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Mt. Penn High School
1985-86 Boys Varsity Basketball Team

1986 Boys Hoops featuring many bricks
Top: Steve Kunkel, Leon Pace, Barry Mowery, Randy Boyer, Darren Max
Ron Slutsky, Dennis Swartz, Jeff Petersen

RECORD: 15-7
MPHS Opponent OPPT
48 Exeter 73
54 Tulpehocken 28
60 Kutztown 68
64 Muhlenberg 60
46 Exeter 67
55 Brandywine 53
50 Holy Name 48
57 Pottstown 72
55 Fleetwood 33
64 Wyomissing
51 Central Catholic
61 Daniel Boone 46
59 Oley 42
46 Hamburg 43
55 Brandywine 53
62 Twin Valley 34
52 Wyomissing 53
52 Central Catholic
67 Daniel Boone 55
62 Oley
61 Twin Valley 41
50 Wyomissing 70
December 1985 Penn Post

     Judging from the talent that developed in last year’s Junior class, the outlook for this year’s Basketball season is very good. The team has three returning starters plus, as far as I can see, a strong, deep bench. The basketball team has an overload of talented forwards, but the guard position doesn’t look very deep. The starting positions are still up in the air. If the team can function well together, this year’s team can have a very promising season.
     The Junior Varsity team can also have a promising season. There are two starters returning from last year. They also have an overload of forwards and not enough guards, but the starting team looks strong.
          --Kerry Motze
Randy Boyer
Steve Kunkel
Darren Max
Barry Mowery
Leon Pace
Jeff Petersen
Ron Slutsky
Marc Goldstein
John Henry
Dave Rogers
Derek Hutcheson
Kerry Motze
Victor Calveresi
Mike Dautrich
Jason Miller
Jeff Seyfert
Harry Siklas
Charles Truckmiller
Tom Calveresi
Mike Henry
Greg Holland
Andrew Klein
Joe Long
Don Miller
Al Worral
Ron Slutsky
Mel Max
Darren Max
Stat Test Stealer
Randy Boyer
Jeff Petersen
Lee, not Leon
Leon Pace
Eats at the Fairgrounds Square Mall on occasion
Barry Mowery
Steve Kunkel
Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Dennis Swartz
"The Mountaineer"
Also a good position for sitting on a toilet
Randy Boyer:
Get your hand
out of my crotch
I will repell the ball with my smelly pits!
Barry Mowery:
Why even shoot?
3-1/4 inch vertical leap.
Darren Max:
Air Max
Tippie Toes shooting by Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen:
February 1986 Penn Post

     The boys basketball team has a record of 7-5 overall and a 2-1 record in league play. After opening with a great 64-58 win over a very strong Wyomissing team, Mt. Penn then suffered a tough loss to Central. Mt. Penn then bounced right back to defeat Daniel Boone 61-45 to have the league record stand at 2-1 . The other schools in our league include Twin Valley and Oley who we have not yet played. Our team is hoping to play well in league and possibly win the division. Our team is very confident and should show strong in every outing.
     The J .V.’s have a 2-1 league record also and are hoping to play well the rest of the season.

Wyomissing wins by only 1 point. Mountaineers defeat Central.

           -- Kerry Motze

March 1986 Penn Post

     The Mounts had a fine regular season this year finishing up with an overall record of 15-7 including a fantastic 8-2 league record. The two losses sustained in league play were to Central Catholic by 5 points in O.T. and to Wyomissing by 1 point in the end of regulation. The final league record of 8-2 left Mount Penn tied for first place in Division I and called for a showdown between these top two teams. As you know, the Mounts lost this finale and then were upset in the Division opener against Boiling Springs.
     The J.V.’s finished with an overall record of 13-6 and a league record of 8-2.
           - Kerry Motze


Mt. Penn High School
1984-85 Varsity Boys Basketball Team

Ryan Petersen playing basketball on the same court where he used to threaten me during Gym class.  Hehehe.
Look, if I flap my arms like a bird, I can fly!

1985 Varsity Basketball team starring Jeff "Brick" Petersen
Top Row: S.Wittich, Dave Rogers, Mark Goldstein, Coach Mike Zuber
Middle Row:
Darren Max, Ron Slutsky, Barry Mowery, John Sosh, Jeff Petersen
Bottom Row:
Dave Werner,
Randy Boyer, Jim Seitz, Ryan Petersen

February 1985

Jeff Petersen and Barry Mowry fighting over the ball.....Ummmm, aren't these two guys on the same team?

MP teammates Barry Mowery and Jeff Petersen battle for rebound.

