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Thanh Lieu....You're welcome

Thanh Tu
Friendliest Female

Location: Email:
Newtown Square, PA
Husband: Married
Children: 1 boy born in March of 2000
Post H.S.
Thanh graduated from Drexel University in 1991 (along with Chris Malinowski, by the way!)  She received her B.S. in Commerce and Engineering.
Occupation: Thanh works in Wayne, PA for FCG as a manager doing project management consulting work for pharmaceutical companies.

(Thanh was working for 8 years in Wilmington, Delaware for E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. before leaving for her present job.)
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Thanh listed "Business Science" as her planned future career path.
Exciting Things since H.S.: "I had a blast at Drexel and pretty much stayed in the Philadelphia area ever since.  After Drexel, I traveled to Europe with college friends living on credit cards and came back to work for DuPont IT for 8 whole years!  I had a nice career there but moved on to IT consulting work but I'm trying not to travel too much since I now have a child and I am enjoying life."
Thanh Lieu and You're Welcome

Class of 1986

Bob Painter
Thanh Lieu

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
'82 MP ... '83 ... V and S ... Summer-Fall '84 -- KM Tel. 4 pm ... Bey and Wei in Chinatown, N.Y. ... '85 -- BH ... NY -- Friendly ... Wildwood w/Barb ... Bug Attack ... Nette party ... Steff lock key w/no gas ... Thanks Mom (Kia) and Dad (Lam) for your sacrifice and support.

'86 Senior
Class Trip

15 minutes later they were all, just kidding.

Chris Mal Notes:
Thanh has changed her name to Connie.  She also still acknowledges anyone who wants to call her "The Mt. Penn High School Student formerly known as Thanh."  Her middle name is now "Thanh."

Thanh went to Drexel at the same time that I did, but I saw her only a handful of times over that 5 year period because she was on a different "cycle" than I was - when I was on my co-ops, she was at Drexel, and when I was at Drexel, she was on a "co-op."

Thanh was voted "Friendliest female" in the Class of '86.

"Thanh Lieu" is pronounced "Tahn Lou".  It was similar enough to "thank you" that whenever roll was taken and the teacher would say "Thanh Lieu" you'd inevitably hear a few clowns mumble "You're welcome."

From the February 1986 Penn Post

     Imagine the feeling of your first memorable birthday, and how special that day was.  Thanh Lieu, a senior, recently celebrated her first real birthday at the age of 13.
     Thanh is Chinese, but was born in Vietnam where they do not celebrate their real birthdays. Instead, on New Year�s Day everyone turns a year older, and this is why New Years is such an important and celebrated holiday.
     Although Thanh has missed celebrating many of her own birthdays, she doesn�t feel any regret. After all, celebrating a birthday on New Year�s Day is a tradition in her family and culture just as celebrating a birthday on a given day is ours.
           -- Cindy Jurasinski


1986 Girls JV
Bowling Team

1986 MPHS Girls JV Bowling Team starring Kelly Carter!
Click to enlarge!

Nice mop, Darren.
Yearbook Staff
Seniors-Lisa P.
Faculty-Cathy K.
So, the VP has just so much work to do that there just isn't time for the VP to deal with fundraising?
Future Teachers
of America, 1986
Prez: Barb Yerger
VP: Missy Ryan
VP of Fund Raising:
Steven Reis
Treas: Thanh Lieu
Sec: Cyndy Jurasinski
Was Thanh the treasurer for all clubs?
Future Business
Leaders, 1986
Prez: Audrey Acker
VP: Kelly Carter
Treas: Thanh Lieu
Sec: Cori Roboski
Cori and Connie
Cori & Connie
(The Student
formerly known
as Thanh)

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