2001 ASL FAAB$

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2001 ASL

from NL
Question Marks $81 $19  
Malignancies $68 $59 +$7
Beltin Johns $62 $38   
Drewers $53 $47  
K-9's $45 $55  
City Slickers $32 $68  
DeCoys $27 $86 +$13
Rug Burns $26 $74  
Daley Doubles $4 $100 +$4
Gerry's Kids $4 $99 +$3
The Chicken $2 $98  
Dodge Polaras $0 $100  

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Best 2001 FAAB Pick-Ups

Team Player $ Week
Performance after pick-up (Active roster stats)
DeCoys Joel Pineiro $1 #14 Pineiro was called up in July of 2001 and finished in spectacular fashion winning 6 with a 2.10 ERA, 0.95 Ratio in 73 IP.  Pineiro proved he belonged and was one of the best pitchers in the AL in 2002: 14 W, 3.24 ERA, 1.25 Ratio in 194 IP.  He got 1-year extension by Pete before 2003, making his salary $6.  Pete traded him to Chris mid-season 2003.  Pineiro won 16 more in 2003 with a 3.78 ERA, 1.27 Ratio in 211 IP.
DeCoys Michael Young $6 #8 Young turned into a keeper for the next 2 years.  For Pete in 2001: .252-11-47-3 in 373 ABs.  Pete traded him to Dale in the off-season and Dale traded him in the middle of 2002 to Matt Dodge.  His 2002 #'s looked like this:  .262-9-62-6.  Matt traded him for a draft pick in the off-season to Jon Perkins.  Young broke out in 2003: .306-14-72-13.
Malignancies Randall Simon $2 #11 Simon did OK for a $2 investment in 2001: .306-6-37-0 in 248 AB.  In the off-season, though, Chris traded him to Drew for a draft pick.  Simon had his career year for Drew in 2002: .301-19-82-0 in 482 AB.  Simon was traded to the NL before the 2003 season.
The Chicken Ugueth Urbina $33 #18 Urbina was traded to the Red Sox at the deadline.  This was pretty much the only big time FAAB selection that even remotely was worth the money:  9 Saves, 2.55 ERA, 0.96 Ratio in 17-2/3 IP.  The Chicken traded him to Matt Dodge in the off-season and was kept for 2002.  He save FORTY games in 2002!  He also had 1 W, 3.00 ERA and 1.07 Ratio.
Daley Doubles Marty Cordova $1 #2 Cordova hit .360-7-28-0 in 125AB before Dale traded him to Mark Bennett who got his out of him: .273-12-39-0 in 278 ABs.  Cordova was a keeper for Mark in 2002: .256-18-64-1.  That was enough to make Cordova retire.
City Slickers Paul Quantrill $2 #1 9 W, 2 Saves, 3.44 ERA, 1.25 Ratio for the Blue Jays
City Slickers Al Levine $1 #1 8 W, 2 Saves, 2.67 ERA, 1.40 Ratio for the Angels
Malignancies Victor Zambrano $3 #12 6 W, 2 Saves, 2.96 ERA, 1.07 Ratio in 49 IP for the Devil Rays.
DeCoys Ramon Hernandez $7 #12 A bit of a tactical error here on my part.  I released Hernandez the previous week.  I was out of the race and Hernandez was in his last year for me, so I thought I could get people to eat up some FAAB.  It didn't work.  No one was paying attention and Pete stole him for just $7 and he had a nice second half: .279-12-39-1 in 233 AB.  He probably should have been kept by someone.  He went for $10 in the 2002 draft.
Question Marks Doug Davis $2 #9 9 W, 3.80 ERA, 1.42 Ratio for the Rangers.  Mark kept him for 2002, but shouldn't have.  Davis didn't start out well and finished the year in the minors.  3 W, 4.98 ERA, 1.49 Ratio in 60 IP.
Daley Doubles Jose Macias $1 #1 .252-5-36-17 for the Tigers.  Dale kept him in 2002, but shouldn't have.  Dale released him in June after he did this: .238-0-12-6.
DeCoys Shawn Wooten $5 #1 Wooten was just a part-time player, and has remained that way, but he qualifies at catcher every year which makes him look pretty good.  In 2001 he did this for Pete: .309-8-31-2 in 217 AB.  He was injured going into 2002, so he was thrown back and redrafted for $1.
Rug Burns Jose Canseco $20 #12 Canseco wasn't playing for anyone until mid-year before signing with the White Sox.  He did OK: .256-16-44-2.  $20 worth of FAAB has certainly been spent on a lot worse.
Beltin Jons Shea Hillenbrand $12 #1 Hillenbrand, a high-average hitter with little power who never walked, was thrust into the Red Sox line-up for lack of a better option, and well outperformed expectations:  .261-11-46-3 in 422 AB.  He wasn't a keeper, though, and was thrown back and redrafted for $3 in 2002.
Drewers Willis Roberts $15 #2 Roberts was thrust into the closers role.  He did OK for a while before imploding.  He gave Drew 7 wins and 6 saves which was good, but a 5.37 ERA and 1.53 Ratio was wasn't so good.

