February 1986

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606


     In the December 1985 issue of The Ensign, a National publication about boating, there was an article about a new class that had been formed by our Miss Luckenbach. Along with Laura Hawkins, Sue Holder and Gail Schell, Miss Luckenbach taught a ��First Mate�s�� course for the Goblets, women of the Schuylkill River auxiliary. Included in the course were topics such as docking, anchoring, handling lines! piloting, and knots. The main purpose of the course was to inform the women and make their boating trips more enjoyable, and most important,
     The idea for this class originated with Miss Luckenbach and she was rewarded for her originality by having the course mentioned in a national publication.
          - Kathleen Petruska

Be loving and you'll never want for love.


     Do you want to learn about electronics, satellite technology, or how a micro-wave works? Do you want to work with cable lasers, or fiber optics? Are you interested in telephone, video or audio communications technology?
     If so you should consider taking a look at the Telecommunications Engineering Technology Degree at Reading Area Community College. Not only will you be able to produce audio and video programs, but you�ll also be able to maintain and troubleshoot the equipment needed to do that production. It enables you to be ready for the jobs of the future.
     There are many courses to choose from. In the Audio Production course you will experience some of the latest in sophisticated sound recording technology and equipment. There are two television production courses and both of these can be encountered at your First year at RACC. In Electronics I and II you can study AC and DC circuitry, theories of resistance, capacitance, current and voltage. They have state of the art individual learning work stations, where you can learn with your hands, at your own pace, to really get ahead. At RACC you can get the training you need to reach for your future.
          - Sandy Horning

     The College Bowl team has won their first two competitions. Their first competition at Reading High School was against Kutztown and Twin Valley. They won by one point. The players for this competition were Brendan Kane-captain, Christine Jurasinski, Jason Miller, and Alan Rosenthal. Their second competition at Kutztown University was against Oley Valley and Fleetwood Area. Fleetwood had 22, Oley had 6, and Mount Penn won with 27. Steve Kunkel replaced Alan Rosenthal for this competition.
     Miss Luckenbach said, "Mount Penn will have to fight really hard to win because the scores of the other schools recorded in competition were higher than Mount Penn�s.�


     8th - Corina Davis, Shelby Davis, Kelly Fegley, Jessica Neuhs, Brian Snyder.
     7th - Hillary Barth, Stephanie Daniels, Amy McGow, Ethan Miller, John Rockowicz.
     As we approach the end of the First semester, I felt it might he necessary to review specific aspects oF the grading process and how it affects your promotion/retention.
     In order to achieve a final passing grade, you must have averaged 60% or better for the quarterly marking periods and the final exam; i.e., the sum of your five grades must he at least 300 or more points in order to produce a minimum 60% average. However, you must also remember that ii you fail the third and fourth quarters you automatically tail the course(s) for the year regardless of your final average.
Examples: 1st qtr. 2nd qtr. 3rd qtr. 4th qtr. exam
a. 92 88 56 57 91
b. 62 66 73 56 65

     The average of the grades in example (a) is 76.8% or a C; however, as a result of failing grades in the third and fourth quarters, that average reverts to a 59 or a failure for the year. In example (b), 322 points have been accumulated for the five grades. When you divide the sum of the five grades (322) by 5 an average of 64.4% or a D is realized.
     You might ask why a policy of this nature exists. What this policy hopefully guarantees is that students exert a modicum of effort during the second semester and during the final exam instead of �relaxing� after passing the first two quarters.
     The only advice we can offer is that you do your best and work to the utmost of your potential at all times. If you heed this advice, every student in our school is capable of passing each course and thereby attaining promotion to the next grade level.
     If you have any questions regarding this or any policy, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment to meet with me to discuss it or to approach the members of your Student Advisory Committee to have it placed on our next agenda.