The Final
Hoop Scoop

     The Best word to describe this year’s basketball team is “aggressive.” Because of the tough inner-divisional competition however, the Mounts will not be going into Berks County play-offs. They will be going into District 3 play-offs. Three key losses this year were to Wyomissing at home (45-52), Wyomissing away (36-40), and to Central away (42-59). Despite these disappointing losses, the team never gave up and always gave 100%. As this paper goes to print, the Mounts will be facing Daniel Boone, Central, and Oley. Of the three, the game against Central is what everyone is waiting for.
     Supporting and carrying the team this season were the three seniors: John Sosh, Jim Seiz, and Dave Werner. John Sosh is not only the team’s leading scorer with an average of 15.7, but he also ranks eighth in Berks County. These three players will be missed next season. However, returning are six juniors, who will add support to the team. Along with these returners there will also be aspiring sophomores coming back. The Mounts aggressiveness and talent will definitely make them a contender in their division and will help them go far.
- Diane Churan


Most Improved:

December 1984
It’s Hoop Season!
It’s that time again and the Mounts are really jumpin'.
     The outlook for the season is really good. There are three senior starters back from last year: Jim Seiz, John Sosh, and Dave Werner. Along with the seniors there are also six juniors, who are returning from last year.
     Mr. Zuber is very hopeful and expects a lot from this year’s team. He is glad to see that there are some new faces, which will add to the depth.
An introduction of players:

Jim Seiz

Charles Truckermiller

John Sosh

Steve Monroe

Dave Werner

Michael Wenger

Randy Boyer

Kevin Haney

Darren Max Jeff Seyfert

Barry Mowery

Marc Goldstein

Jeff Petersen

Dan Hafetz

Ryan Petersen

Derek Hutcheson

Ron Slutsky

Mike Dautrich

Dave Rogers

Rick Schreiber

John Henry


         - Diane Churan


Mt. Penn High School
1983-84 Varsity Boys Basketball Team

Top Row: Coach Jeff Cardinal, Matt Gettis, Tom Sload, Jeff Rogers, Jeff Seiz,
Barry Mowery, Ben Overley, Joe Boyle, Coach Mike Zuber
Bottom Row:
Jeff Petersen, Ryan Petersen, Jeff Motze, Dave Werner, Randy Boyer, John Sosh


Mt. Penn High School
1983-84 JV Boys Basketball Team

1984 MPHS Boys JV Basketball team starring Steve Kunkel as Boy in the Bubble
Top Row: R.Schreiber, Mark Goldstein, Darren Max, Jeff Petersen,
Barry Mowery, Randy Boyer
, Steve Reese, Coach Jeff Cardinal
Bottom Row:
Steve Kunkel, Ron Slutsky, Ryan Petersen, John Henry, Steve Monroe, Dave Rogers

Barry's head is on backwards Help, I've fallen and I can't get up Gym class bully by day, Basketball player by night
December 1983
Ball Bounces in Gym
     This year boy’s basketball will be played in the high school gym, as it was several years ago. This will be quite a change from the large, modern middle school gym. I think both good and bad factors will result from the change. First of all, the limited space will cause crowded and extremely warm conditions. The crowded gym, however, could make the fans more excited and enthusiastic. Speaking of fans, I think more will attend the basketball games because the high school is closer to a lot of the students homes. More fans will produce more support, and who knows - Mount Penn High School could be the home of the next state champs!
          - Jenny Miller

December 1983
M.P.H.S. Bonfire
     This year Mount Penn is trying something new to arouse school spirit. A bonfire was scheduled for November 28; but was postponed to a later date because of rain. At the bonfire all basketball players - boys and girls - will be announced, as will the coaches and the cheerleaders. Cheering contests between classes will be held. The bonfire will hopefully be a continued tradition at Mount Penn.
          - Jenny Miller
December 1983
Another “Hoops” Season

     The boys basketball team will soon be starting a new season. There are two new coaches this year for both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. Mr. Mike Zuber is the Varsity coach, and Mr. Jeff Cardinal is the JV coach. Mr. Zuber was previously the assistant coach at Holy Name High School. Mr. Cardinal had been the Girls’ basketball coach here at Mt. Penn and is also a driver’s education instructor at the school.
     League games begin on Tuesday, November 29 against Exeter. The new season will be kicked off by the celebrations of spirit week.

Matt Gettis
Jeff Motze
Ben Overly
Jeff Rogers
Tom Sload
Jim Seiz
John Sosh
Dave Werner

Jeff Peterson
Ryan Petterson
Randy Boyer
Barry Mowery

Ryan Petterson
Ron Slutsky
Randy Boyer
Darren Max
Barry Mowery
Steve Kunkel
Jeff Peterson
Mark Goldstein
John Henry
Steve Monroe
Steve Reis
Dave Rogers

          - Stephanie Rosenthal