Final Week of Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 8/27/01

Eyre, Scott (Tor, p) Erdos, Todd (Bos, p) McDill, Allen (Bos, p)
$3-Malignancies $3-Malignancies $2-Malignancies
$1-Dodge Polaras    
Perisho, Matt (Det, p) Petkovsek, Mark (Tex, p)  
$1-Malignancies $1-San Drago Chicken  
$1-San Drago Chicken    

Week #20 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 8/20/01

John Barnes (Min, of) John Wasdin (Bos, p) Bobby Seay (TB, p)
$5-DeCoys $2-Dodge Polaras $1-Malignancies
$2-Question Marks    
Dan Kolb (Tex, p) John Bale (Bal, p) Rich Rodriguez (Cle, p)
$1-San Drago Chicken $1-Dodge Polaras $1-Dodge Polaras
Mark Guthrie (Oak, p) Mark Lukasiewicz (Ana, p)  
$1-Dodge Polaras $1-Dodge Polaras  

Week #19 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 8/13/01

Nate Cornejo (Det, p) Jared Sandberg (TB, 3b) Brad Thomas (Min, p)
$5-Malignancies $5-Malignancies $4-K9's
$4-K9's $2-K9's  
$3-City Slickers $2-Daley Doubles  
$3-Rug Burns $1-Dodge Polaras  
$1-Dodge Polaras    
Juan Moreno (Tex, p) Greg Myers (Oak, c)  
$1-City Slickers $1-Dodge Polaras  
$1-Dodge Polaras    

Week #18 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 8/06/01

Rick Reed (Min, p) Ugueth Urbina (Bos, p) Sterling Hitchcock (NYY, p)
$38-Gerry's Kids $33-San Drago Chicken $27-Gerry's Kids
$33-San Drago Chicken $25-DeCoys $12-DeCoys
$30-City Slickers $25-Malignancies $  8-Question Marks
$26-Rug Burns $24-K9's $  7-San Drago Chicken
$15-Drewers $20-Drewers $  4-Malignancies
$12-Malignancies $17-Question Marks  
$11-Question Marks    
$  9-DeCoys    
Kris Foster (Bal, p) Brandon Lyon (Tor, p) Luis Pineda (Det, p)
$7-Malignancies $5-DeCoys $2-DeCoys
$7-Dodge Polaras $3-Gerry's Kids ($3-Gerry's Kids)
$6-DeCoys $2-K9's $1-Malignancies
$5-Question Marks $2-Malignancies $1-San Drago Chicken
$1-San Drago Chicken $1-San Drago Chicken  

