Todd Weikel

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Todd M.

Todd Weikel, 6th Grade

Todd Weikel

Todd Weikel, September 2001

Todd Weikel, 2006

Location: Phone: Email:
Mt. Penn, PA (610) 373-5276 (Work - "Weikel Sportswear") Unknown

Todd Weikel & Jenny Reimert

Todd and Jen (Reimert) Weikel at the 20-Year Reunion, 2006


Jenny Reimert
& Todd Weikel

Married 9/16/95


September 2001
The Weikel Family at the 15-Year Reunion

Wife: Jenny Reimert - MPHS Class of '89 (married 9/16/95)
Children: Two, a boy and a girl
Occupation: Owner of Weikel Sportswear - Silkscreening and Embroidering
(336 South 18th Street, Reading, PA 19602)

Todd bought the lot across the street from the Mt. Penn Post Office (located in St. Lawrence) and is building a new shop for his business.
Pets: 1 Dog - Black Lab named Abby
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Todd listed "Air Conditioning and Refrigeration" as his future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Neversink Mountain ... Cruising Pottstown ... Drive In ... Othr's Pool Room ... 55 Olds ... Barclay, Sam, Mark, Joe, Roger, Steve, Mike V., Jack, Daryl, Warren, William, Mike G.
Chris Mal Notes:
Todd holds the class record for largest sized checks. His check for the 10-year reunion was about 8 1/2" x 11"! Biggest check that I have ever seen.
Marta Weitz Notes:
When I was in kindergarten, Karen Denby and I both had parents who worked, so we had to go to Mt Penn instead of Pennside for kindergarten due to having to go to "day care."  The day care was in the church at the bottom of the hill where Mt. Penn elementary is located, which happens to also be the same street that Todd Weikel lived.  (The funny part about the day care, is that it was in a church...I guess they made an exception to let Becca and I go there.)  Every day Karen and I would go to day care, then we would walk up the hill together when it was time to go to kindergarten (yes, we did this alone without any adults...imagine that happening today).  Well, we would get almost to the top of the hill and meet up with Todd, at which point we would race him over to school.  Looking back on this it's kind of unfair!  I mean, we had walked up the whole hill then we had to race him!!!  That's not really fair.  But then again, I guess we were the stupid ones, because we continued to do it every day!
Todd Weikel, Vo-Tech, 1986
'86 Vo-Tech
Ya know, unless you're doing silk screening under that microscope, I'm just not interested...
Eddie Curry &
Todd Weikel

15-Year Reunion

Todd and Erich, looking thrilled to have their pictures taken.

Todd Weikel &
Erich Pfahl

Average number of shirts that
Todd sells every day:

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