2003 ASL FAAB$

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2003 ASL

Note that I make no claim regarding the accuracy of the above FAAB$ numbers.  There's always a possibility that I've made a math error.  The All-Star Stats web-site should be used to verify remaining FAAB dollars.

from NL
Gerry's Kids $60 $40  
??????? $31 $69  
Daley $16 $84  
Rug Burns $11 $89  
Drewers $7 $93  
DeCoys $2 $101 +$3
City Slickers $2 $98  
Malignancies $2 $117 +$19
The Chicken $0 $114 +$14
Dodge $0 $102 +$2
Perk & Beans $0 $100  
K-9's $0 $100  

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Last Week of Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 9/22/03

Kurt Ainsworth (Bal, p)
$7-Daley Doubles

Week #24 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 9/15/03

Jonny Gomes (TB, of) Kenny Rogers (Min, p) Justin Duchscherer (Oak, p)
$7-Daley Doubles $6-Malignancies $5-Daley Doubles
$5-Gerry's Kids $5-Daley Doubles  
  $5-Gerry's Kids  

Week #23 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 9/08/03

Pete LaForest (TB, c-dh) Jeff Cirillo (Sea, 3b) Adam Melhuse (Oak, c)
$6-Malignancies $5-Daley Doubles $5-Rug Burns
David DeJesus (KC, of) Michael Ryan (Min, of)  
$5-Malignancies $5-Malignancies  

Week #22 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 9/01/03

Rondell White (KC, of) Doug Waechter (TB, p) Erick Almonte (NYY, ss)
$19-Daley Doubles $2-Rug Burns $1-Daley Doubles
$19-Malignancies   $1-Malignancies
$2  -DeCoys    
Danny Klassen (Det, 3b) Gabe White (NYY, p) Jamie Burke (CWS, c)
$1-Malignancies $1-Malignancies $1-Malignancies

Week #21 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 8/25/03

Scott Sullivan (CWS, p) B.J. Ryan (Bal, p) Tim Raines, Jr. (Bal, of)
$6-San Drago Chicken $4-Malignancies $3-DeCoys
$2-Daley Doubles   $3-Malignancies
$2-Malignancies   $1-Daley Doubles
Rob Bowen (Min, c) Mike Wood (Oak, p)  
$1-DeCoys $1-Malignancies  

Week #20 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 8/18/03

Julio DePaula (NYY, p) Juan Dominguez (Tex, p) Neal Cotts (CWS, p)
$5-Rug Burns $5-Rug Burns $1-DeCoys
  $1-DeCoys $1-Daley Doubles
  $1-Daley Doubles  
Jim Mecir (Oak, p) Shane Loux (Det, p) Eric Eckenstahler (Cle, p)
$1-Daley Doubles $1-Dodge Polaras $1-San Drago Chicken
Adam Riggs (Ana, 2b-of) Mendy Lopez (KC, 1b)  
$1-San Drago Chicken $1-San Drago Chicken  

Week #19 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 8/11/03

Chad Meyers (Sea, 2b) Erasmo Ramirez (Tex, p) Jack Cressend (Cle, p)
$3-Gerry's Kids $1-DeCoys $1-City Slickers
    $1-Daley Doubles
Bart Miadich (Ana, p)    
$1-Daley Doubles    

Week #18 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 8/04/03

Aaron Boone (NYY, 3b) Jose Guillen (Oak, of) Damian Moss (Bal, p)
$77-Perk & Beans $64-San Drago Chicken $58-K9s
$64-San Drago Chicken ($77-Perk & Beans) $22-Perk & Beans
$58-K9s $58-K9s $  9-Daley Doubles
$32-DeCoys $22-DeCoys $  4-San Drago Chicken
$14-Malignancies $14-Malignancies $  4-Malignancies
Scott Williamson (Bos, p) Jeff Suppan (Bos, p) Ramon Nivar (Tex, of)
$30-DeCoys $22-Perk & Beans $7-DeCoys
($45-K9s) ($32-San Drago Chicken) ($19-K9s)
$30-San Drago Chicken ($22-K9s) $3-City Slickers
$22-Perk & Beans $12-Daley Doubles $3-Daley Doubles
$17-Daley Doubles $11-DeCoys $3-Malignancies
$16-Malignancies $  7-Malignancies  
Chad Harville (Oak, p) David Dellucci (NYY, of) Chad Gaudin (TB, p)
$6-Malignancies $3-San Drago Chicken $2-DeCoys
$5-San Drago Chicken $3-Malignancies  
$3-Daley Doubles $2-DeCoys  
  $1-Daley Doubles  
Jon Switzer (TB, p) Corey Thurman (Tor, p) Angel Santos (Cle, 2b)
$2-DeCoys $2-City Slickers $1-DeCoys
Danny Patterson (Det, p) Aaron Looper (Sea, p)  
$1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys  