Week #17 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 7/30/01

Neifi Perez (KC, ss) Matt DeWitt (Tor, p) Nick Bierbrodt (TB, p)
$12-San Drago Chicken $5-Question Marks $3-Malignancies
$11-City Slickers   $3-Rug Burns
$10-Question Marks   $2-DeCoys
$  7-Malignancies   $1-Question Marks
    $1-San Drago Chicken
Dan Wright (CWS, p) Casey Fossum (Bos, p) Jason Standridge (TB, p)
$3-Rug Burns $2-DeCoys $2-K9's
$2-Question Marks $2-Malignancies $1-DeCoys
$2-DeCoys   $1-Malignancies
Brandon Villafuerte (Tex, p) Enrique Wilson (NYY, 2-3-s) Craig Monroe (Tex, of)
$1-Question Marks $1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys
  $1-Malignancies $1-Malignancies

Week #16 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 7/23/01

Brett Jodie (NYY, p) Victor Santos (TB, p) Grant Balfour (Min, p)
$5-Rug Burns $3-Dodge Polaras $2-Malignancies
Jose Nieves (Ana, ss-3b) Dave Hollins (Cle, dh) Chris Gomez (TB, ss)
$1-Malignancies $1-Malignancies $1-Malignancies
Gary Glover (CWS, p) Javier Cardona (Det, c) Calvin Maduro (Bal, p)
$1-Malignancies $1-Dodge Polaras $1-Dodge Polaras
Jack Cressend (Min, p)    
$1-Dodge Polaras    

Week #15 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 7/16/01

Jeremy Giambi (Oak, of-dh) Luis Vizcaino (Oak, p) Luis Ordaz (KC, ss)
$28-Dodge Polaras $15-Drewers $1-San Drago Chicken
$23-Gerry's Kids $  7-DeCoys  
$21-San Drago Chicken $  5-Malignancies  
$10-City Slickers    
$  8-DeCoys    
$  5-Drewers    
Travis Miller (Min, p) Mike Magnante (Oak, p) Scot Shields (Ana, p)
$1-San Drago Chicken $1-San Drago Chicken $1-San Drago Chicken
Scott Podsednik (Sea, of)    
$1-Rug Burns    

Week #14 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 7/09/01

Ron Gant (Oak, of) Ryan Franklin (Sea, p) Chris Latham (Tor, of)
$13-Rug Burns $3-Gerry's Kids $2-Malignancies
$  7-San Drago Chicken    
$  7-Gerry's Kids    
$  1-DeCoys    
Mark Johnson (CWS, c) Bill Pulsipher (Bos, p) Joel Pineiro (Sea, p)
$2-K9's $1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys
  $1-Malignancies $1-Malignancies
Adam Pettyjohn (Det, p) Carlos Castillo (Bos, p)  
$1-Gerry's Kids $1-Gerry's Kids  

Week #13 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 7/02/01

Denny Stark (Sea, p) Erik Hiljus (Oak, p) Johan Santana (Min, p)
$6-City Slickers $4-Rug Burns $3-City Slickers
$4-Rug Burns $3-Malignancies $1-DeCoys
$3-Malignancies $2-K9's  
$3-Gerry's Kids $1-DeCoys  
$2-Question Marks    
$1-San Drago Chicken    
Luis Lopez (Tor, 1b) Mark Wohlers (NYY, p) Fernando Lunar (Bal, c)
$2-DeCoys $2-City Slickers $2-Gerry's Kids
Brian Fuentes (Sea, p) Tim Laker (Cle, c)  
$1-Decoys $1-Decoys  

