Barry Mowery

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Barry Mowery

Barry L.
Mowery Jr.

Location: Email:
Reading, PA Unknown
Wife: Someone told me that he married Tiffany Zambito's mother
Children: Unknown
Occupation: Eastern Millwork (located in St.Lawrence)

This info came from Steve Kunkel, 3/16/03:  "I needed a replacement window and called Eastern Millwork in St Lawrence, since they put in the windows when we built the house.  A guy called me back, got all the info, then said 'I went to school with a Steve Kunkel.'  The new service manager is none other than Barry Mowery.  Barry had worked for PK Garage Door for 13 years, but 8 months ago decided to make a change.  He started working for Eastern Millwork (they use a different name for their service group, but I can't remember what it is) as their head of the service department.  He started the department and hired all the employees, etc.  He lives off Butter Lane down near Mountain Park - it sounds like he's doing great."
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Barry listed "Carpentry" as his planned future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Joe Walsh ... Foreigner ... Dio ... Summer of '85 ... '76 Yamaha ... Cruisin' with Orth ... trips to Travis' ... lunchtime ... Zuber's pep talks ... Cruisin' in the Camaro ... working with Pete ... trips to Chink ... Pfahl's jeep.
Chris Mal Notes:
Dave Knorr claims that he outran Barry in the 4th grade olympics.

Barry's sister, Lisa, is married with 3 children.
It's a Small World:
Barry is one of those people who I seem to run into on a regular basis � always around the Fairgrounds Square Mall somewhere, so he must work or live around there � Barry was at the Fairgrounds Square Mall on 1/16/01 to be exact.

Evan Spohn ran into Barry at the Willow Hollow golf course in Spring of 2006.

From the March 1986 Penn Post
Barry Mowery     The Male Athlete of the issue is 6�3� tall and played the center position on the Mt. Penn basketball team, not too hard to guess that he�s Barry Mowery. Barry played a crucial role in the success of this year�s basketball team; he was the leading rebounder, grabbing more than 20 boards in several games. He also made a steady contribution in the scoring column, and many of us will remember his many incredible blocked shots.
     Barry currently attends Vo-tech and enjoys participating in various activities in his spare time, of which his favorite is basketball.
           - Kerry Motze

I will repell the ball with my smelly pits!
Fending them
off with the
arm pit, 1986
Barry shooting as Jeff Petersen looks to rebound.
Ryan, Darren, Barry and Ron contemplating the latest brick.
Ryan, Darren,
Barry, Ron
Barry's head is on backwards
Barry with his
head on backwards
Help, I've fallen and I can't get up
Help! I've fallen and I
can't get up!
Barry has been spotted numerous times at the Fairgrounds Square Mall around lunch time.  He seems to like Chik-Fil-A.
Vo-Tech Picture
Senior Year

1984 JV
Basketball Team

1984 Varsity
Basketball Team

1985 Boys JV Basketball team starring Barry Mowery!
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1985 Boys Varsity Basketball team starring the Petersen brothers!
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1985 Varsity
Basketball Team

1986 Varsity
Basketball Team

1985 Boys Basketball team starring Ron "When in doubt, shoot!" Slutsky
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1986 Boys Basketball team starring Randalstilskins Boyer
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Number of times Barry has eaten
lunch at the Fairgrounds Square Mall
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