Week #17 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 7/28/03

Trever Miller (Tor, p) Eric DuBose (Bal, p) Jason Jones (Tex, of)
$8-San Drago Chicken $5-K9s $2-DeCoys
  $1-Daley Doubles $1-Daley Doubles
Matt Ginter (CWS, p)    
$1-Daley Doubles    

Week #16 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 7/21/03

Armando Benitez (NYY, p) Marcus Thames (Tex, of) Matt Diaz (TB, of)
$27-??????? $4-Gerry's Kids $3-DeCoys
$19-Daley Doubles $1-San Drago Chicken $1-Rug Burns
$10-San Drago Chicken    
$  8-Rug Burns    
$  6-DeCoys    
$  4-Malignancies    
Dan Reichert (Tor, p)    

Week #15 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 7/14/03

Chris Mears (Det, p) Ben Petrick (Det, of) Julius Matos (KC, 2b)
$37-Rug Burns $7-Daley Doubles $2-City Slickers
$12-Malignancies $7-Malignancies  
$  5-City Slickers $2-Rug Burns  
Al Reyes (NYY, p) Rafael Betancourt (Cle, p) Jason Kershner (Tor, p)
$2-Rug Burns $1-DeCoys $1-City Slickers
  $1-City Slickers  
Ron Mahay (Tex, p) James Baldwin (KC, p)  
$1-City Slickers $1-San Drago Chicken  

Week #14 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 7/07/03

Roberto Alomar (CWS, 2b) Curtis Leskanic (KC, p) Todd Jones (Bos, p)
$72-Drewers $5-??????? $3-Daley Doubles
$65-Gerry's Kids $3-San Drago Chicken  
$56-DeCoys $2-Gerry's Kids  
$49-??????? $1-Daley Doubles  
$45-Daley Doubles    
$43-San Drago Chicken    
$33-Rug Burns    
Jarrod Patterson (KC, 3b) Jason Standridge (TB, p) Alex Herrera (Cle, p)
$2-Daley Doubles $2-Rug Burns $1-DeCoys
Jason Stanford (Cle, p) Denny Hocking (Min, if) Grant Balfour (Min, p)
$1-DeCoys $1-Dodge Polaras $1-Malignancies

Week #13 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 6/30/03

Gabe Kapler (Bos, of) Scott Service (Tor, p) Jose Lima (KC, p)
$48-City Slickers $4-Malignancies $4-San Drago Chicken
$20-Drewers   $1-Malignancies
$14-Rug Burns    
Dan Miceli (NYY, p) Tony Mounce (Tex, p)  
$3-Malignancies $2-San Drago Chicken  
$3-Rug Burns    

Week #12 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 6/23/03

Fernando Rodney (Det, p) A.J. Hinch (Det, c) Morgan Burkhart (KC, 1b)
$5-Rug Burns $3-DeCoys $2-DeCoys
$1-Daley Doubles $2-Malignancies  
$1-City Slickers $1-Daley Doubles  
Luis Ugueto (Sea, ss) Rosman Garcia (Tex, p)  
$1-DeCoys $1-City Slickers  

Week #11 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 6/16/03

Corey Thurman (Tor, p) Luis Ugueto (Sea, ss) Ernie Young (Det, of)
$2-??????? $2-K9s $1-DeCoys
Howie Clark (Tor, 3b) Carlos Mendez (Bal, dh) Mike Smith (Tor, p)
$1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys $1-???????