Week #12 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 6/25/01

John Rocker (Cle, p) Jose Canseco (CWS, dh) Cesar Izturis (Tor, 2b)
$75-Daley Doubles $20-Rug Burns $10-Rug Burns
$61-San Drago Chicken $19-San Drago Chicken $  4-Malignancies
$60-Rug Burns $16-City Slickers $  1-DeCoys
$59-Malignancies $15-Drewers  
$57-Beltin Jons $11-K9s  
$40-DeCoys $11-Gerry's Kids  
$28-Dodge Polaras $10-Dodge Polaras  
$24-Drewers $  9-Malignancies  
$23-City Slickers $  6-DeCoys  
$11-Gerry's Kids    
Brent Mayne (KC, c) Ramon Hernandez (Oak, c) Jose Lima (Det, p)
$9-San Drago Chicken $7-DeCoys $7-K9s
($6-Daley Doubles) $7-San Drago Chicken $6-Gerry's Kids
$2-Malignancies $5-Malignancies $5-Drewers
$1-DeCoys $5-Gerry's Kids $5-City Slickers
  $4-Dodge Polaras $3-DeCoys
  $2-Beltin Jons $3-San Drago Chicken
  $2-Gerry's Kids $2-Malignancies
Jay Witasick (NYY, p) Francisco Cordero (Tex, p) Victor Zambrano (TB, p)
$6-City Slickers $5-Malignancies $3-Malignancies
$5-Drewers $3-Gerry's Kids $3-K9s
$4-Gerry's Kids   $1-DeCoys
$2-Beltin Jons    
Larry Bigbie (Bal, of) Jay Spurgeon (Bal, p) Kyle Lohse (Min, p)
$2-Drewers $2-Gerry's Kids $1-Question Marks
Donnie Sadler (KC, 2b-of) David Riske (Cle, p)  
$1-Malignancies $1-Gerry's Kids  
$1-Gerry's Kids    

Week #11 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 6/18/01

Rob Bell (Tex, p) Tony Fernandez (Tor, 3b) Brian Roberts (Bal, ss)
$13-San Drago Chicken $11-Dodge Polaras $10-K9s
$10-K9s $  4-San Drago Chicken $  4-DeCoys
$  8-DeCoys $  1-Malignancies $  3-Malignancies
$  8-Drewers $  1-Daley Doubles $  2-Daley Doubles
$  8-Rug Burns   $  1-San Drago Chicken
$  5-Malignancies    
$  2-Question Marks    
Enrique Wilson (NYY, if) Adrian Hernandez (NYY, p) Jarrod Patterson (Det, 3b)
$7-DeCoys $6-DeCoys $4-Malignancies
$5-Malignancies $6-Malignancies $2-K9s
$3-San Drago Chicken $3-Daley Doubles $2-San Drago Chicken
$2-Daley Doubles $1-San Drago Chicken  
Willie Blair (Cle, p) Randall Simon (Det, 1b) Alberto Castillo (Tor, c)
$3-Rug Burns $2-Malignancies $2-San Drago Chicken
$1-Willie Blair $1-DeCoys $1-Dodge Polaras
Gary Glover (CWS, p) Jake Westbrook (Cle, p) Tom Wilson (Oak, c)
$1-Daley Doubles $1-Question Marks $1-San Drago Chicken
Fernando Lunar (Bal, c)    
$1-Daley Doubles    

Week #10 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 6/11/01

Quinton McCracken (Min, of) Paul Byrd (KC, p) Todd Greene (NYY, c)
$22-Dodge Polaras $12-Beltin Jons $5-San Drago Chicken
$15-Drewers $10-Rug Burns $4-DeCoys
$15-K9s   $3-Dodge Polaras
$  5-San Drago Chicken    
$  4-Malignancies    
Hector Carrasco (Min, p) Juan Rincon (Min, p) M. Christensen (CWS, of)
$2-Beltin Jons $1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys
$1-Daley Doubles $1-San Drago Chicken  
Brian Fuentes (Sea, p) David Borkowski (Det, p) Casey Blake (Tor, 3b)
$1-Malignancies $1-Daley Doubles $1-Dodge Polaras

Week #9 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 6/04/01

Endy Chavez (KC, of) John Parrish (Bal, p) Joe Kennedy (TB, p)
$13-City Slickers $8-K9s $8-K9s
$  7-Dodge Polaras $3-Malignancies $4-Malignancies
$  5-DeCoys $3-Gerry's Kids $4-Gerry's Kids
$  2-Gerry's Kids $2-Dodge Polaras $3-Daley Doubles
  $1-Daley Doubles $1-DeCoys
Jeff DaVanon (Ana, of) Brandon Knight (NYY, p) Doug Davis (Tex, p)
$3-Daley Doubles $3-Gerry's Kids $2-Question Marks
$3-Gerry's Kids   $1-Malignancies
$1-DeCoys   $1-Daley Doubles
$1-San Drago Chicken    
Mike Venafro (Tex, p)    
$1-Daley Doubles    