     This year, you may have noticed a tallish strange-eyed individual roaming our halls with a deck of cards in one hand and a magic book in the other. Well, if you haven�t noticed him then you should look again. His name is Sam Laterza, and lie came to us from Berks Christian.
     Sam started to get interested in magic about two years ago when his father who dabbles in magic, introduced him to it. He says he really doesn�t have a specialty in magic, but he does enjoy the art of manipulation.
     He has studied under another magician, Mark Wilson, at his Magic Camps in 1984 and 1985, but mostly, he learns most of his magic from fellow magicians in the area. They like to practice at the S.W.C. magic shop.
     Sam hasn�t really done any big shows, yet, but for now, he�s content to do picnics, birthday parties, and seasonal parties like Christmas or Halloween.
           -- Jon Franckowiak

     February 14 is known to us as Valentine�s Day. We give valentines to our loved ones, and sometimes we give presents too. Flowers, candy, and red hearts are symbols of Valentine�s Day.
     Valentine�s Day originated From a Roman feast called Lupercalia. Young people drew partners for this February feast from a lot. This custom was later associated with a Christian bishop who was killed on February 14, 271, His name was Valentine.
     Valentine�s Day is also linked to the mating season of birds. It is when the birds choose their partners, and it is an appropriate time For choosing your valentine.
           -- Nancy Snyder


     There is a time and a way for all things to come true and they are all sparked to life by our belief.
     Without the belief in oneself, there is no belief at all.
     There is no greater television screen than our imagination,
     To become who we want to be we must know who we are.
     Truth to our neighbor, that is important, but above air we must be true to ourselves without any consideration of others,
           -- Michael Young

     Welcome back to Mrs. Starr and Mrs. Spatz. Mrs. Starr was out for the first semester for the birth of her son Peter; and Mrs. Spatz was on sabbatical leave. We hope they are happy to be back at Mt. Penn.
     Leaving us are their substitutes, Miss Gerbino and Mrs. Ansell.
           -- Lorraine Tobias

     February 14 to February 16 are the dates for the second annual ski trip to Vermont.  Last year, members of the Girls Leader Corps and other students went on the trip to Bolton Valley. This year, the number of students has nearly doubled. There also is a change in location. Instead of Bolton Valley, the trip will be to ML Snow, which has many more slopes than Bolton Valley. The cost of the trip has also increased a little, from approximately $130 to $146.
           -- Kathleen Petruska

The Y-teens 1 986 Variety Show will he held on March 20, if there are enough people signed up. The 1985 Variety Show was canceled because of lack of interest. Rehearsals will begin near the end of February. This year�s Variety Show will be opened to the entire school, grades 7-12. If you are interested, please contact Miss Weaver. Let�s make this the best show ever!
           -- Kristen Pfahl

     Leah Hill, who recently won $100 and an album on 98 WCAU, also won the chance to play the Sam Goody Album Rush Game. After being the 18th caller, she had 10 seconds to name as many albums by the name of the album and artist as she could. Leah managed to name and win 14 albums of her choice.
           -- Heather Hill

FOR 1985

In the past year of 1985 many new things have been discovered and explored. Here listed are some events of 1985 according to Science News Magazine.

1. Archaeologists found that the Maya civilization of Central America flourished even as Spanish conquests was imminent in the early 1500�s.

2. The Titanic was located with equipment that will revolutionize the surveying of the oceans and the sea floor.

3. A galaxy with two centers was found.

4. Studies showed that left-handed people appear to be able to withstand moderate brain damage.

5. Observations by scientists think that human ancestors were scavengers rather than hunters.

     These are just a few out of the many new things discovered in 1985. Perhaps 1986 will hold a cure for AIDS, an answer to the explosion of the Challenger or a cheap, effective method of disposing of toxic waste.
           -- Pam Tucci

     Our school has had the honor of educating students that are now some of the most successful people in the world of occupations. Every issue we will focus on one of these people.
     Scott Clark, Class of �78, graduated from Hahnnemann Medical College, June 1984. He completed his premedical college requirements in 2 years at Lehigh University, graduating from Lehigh in June of 1980. Scott served his 1st year of residency at Lehigh Valley Medical Center Hospital working in Surgery with the trauma unit and the Medivac helicopter patients. At the present time, Scott is in his second year of residency at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia working in Anesthesiology,
     Our list will continue next issue. If you know of any other success stories about graduates of Mt. Penn we are very interested in adding them to our List. Please send your information to the Penn Post or to Lorraine Tobias.
           -- Lorraine Tobias

