Dayton
chemical engineering

Jodi Brigel
Real Estate

Kelly Carter

Maia Carvalho
Rochester Institute of Technology
technical photography

Diane Churan
Lebanon Valley College

Kelly Clark
Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science
interior design

Wendy Crow
elementary education

Christine Cunnius
Kutztown University
communications and design

Lori Czarnecki

Leann Deisher
Juniata College

Eric Delewski
Penn State University (Berks)

Karen Denby
Bloomsburg University

David Dunkelberger
American Culinary Institute

Kathy Ford
Penn State University
business field

Sally Ford
Mt. St. Mary�s College

Joseph Gallagher

Sean Gimeno
Bloomsburg State College

Kelly Grim
Millersville University

Amy Helm
Work with children

Heather Hill
Mt. St. Mary�s College

Julie Horst
social work

Julie Hyman
University of Pittsburgh
elementary education

Christine Jurasinski
Elizabethtown College

Brendan Kane
University of Rochester

Beverly Kercher
Interior Design

Catherine Ketcher
Northampton Area County Community College
mortuary science

Jay Kissinger
Air Force
pilot for NASA

Beth Klempke

Sue Klempke
Nursing field

Steve Kunkel
University of Virginia
political science

William Labate

Co Lieu
Penn State (Berks)

Thanh Lieu
Drexel University
business/commerce & engineering

Debra Lojec
Penn State University
business administration

Christian Malinowski
Drexel University
computer science/electrical engineering

Darren Max
Temple University
biology, astronomy

John Mazzo
Mitchell Junior College

Sheila Mervine
Millersville University

Jason Miller
Lehigh University

Barry Mowery

Karen Orth
Dental Assistant

Leon Pace
Temple University

Lisa Pacharis
University of Pittsburgh
political science

Robert Painter

Jeffrey Petersen
Kutztown University

Ryan Petersen
United States Marine Corps

Erich Pfahl
Underwater Welding

Susan Pieja
Reading-Muhlenberg Vo-tech�s LPN-program

Suzanna Post
University of Virginia architecture

Lori Quaintance
Food Preparation

James Quirk
West Chester University

Joseph Ricards

Corienne Roboski

Elizabeth Rosser
Lebanon Valley College

Melissa Ryan
Goldey Beacom

Kimberly Schmidt

Laura Schnader
Kutztown University
Spanish interpretation

Mark Schwartz
Air Conditioning

Stephanie Shaeff
Penn State (UP)
liberal arts

Ron Slutsky
Delaware Valley College
business administration

Melinda Snyder
child development

Evan Spohn
Kutztown University

Dennis Swartz
forestry service

Victoria Vinchofsky
Penn State (UP)

Todd Weikel
Lehigh County Community College
indoor environmental technology

Marta Weitz
West Chester
business administration

Lisa Westervelt

Barclay Wilson
Machinist-Toolmaker field

Barbara Yerger
biology/secondary education



Real Seniors
   have had senioritis since the fall of 9th grade
   have 4 home cc or shop classes per day
   get by with as little work as possible
   write 1 term paper in their senior year
   take books home but never open one
   do last night�s homework in A.M. homeroom
   hear, but never listen
   demand respect from underclassmen
   go out with sophomores
   are on a first name basis with teachers

Real Seniors
   come to school at 10:59
   go out for lunch and don�t come back
   never make it to class before the last bell
   think the school day ends at 7:55 A.M.
   use up their 4 days each quarter
   are late for homeroom
   go to the bathroom every period
   use up all their college visits even if they aren�t planning to attend college

Real Seniors
   don�t run to the A-field
   don�t babysit
   don�t take gym first period
   don�t get caught while eating M & M�s
   don�t make up a test the first day after an absence
   don�t hand in their M & M money
   don�t need to brown nose
   don�t give new teachers a chance

Real Seniors
   don�t wear socks
   wear Jams regardless of what the calendar says
   don�t tie their shoes
   don�t wear polyester
   wear what they want to when they want to

Real Seniors
   know how to have fun
   participate in gym class
   eat green M & M�s
   have school spirit
   get passing grades
   are able to get along with others

Real Seniors
   are ready to go out in the world and make something of themselves
   are people who strive to make dreams come true