Week #8 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 5/28/01

Andy Sheets (TB, ss) Michael Young (Tex, 2b) Ryan Jackson (Det, of)
$7-City Slickers $6-DeCoys $2-San Drago Chicken
$5-San Drago Chicken $5-Dodge Polaras  
  $5-San Drago Chicken  
Ken Vining (CWS, p) Juan Moreno (Tex, p) Travis Phelps (TB, p)
$1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys
Brad Thomas (Min, p) J.D. Smart (Tex, p) Dan Plesac (Tor, p)
$1-DeCoys $1-City Slickers $1-San Drago Chicken
Sean Lowe (CWS, p) Mark Guthrie (Tex, p)  
$1-Daley Doubles $1-Malignancies  

Week #7 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 5/21/01

Ed Sprague (Sea, 3b) Pat Mahomes (Tex, p) Cesar King (KC, c)
$7-Dodge Polaras $7-Gerry's Kids $2-DeCoys
$6-Gerry's Kids $5-City Slickers  
$5-Malignancies $1-Malignancies  
$4-City Slickers $1-Daley Doubles  
$1-Daley Doubles    
Robin Jennings (Tex, of) Mark Petkovsek (Tex, p) Mark Lewis (Cle, 3b)
$1-Gerry's Kids $1-Malignancies $1-Dodge Polaras

Week #6 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 5/14/01

Jeff Liefer (CWS, of) Harold Baines (CWS, dh) Jose Molina (Ana, c)
$10-Dodge Palaras $5-Daley Doubles $2-DeCoys
$  7-DeCoys $1-DeCoys  
$  5-K9s    
$  5-Daley Doubles    
$  4-Malignancies    
$  1-Question Marks    
Jeff Wallace (TB, p) Ben Weber (Ana, p) Greg Myers (Bal, c)
$1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys $1-San Drago Chicken
Corey Bailey (KC, p) Mike Holtz (Ana, p) Chris Woodward (Tor, 2b)
$1-Malignancies $1-Dodge Polaras $1-Dodge Polaras
Jason Maxwell (Min, 2b)    
$1-Dodge Polaras    

Week #5 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 5/07/01

Chad Allen (Min, of) Chad Durbin (KC, p) Mark Bellhorn (Oak, 2b)
$4-City Slickers $3-Gerry's Kids $1-DeCoys
$4-K9s $2-Dodge Polaras  
$3-Gerry's Kids $1-City Slickers  
$1-DeCoys $1-San Drago Chicken  
Jose Nieves (Ana, ss) Luis Lopez (Tor, 1b) Victor Santos (TB, p)
$1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys $1-City Slickers
Doug Mirabelli (Tex, c) Randy Choate (NYY, p) Ruben Sierra (Tex, of)
$1-City Slickers $1-San Drago Chicken $1-Daley Doubles
Rusty Meacham (TB, p) Trenidad Hubbard (KC, of)  
$1-Daley Doubles $1-Gerry's Kids  

Week #4 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 4/30/01

Josh Towers (Bal, p) Brian Rose (TB, p) Jose Fernandez (Ana, ss)
$7-K9s $3-K9s $1-Malignancies
  $2-Daley Doubles $1-Daley Doubles
John Frascatore (Tor, p)    
$1-Daley Doubles    