     Joy Christman, a sophomore, was the answer to last issue�s mystery student.
     This issue�s mystery student, a freshman girl, has brown hair and green eyes. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, talking on the phone, and being with her Friends. Outside of school, her hobbies include ice skating and playing hockey. In school, the subject that interests her the most right now is algebra. Although she had a hard time thinking of something extra to say, she did happen to mention that Phil Collins was one of her favorite singers.
           -- Cindy Jurasinski

Seniors of the Issue

Karen Denby


     The female senior of the issue is Karen Denby. Karen belongs to many clubs and participates in extra curricular activities. She is presently in Y-teens, Girls Leader Corps, National Honor Society, and Penn Alma, She is also the co-captain of the cheerleading team. Along with these activities, Karen also plays field hockey, softball and volleyball.
     Karen�s favorite subject is Anatomy and Physiology. In her spare time� Karen enjoys being with friends and listening to Sting.
     Karen is planning to go to college after graduation, and pursue a career in nursing.
           -- Dan Hafetz

     Imagine the feeling of your first memorable birthday, and how special that day was. Thanh Lieu, a senior, recently celebrated her first real birthday at the age of 13.
     Thanh is Chinese, but was born in Vietnam where they do not celebrate their real birthdays. Instead, on New Year�s Day everyone turns a year older, and this is why New Years is such an important and celebrated holiday.
     Although Thanh has missed celebrating many of her own birthdays, she doesn�t feel any regret. After all, celebrating a birthday on New Year�s Day is a tradition in her family and culture just as celebrating a birthday on a given day is ours.
           -- Cindy Jurasinski

The following 10th grade names were inadvertently omitted from the 1st quarter Merit Honor Roll List:
     Kathleen Petruska
     Jocelyn Quaintance
     Rebecca Weita
     Marsha Yerger
Steve Kunkel, our Male Senior of the Issue, is a member of College Bowl, Boys� Leader Corps and Science Club. Steve is also president of the United Nation�s Club. Basketball and golf are two sports in which he participates. American Government is Steve�s favorite subject in school.
     In his spare time, he enjoys sleeping, eating, listening to Bryan Adams, and being with his friends.
     Steve�s plans for the future are to attend college in Virginia and study political science.
           -- Sandy Horning


Junior High

Senior High

Grade 7
Stephanie Daniels
Elliot Dowling
John Gruber
Amy McGow
Ethan Miller

Grade 8
Shelby Davis
Amanda McGuire
Jessica Neuhs
Greg Pocrass
Brian Snyder

Grade 9
Leah Hill
Malinda Hill
Yen Lieu
Jennifer Rearden
Jenny Reimert

Grade 12
C. Jurasinski
Elizabeth Rosser
Grade 10
Kristen Bukowski
Joy Christman
Mike Dautrich
Dan Hafetz
Sandy Horning
Cynthia Jurasinski
Margaret Monroe
Kathleen Petruska
Jocelyn Quaintance

Grade 11

Nick Baer
Lee Bleyer
Jennifer Eckel
John Henry
Gloria Hutcheson
Kevin Krick
Norine Miller
Steve Reis
Alan Rosenthal
Jennifer Schickler
Evangelina Siklas
Stephanie Sosh




Outstanding Athletes

Randy Boyer, stealer of the Stats Exam
Amy Miller, 1986

     This issues male athlete is 62�, weighs 180 lbs., is a senior and is co-captain of this year�s varsity basketball team. His name as most of you know, is Randy Boyer. Randy is a starting forward and is currently averaging 14 points per game. He has been involved in the Mt. Penn basketball program for 4 years, playing varsity since 10th grade. Randy also plays baseball and is co-captain of the volleyball team.
     Not only is Randy a good athlete, but also is very active in clubs. He is on the yearbook staff, president of the Leader Corps, National Honor Society, and the Senior class Vice-president. In his spare time Randy enjoys �shooting hoops,� watching movies, and sleeping.
           -- Dan Hafetz

     This year�s boys bowling team got off to a slow start, losing 3 straight games to the division favorite Exeter team. Chris Malinowski had the high triple of 576. Mt. Penn then took 2 of 3 games from Twin Valley. Mark Leffler had the high game of 248 and the highest triple of 611. Their record as of now stands at 2-4, but should be improving rapidly.
     The boys JV has a record of 3-3 and has an optimistic outlook for the future.