Week #10 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 6/09/03

Jeff Liefer (TB, 1b) Victor Santos (Tex, p) Mike Nakamura (Min, p)
$22-City Slickers $3-Gerry's Kids $2-DeCoys
$12-Drewers   $2-Rug Burns
$  6-DeCoys    
$  6-Daley Doubles    
$  5-Malignancies    
$  4-Gerry's Kids    
$  2-K9s    
Carlos Reyes (TB, p) Aaron Guiel (KC, of) Hector Almonte (Bos, p)
$2-City Slickers $2-Gerry's Kids $1-Daley Doubles
Warren Morris (Det, 2b)    
$1-Gerry's Kids    

Week #9 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 6/02/03

Bung-Hole Kim (Bos, p) Alex Sanchez (Det, of) Lew Ford (Min, of)
$70-Dodge Polaras $52-Malignancies $7-Rug Burns
$47-San Drago Chicken $42-City Slickers $1-DeCoys 
$46-Malignancies $42-Perk & Beans $1-Malignancies
$42-Perk & Beans $37-Daley Doubles  
$40-City Slickers $28-???????  
$40-Rug Burns $27-Rug Burns  
$33-Gerry's Kids $26-Gerry's Kids  
$27-Daley Doubles $21-K9s  
$21-DeCoys $16-DeCoys  
  $14-San Drago Chicken  
Billy McMillon (Oak, of) Zach Sorensen (Cle, if) Brent Abernathy (KC, 2b)
$5-K9s $2-DeCoys $1-DeCoys
$2-DeCoys   $1-Daley Doubles
Adam Melhuse (Oak, c) Rosman Garcia (Tex, p) Aaron Guiel (KC, of)
$1-DeCoys $1-??????? $1-Malignancies
    $1-Gerry's Kids

Week #8 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 5/26/03

Jason Bere (Cle, p) Kris Wilson (KC, p) Darrell May (KC, p)
$6-Gerry's Kids $2-Gerry's Kids $1-Malignancies
$1-San Drago Chicken    
Steve Avery (Det, p)    
$1-San Drago Chicken    

Week #7 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 5/19/03

Julio Lugo (TB, ss) Reed Johnson (Tor, of) Brian Shouse (Tex, p)
$13-Gerry's Kids $12-San Drago Chicken $5-Drewers
$13-Rug Burns $  1-DeCoys  
$12-San Drago Chicken $  1-Malignancies  
$  9-Dodge Polaras    
$  6-City Slickers    
$  3-Daley Doubles    
Jeremi Gonzalez (TB, p) Kevin Witt (Det, 1b) Matt Roney (Det, p)
$4-Gerry's Kids $3-Daley Doubles $2-Gerry's Kids
$4-Dodge Polaras $1-DeCoys  
$3-Rug Burns $1-San Drago Chicken  

Week #6 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 5/12/03

John Rocker (TB, p) Brian Bowles (Tor, p) Sean Lowe (KC, p)
$13-Dodge Polaras $2-??????? $2-Rug Burns
$  5-Daley Doubles $2-Rug Burns  
$  5-Malignancies    
Alan Benes (Tex, p) Jose Morban (Bal, ss) Mike Neu (Oak, p)
$1-DeCoys $1-Daley Doubles $1-Daley Doubles
Chris Spurling (Det, p) Bruce Chen (Bos, p)  
$1-Dodge Polaras $1-Malignancies  

Week #5 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 5/05/03

R.A. Dickey (Tex, p) Gary Knotts (Det, p) Joaquin Benoit (Tex, p)
$4-Rug Burns $1-Daley Doubles $1-DeCoys
Eric DuBose (Bal, p) Jamie Walker (Det, p) Steve Sparks (Det, p)
$1-Malignancies $1-Malignancies $1-Malignancies
Al Reyes (NYY, p) Kelly Wunsch (CWS, p) Chris Gomez (Min, ss)
$1-Dodge Polaras $1-Dodge Polaras $1-Dodge Polaras
Doug Davis (Tor, p)    
$1-Dodge Polaras    

Week #4 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 4/28/03

Chris Truby (TB, 3b) Jim Mecir (Oak, p) Jeff DaVanon (Ana, of)
$8-DeCoys $6-San Drago Chicken $5-Dodge Polaras
$2-San Drago Chicken $1-Daley Doubles $1-Malignancies
$1-Malignancies $1-Malignancies $1-San Drago Chicken
Derrick Turnbow (Ana, p) Esteban Yan (Tex, p) Tom Prince (Mon, c)
$3-??????? $1-Daley Doubles $1-Dodge Polaras
    $1-San Drago Chicken
Aaron Fultz (Tex, p) Matt Roney (Det, p)  
$1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys  
$1-San Drago Chicken    