          - Sandy Horning

Our seniors have so far received more than $36,000 in scholarships and grants. The following have been awarded on a per year basis:

Randy Boyer amount
University of Dayton
Diane Churan $5000/yr Lebanon Valley College
Leann Deisher $2000/yr Juniata College
Sally Ford $2000/yr Mt. St. Mary's College
Heather Hill $2000/yr Mt. St. Mary's College
Christine Jurasinski $4000/yr Elizabethtown College
Brendan Kane $5000 University of Rochester
Jason Miller $1000 Lehigh College
(Horrigan America)
Stephanie Shaeff $1500/yr Penn State University
Dennis Swartz $23,500 U.S. Army

Thursday, May 29, 1986

Judy Yoder Memorial Scholarship ($150) Kelly Clark
Class of 1968 Award ($10.00) Randy Boyer
Meridian Bank Award ($50 E Series Bond) Audrey Acker
Class of 1956 Award ($25.00) David Dunkleberger
Antietam Lions Club-Earl Yost Award ($50) Co Lieu
Mt. Penn Senior Woman's Club Award ($200) Christine Jurasinski
The Gerald K. Romich Art Award ($100) Kelly Clark
Historical Society of Berks County (certificate) Christine Jurasinski
Susan Rischeill Crow Memorial ($100) Sally Ford
Berks County Bankers Assoc. ($50 Series E Bond) John Mazzo
Penn Alsace Award ($50 Savings Bond) Diane Churan
Leon Pace
Roscoe H. Ward Memorial ($50) Karen Denby
Kathy Ford
American Assoc. of Univ. Women Award Christine Jurasinski
Mt. Penn Rotary Club Award ($100) Randy Boyer
Mt. Penn Junior Woman's Club ($250) Suzanna Post
Mt. Penn Elementary ($50 each) Wendy Crow
Dennis Swartz
Bausch and Lomb Science Award Christine Jurasinski
Steve Reis
I Dare You Award Suzanna Post
Biology Award ($10) Leann Deisher
J. Lloyd Sharetts Memorial Award ($10) Christine Jurasinski
Physics Award ($10) Steve Reis
Nevin S. Matz Mathematics Award ($10) Christine Jurasinski
Girls' Leader Corps Award (Plaque) Diane Churan
TWEAD Public School Retired Employees Assoc. ($50) Wendy Crow
AEA Scholarship Award Wendy Crow
Principal's Award ($25) Audrey Acker
Pratt Award for Architecture ($100) Suzanna Post
Future Teachers of America Barbara Yerger
Y-Teens Christine Jurasinski
Student Council Suzanna Post
Magazine Drive Jenny Reimert
Cheerleading Kelly Clark
Music Barbara Yerger
David Blose
Christine Jurasinski
Jason Miller
Beth Rosser
National Honor Society Audrey Acker
Kelly Clark
Christine Jurasinski
National Junior Honor Society Kimberly Sobjak

     On May 1, 1986, AT&T held their annual Student Engineering Fair. Twelve groups of students from Holy Name, Mt. Penn, and Kutztown High School participated. The students from Mt. Penn were those students in the fourth and fifth period physics class. They were encouraged to participate by Miss Luckenbach. The students had to select a project, build it, and write a report about it. Each group had an advisor from AT&T to help them.
     The main requirement for the project was that it had to do with engineering. The projects covered many areas such as fiberoptics, solar power, toxic waste and compressed air. Each group had approximately two months to do the projects.
     On April 29th the students were given two hours at AT&T to set up their projects. Then, on May 1st, the awards were distributed. Holy Name took first and second place with projects about toxic waste disposal and fiberoptics, and Kutztown placed third with an electromagnetic transporter. One of Mt. Penn groups placed fourth, and another placed sixth with projects on fiberoptics and solar power. Each group received a plaque with the name of the project and the names of the students involved in it. The students also received ribbons and certificates.
     The Engineering Fair was a good learning experience for everyone involved. The students learned about engineering and about working as a team to achieve a common goal.
     - Nancy Snyder