Chris Malinowski
Mark Leffler
Nick Baer
Jeff Hoyt
Scott Sipe
Dave Blose
Chris Gockley
Jon Franckowiak
Todd Boyer

Coach - Mr. Fegley

           -- Kerry Motze

     The boys basketball team has a record of 7-5 overall and a 2-1 record in league play. After opening with a great 64-58 win over a very strong Wyomissing team, Mt. Penn then suffered a tough loss to Central. Mt. Penn then bounced right back to defeat Daniel Boone 61-45 to have the league record stand at 2-1 . The other schools in our league include Twin Valley and Oley who we have not yet played. Our team is hoping to play well in league and possibly win the division. Our team is very confident and should show strong in every outing.
     The J .V.�s have a 2-1 league record also and are hoping to play well the rest of the season.

Randy Boyer
Steve Kunkel
Darren Max
Barry Mowery
Leon Pace
Jeff Petersen
Ron Slutsky
Marc Goldstein
John Henry
Dave Rogers
Derek Hutcheson
Kerry Motze
Victor Calveresi
Mike Dautrich
Jason Miller
Jeff Seyfert
Harry Siklas
Charles Truckmiller
Tom Calveresi
Mike Henry
Greg Holland
Andrew Klein
Joe Long
Don Miller
Al Worral

Wyomissing wins by only 1 point. Mountaineers defeat Central.
           -- Kerry Motze

     The female athlete of the issue is a junior who plays girls basketball.  Amy Miller is a starting forward and one of the leaders on the team.  Amy has played Varsity basketball since her freshman year and has proved to be very effective for the Mounts this year.  She should also be very effective next year.  Other than basketball, Amy plays varsity field hockey.  Amy also participates in Y-teens, Girls Leader Corps, and Student Council.
     In her spare time she enjoys reading, driving her car, and being with her friends.
     Coach Thomas feels very confident with Amy and expects Amy to be very valuable next year also.
           -- Dan Hafetz

     The girls bowling team got off to a good start, achieving a 4-2 record after two matches. They started by defeating Exeter in 2 out of 3 games. In their next match they defeated Twin Valley by the same score. Kathy Ford led the team against Exeter with a high triple of 478 and Sally Ford led the girls over Twin Valley with a 444 triple.
     The girls J.V is also doing very well with a record of 3-3 and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

Kathy Ford
Mindy Snyder
Lori Czarnecki
Sally Ford
Audrey Acker
Kelly Carter
Thanh Lieu
Lisa Jozwiac
Marcie Smith

Coach - Mr. Fegley

           -- Kerry Motze

     Even though half of the season is over, the Mt. Penn girls� basketball team still has most of their league games ahead of them.
     At the start of the season, on December 6th at Fleetwood, the visiting team, Mt. Penn, lost to the Tigers. However, Mt. Penn came back on the eleventh to defeat Tulpehocken by 27 points. In the following games, the Mounts didn�t fair as well. After losing several non-league games to Kutztown, Exeter, Holy Name, and Conrad Weiser, Mt. Penn was ready to fight. On January 9th, the Mounts clashed with the Cardinals. Mt. Penn held tight in the first quarter and was down by only six baskets at the end of the first half In the second half the Mounts kept up their spirits along with their defense by coming within 5 points of Central.
     The girls� junior varsity teams� spirits are still high despite their losses. Their efforts show through in each game.

Diane Churan
Amy Miller
Cindy Jurasinski
Amy Milakofsky
Peggy Monroe
Krissy Bukowski
Deb Albrecht
Kristen Motley
Judy Krize
Judy Krize
Kristen Motley
Cathy Krize
Jen Reimert
Jen Rearden
Valerie Kring
Michelle Huber
Chris Morrison

           -- Cindy Jurasinski