Week #3 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 4/23/01

Greg Myers (Bal, c) Ted Lilly (NYY, p) Damian Rolls (TB, 3b)
$8-City Slickers $6-Gerry's Kids $5-Drewers
$6-Gerry's Kids $6-Malignancies $1-DeCoys
$3-Question Marks $5-K9s  
$2-Daley Doubles $4-City Slickers  
$2-Malignancies $1-DeCoys  
Donzell McDonald (NYY, of) Chris Woodard (Tor, 2b) Tom Prince (Min, c)
$2-Question Marks $2-City Slickers $2-Gerry's Kids
$1-DeCoys   $1-K9s
$1-Daley Doubles    
Pete Schourek (Bos, p) Norm Charlton (Sea, p) Brian Boehringer (NYY, p)
$1-Question Marks $1-City Slickers $1-City Slickers
Pasqual Coco (Tor, p) Travis Phelps (TB, p) R.A. Dickey (Tex, p)
$1-DeCoys $1-DeCoys $1-Malignancies

Week #2 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 4/16/01

Willis Roberts (Bal, p) Jeff Frye (Tor, 2b) Rocky Biddle (CWS, p)
$15-Drewers $10-Rug Burns $6-Question Marks
$  5-Question Marks $  3-Malignancies $1-City Slickers
$  4-Malignancies $  2-Daley Doubles $1-DeCoys
$  3-San Drago Chicken $  1-Dodge Polaras $1-Daley Doubles
$  2-K9s    
Benji Gil (Ana, ss) Michael Coleman (NYY, of) Jake Westbrook (Cle, p)
$6-San Drago Chicken $5-Rug Burns $2-City Slickers
$4-Malignancies $2-DeCoys $2-Question Marks
$3-Question Marks $1-Question Marks  
$2-City Slickers $1-Dodge Polaras  
$1-Rug Burns    
Randy Keisler (NYY, p) Scott Sheldon (Det, 3b) Ryan Franklin (Sea, p)
$2-San Drago Chicken $2-K9s $1-City Slickers
Johan Santana (Min, p) Gary Glover (CWS, p) Mike Judd (TB, p)
$1-San Drago Chicken $1-DeCoys $1-Malignancies
  $1-Dodge Polaras  
Pedro Borbon (Tor, p) Charles Gipson (Sea, p) Mark Guthrie (Oak, p)
$1-Dodge Polaras $1-Dodge Polaras $1-Dodge Polaras
Harold Baines (CWS, dh) Marty Cordova (Cle, of) Pat Rapp (Ana, p)
$1-Daley Doubles $1-Daley Doubles $1-Daley Doubles

Week #1 Pick-Ups
Effective Monday, 4/09/01

Shea Hillenbrand (Bos, 3b) Chris Michalak (Tor, p) Ryan Freel (Tor, 2b)
$12-Beltin Johns $12-Beltin Johns $10-Drewers
$10-Malignancies   $  8-Malignancies
$  8-Drewers   $  7-DeCoys
$  7-City Slickers   $  7-Beltin Johns
$  7-San Drago Chicken   $  1-City Slickers
$  6-DeCoys   $  1-Rug Burns
$  4-Dodge Polaras   $  1-San Drago Chicken
$  3-K9s    
Doug Creek (TB, p) J.C. Romero (Min, p) Mike Venafro (Tex, p)
$7-DeCoys $6-DeCoys $6-DeCoys
$2-City Slickers $1-Rug Burns  
$1-San Drago Chicken $1-K9s  
Shawn Wooten (Ana) Chad Allen (Min, of) Paul Quantrill (Tor, p)
$2-DeCoys $2-City Slickers $2-City Slickers
$1-San Drago Chicken   $1-San Drago Chicken
Matt Wise (Ana, p) Josh Paul (CWS, c) Jolbert Cabrera (Cle, of)
$2-San Drago Chicken $2-K9s $2-Daley Doubles
$1-City Slickers $2-Daley Doubles  
$1-Daley Doubles    
Al Levine (Ana, p) Travis Miller (Min, p) Norm Charlton (Sea, p)
$1-City Slickers $1-City Slickers $1-City Slickers
  $1-San Drago Chicken  
Steve Reed (Cle, p) Danny Patterson (Tex, p) Jason Grimsley (KC, p)
$1-City Slickers $1-San Drago Chicken $1-Daley Doubles
$1-San Drago Chicken    
Jose Macias (Det, 2b)    
$1-Daley Doubles