     I wasn�t sure what to expect or how to act. I didn�t know how I would handle a group of teenagers for 45 minutes. Those were the feelings I had before I experienced student teaching. Now, on the last of my two days of teaching, I can honestly say it was a worthwhile experience.
     Student teaching doesn�t give all of the true aspects of teaching, but it allowed me to experience a few. These aspects included the student-teacher relationships, the covering of certain material, and the preparation needed to cover the material. I now have a better understanding and appreciation for those involved in the teaching profession because of student teaching. This experience gave me a chance to be on the other side of the fence as a teacher rather than a student.
          - Cindy Jurasinski

     Our 7th-8th grade English teacher, Mrs. LaPorte, is leaving us at the end of this year. She is retiring after 21 years of devoted teaching in the Antietam School District.
     A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Mrs. LaPorte has taught reading and speech classes here, as well as 7th and 8th grade English. Prior to teaching here, she did some substituting in both Exeter and Antietam School Districts. Mrs. LaPorte will be remembered for her exciting grammar lessons, her word games, her required speeches, and those commercials.
     As a former student of hers, I am grateful for her tenacious desire to keep me from saying things like �Ain�t it nice that he don�t bother me no more.�
     Mrs. LaPorte, you will be missed.
     On Wednesday, May 21, Mt. Penn High School held its annual Spring Concert. Performing for the high school were the junior high chorus, senior high chorus, senior high band, and the band front. Also performing were the elementary school band and chorus.
     Cindy and Christine Jurasinski sang �Heart of My Heart� as a duet, accompanied by Barbara Yerger on the piano. Barbara and Marsha Yerger performed �Clap It Boogie� on the piano.
     One of the highlights of the program was the senior high band playing �Bobby Sox Saturday Night� while wearing sun glasses. Another highlight was the band-front marching out in their new uniforms, followed by everyone�s standing and singing �The Star Spangled Banner.�
     This was the last time our seniors will perform with the band. The senior members of band and chorus are Maia Carvalho, Beth Rosser, Sean Gimeno, Jay Kissinger, Jason Miller, David Blose, Barbara Yerger, Kelly Carter, Christine Jurasinski, Laura Schnader, and Melissa Ryan.
     - Kristen Pfahl
     Next year there will be quite a few changes. In the area of teachers we will have two new teachers and one new one for half the year. Mr. Segro will be taking a sabbatical for the second semester again. Mrs. Thomas will be leaving us to go to Conrad Weiser and Mrs. LaPorte will be retiring at the end of this school year. Mrs. LaPorte will be replaced by a French and English teacher.
     The school will also be starting some trimesters next year. One trimester will last for twelve weeks while one quarter is only for nine weeks. Next year�s eighth graders will have to take one trimester of each language, German, French and Spanish. Trimesters will be used in some other rotations.
     There will be a greater availability of the library for the class use, also an elective physical education. Two classes are required but a student can take if he wants five classes of gym. There will also be two sections of Trigonometry.

     - Irene Hatzistavrakis
     Another school year is gradually drawing to a close and most of you have earned that long-awaited hiatus (vacation) from school while others must face the dismal prospect of attending summer school. As far as the premise of summer school is concerned I can only ask WHY when it was only necessary for you to utilize your God-given ability in order to successfully pass every course in which you were enrolled.
     It�s easy to conjure up excuses as to why you didn�t pass every class and thereby not attain promotion. The most common are "the teacher doesn�t like me� or �I didn�t understand the information� when you didn�t bother to ask for extra help or �why bother to work when I can spend six weeks in summer school and get credit for a whole year of school." All other excuses aside, the bottom line reads LAZINESS in capital letters as the major reason you didn�t pass English or history or science or phys. ed. Why ruin a hard-earned vacation simply as a result of laziness and are now confronted with six weeks of summer school or worse when there�s no possibility of your being promoted because, after all, summer school attendance is not a guarantee you will be promoted.
     To conclude, I wish all of you a happy and safe summer while to other members of the student body I can only state that it�s a shame you cannot enjoy the entire summer when faced with the tedium and the monotony of summer school attendance.
     Seniors: good luck and a temporary farewell. We hope that you put to good use what you have learned at Mount Penn and remind you that we are always available if you need any additional help to succeed in your future endeavors.