Week #3 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 4/21/03

Craig Monroe (Det, of) Ryan Christenson (Tex, of) Jake Westbrook (Cle, p)
$14-K9s $3-??????? $3-Dodge Polaras
$13-Rug Burns $3-Dodge Polaras $1-Daley Doubles
$  6-DeCoys $1-K9s  
$  3-Dodge Polaras    
Mike Fetters (Min, p) Steve Woodard (Bos, p) Terry Shumpert (TB, 2b)
$2-City Clickers $1-Daley Doubles $1-Malignancies
Jason Shiell (Bos, p) Kris Wilson (KC, p) Jason Kershner (Tor, p)
$1-City Slickers $1-Dodge Polaras $1-Dodge Polaras
$1-Rug Burns    
Tim Laker (Cle, c) Rick White (CWS, p)  
$1-San Drago Chicken $1-San Drago Chicken  

Week #2 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 4/14/03

Bill Selby (Cle, 3b) John McDonald (Cle, 2b) Al Levine (TB, p)
$3-??????? $3-??????? $3-City Slickers
Rontrez Johnson (KC, of) Juan Rincon (Min, p) Rick Bauer (Bal, p)
$3-City Slickers $3-City Slickers $2-???????
Micah Bowie (Oak, p) Julio Mateo (Sea, p) Gary Knotts (Det, p)
$2-??????? $2-??????? $1-Daley Doubles
  $1-City Slickers $1-City Slickers
Mike DiFelice (KC, c)    

Week #1 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 4/07/03

Damion Easley (TB, 2b) Erick Almonte (NYY, ss) Tony Graffanino (CWS, 2b)
$16-Drewers $13-Rug Burns $11-Daley Doubles
$10-K9s $11-Perk and Beans $  5-Dodge Polaras
$  9-Rug Burns $  9-Malignancies $  3-DeCoys
$  8-??????? $  9-DeCoys $  3-Rug Burns
$  7-Daley Doubles $  9-K9s $  2-City Slickers
$  7-Malignancies $  8-Drewers  
$  4-City Slickers $  7-???????  
$  1-DeCoys $  7-City Slickers  
  $  4-San Drago Chicken  
  $  1-Daley Doubles  
Brandon Lyon (Bos, p) Sterling Hitchcock (NYY, p) Rey Ordonez (TB, ss)
$8-Malignancies $7-??????? $7-City Slickers
$5-??????? $3-DeCoys $4-San Drago Chicken
$5-Dodge Polaras   $2-K9s
$5-K9s   $1-Malignancies
$4-City Slickers   $1-Drewers
$4-San Drago Chicken    
$2-Rug Burns    
$1-Perk & Beans    
Denny Hocking (Min, if) Chris George (KC, p) Benji Gil (Tex, ss)
$4-??????? $3-K9s $3-Daley Doubles
  $3-??????? $2-???????
  $3-Rug Burns  
  $3-Perk & Beans  
  $2-City Slickers  
  $1-San Drago Chicken  
Adam Bernero (Det, p) Bob File (Tor, p) Jeremy Fikac (Oak, p)
$3-DeCoys $2-??????? $2-City Slickers
$1-City Slickers   $2-Malignancies
Giovanni Carrara (Sea, p) Scot Shields (Ana, p) Brook Fordyce (Bal, c)
$2-Malignancies $2-Malignancies $2-DeCoys
$1-DeCoys $1-Daley Doubles  
$1-Dodge Polaras    
$1-Perk & Beans    
Julio Ramirez (Ana, of) Aquilino Lopez (Tor, p) Willie Bloomquist (Sea, 2b)
$2-DeCoys $2-DeCoys $2-DeCoys
  $1-Dodge Polaras  
Steve Sparks (Det, p) Josh Stewart (CWS, p) Terry Shumpert (TB, 2b)
$2-K9s $2-K9s $2-K9s
$1-Daley Doubles   $1-Malignancies
$1-San Drago Chicken   $1-Perk & Beans
Dave Berg (Tor, 3b) Jeff Tam (Tor, p) D.J. Carrasco (KC, p)
$1-Daley Doubles $1-Daley Doubles $1-Malignancies
$1-DeCoys $1-Perk & Beans $1-DeCoys
  $1-San Drago Chicken  
Rick White (CWS, p) Wil Ledezma (Det, p) Jamie Walker (Det, p)
$1-Malignancies $1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys
    $1-San Drago Chicken
Gary Glover (CWS, p) Jason Anderson (NYY, p) Miguel Asencio (KC, p)
$1-DeCoys $1-Dodge Polaras $1-Perk and Beans
Chad Kreuter (Tex, c) Mark Johnson (Oak, c)  
$1-San Drago Chicken $1-San Drago Chicken