Chris Mal's 11th Grade Health Class Wife, Diane
J-Pa in 1986
Gerald K. Romich
Randy Boyer, stealer of the Stats Exam
Robert Romanski
     This year�s sport�s banquet was held Friday, May 30, in the Mt. Penn High School gym.
     The 1985 recipients o the Outstanding Athlete were Leon Pace and Diane Churan.
     The Gerald K. Romich Award, which is presented to a student who participates in sports and does the best with his or her ability, was received by Jeff Petersen.
     Sally Ford and Steve Kunkel were presented with the Boosters Club Sportsmanship Award, receiving a plaque. Their names will also be placed in a plaque in the office.
     The Robert L. Romanski Memorial Award, which is presented by the Lower Alsace Fire Company Social Club to the Outstanding Varsity Boys Basketball player who also exceeds academically, was given to Randy Boyer. He will receive a $50 Award and he will get his name on a plaque that will remain in the office

Individual Team Awards

  MVP Most Improved
Soccer Leon Pace Kerry Motze
Field Hockey Diane Churan
Kelly Clark
Sally Ford
Golf Evan Spohn Jeff Seyfert
Boys' Basketball Randy Boyer Ron Slutsky
Girls' Basketball Diane Churan Peggy Monroe
Boys' Bowling Chris Malinowski Mark Leffler
Girls' Bowling Kathy Ford Lori Czarnecki
Baseball Leon Pace Steve Monroe
Softball Audrey Acker Karen Denby
Tennis Nick Baer Mark Leffler
     The Penn Post newspaper was entered in the American Review Press Associations Annual Review and Contest Awards for the 1985-86 school year. This review scales the newspapers of certain schools on six different catagories, which include the following: content coverage, general plan, page design, editing, art, and creativity. Each catagory is able to obtain a certain number of points which, as a grand total, adds up to 1000.
     This year, the Penn Post received an award of second place. In comparison to last year�s entry, the newspaper�s rating were up in four catagories, however, the overall rating dropped twenty-five points from last year�s first place award. Some suggestions were given by the judges to take into consideration for next year�s newspaper.
         - Cindy Jurasinski

     As many of you may already know, Mount Penn�s athletes will now be allowed to participate in sports that we do not sponsor such as: football, wrestling, cross country and track at Muhlenberg. This choice should benefit both schools, allowing Mt. Penn students to perform their athletic abilities in sports in which they would not normally have the chance to, and possibly giving a boost to the Muhlcnberg sports program. The choice of Muhlenberg was arrived at after much consideration of other school districts, and this should be a successful operation for all those involved.
         - Kerry Motze
     On August 11, a new season of hockey will begin. As a reminder to all in-coming hockey players - COME IN SHAPE. It might be a slight inconvenience to take an hour of your summer day to follow your conditioning sheets, but it will be worth it. Instead of leaving practice sick, you'll feel really good.
     We want to make our hockey team the best ever, so get in shape for a fun and exciting season.
         - Pat Tucci

     Recently ten members of both the Boys and Girls Leader Corps departed to help some very special children participate in the Special Olympics. The students were each responsible for one child, and were to make sure that he got to and participated in each of his events as scheduled. The weather appeared as if it may put a damper on this special day, but the rain held off and the day turned out to be a smashing success. Many of the people who participated in this activity said that they enjoyed it thoroughly and are looking forward to working with these great children next year.
           - Kerry Motze

     The Mounts suffered some extremely tough losses to some excellent teams this season. In the first half of the season the Mounts lost to this year�s county champs Wyomissing, and then to Governor Mifflin, Wilson, and Exeter. Their two wins were against Conrad Weiser and Reading High.
     The Mounts had expectations of being in fourth place but Exeter dealt the Mounts a tough loss with only one Mount to win a match that day. The top three teams were �untouchables,� having so much talent and depth.
     The Mounts then began the second half of the season like the first half of the season: they fell to Wyomissing, Governor Mifflin, and Wilson. They also defeated Reading High and Conrad Weiser again, leaving them with one match left-Exeter. A win at Exeter would tie the Mounts for fourth place, but the Mounts could only pull off two victories and they finished with a 4-8 record.
     Miss Schwarr has optimism for next year with all of her players returing. This year was basically a rebuilding year, and the players did gain much more experience which should be the key to success in the future.
         - Dan Hafetz

     The Senior Prom was held on Friday, June 6th at the Berkshire Sheraton. It was held from 6:30 to 11:00 P.M. There were two choices for dinner, Filet Mignon and Lobster. The entertainment was music by Presence.
         - Sandy Horning