March 1986

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606

MARCH 1986


Sharon J.K. Ringler

     Mrs. Ringler was a 1964 graduate of the former West
Reading High School. She received her bachelor degree in library science from Kutztown University in 1968 and her master�s degree in math from Kutztown University in 1970. She was employed as an elementary librarian by the Antietam School District for the past 18 years.
     Mrs. Ringler was the wife of Thomas F. Ringler, and the mother of Kelly, a Seventh-grader at Exeter. Mrs. Ringler was a very dedicated teacher and friend to a great many of our students. She will he sadly missed by all those whose lives she touched.
          - Sandy Horning

     If you would witness all of the scurrying activity that takes place in the cafeteria eighth period, you would see how hard our Penn Alma staff works at making this year�s yearbook exceptional. The layout is completed, and the new improvements the staff has added should make the yearbook outstanding. These new additions including the following: 16 colored pages, an addition of 16 pages, individual pictures of all students, and a new supplement of spring activities.  These new additions have caused trouble in the funding of the yearbook, and in order to meet financial demands, the staff will be working extra hard in various forms of upcoming fund raising activities.

Hilary Barth and Brian Snyder
Hilary Barth and Brian Snyder

On February eighth, the 1986 all Berks County Math Counts Competition took place. There were 72 students participating from the seventh and eighth grades. The winner was from Exeter.
     Mount Penn took eighth place as a team out of 16, and they took two individual awards. Brian Snyder, team captain took eighth place and Elliot Dowling took eleventh place. This is the best we have done in this competition.
     The following individuals represented Mount Penn: Brian Snyder, Amanda McGuire, Shelby Davis from 8th grade; Elliot Dowling, 7th grade and Stephanie Daniels, also 7th grade was the alternate.
          - Marla Schnee

     A rare occurence happened in the final round of the Antietam Spelling Bee. Brian Snyder, an eighth grader, was returned into the competition because of a previous error made by the judges. His return allowed him to compete with Amy McGow and Hilary Barth, both seventh graders, for the Antietam District Spelling Bee Championship.
     Proceding the 20th round, Amy McGow spelled "tensile" incorrectly, which left Brian and Hilary competing for first and second place. Hilary then spelled �unctuous� to win first place for the second year in a row. Brian therefore, became the runner-up.
     Both Hilary and Brian will be competing in the Berks County Spelling Bee held on April 11 at 7 p.m. in the Muhlenberg High School Auditorium.
     Involved in the competition were judges Mrs. Krick, Mr. Lengel, and Miss Yeager. The pronouncer for the Spelling Bee was Mrs. Gernerd.
          - Cindy Jurasinski
     Kim Steiger, a junior, has won first place in a statewide billboard contest, sponsored by the PA Commission for Women. In Pennsylvania the month of March has been designated as WOMEN IN HISTORY month and contestants were challenged to depict this in their drawing. Kim drew the hands of Betsy Ross touching the American flag.
     On Wednesday, March 26, in the Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg, Kim will receive $50 at an awards ceremony. Suzanna Post, a senior, will receive $25 at this ceremony for an honorable mention.

          - Marla Schnee

     At the beginning of the 2nd semester, Mrs. Bonita K. Bowman joined the staff as the new French teacher. Even though this is Mrs. Bowman�s first real teaching job at Mount Penn, she is no stranger here. In 1969, she did her student teaching in French at Mount Penn.
     Mrs. Bowman graduated from Governor Mifflin High in 1965, and attended Westminster College for 2 years. She transferred to Aibright College and graduated with a Bachelor�s Degree in English and French. Mrs. Bowman also did graduate work at Penn State and Temple.
     Mrs. Bowman then taught English for 2� years at Pottstown High School. She also was an English teacher at Wyo. missing High School for 2 years.
     Mrs. Bowman has many interests outside of school. She enjoys being with her family, skiing, reading and traveling.
     Mrs. Bowman also has had theatrical experience, and is very interested in dramatics. Currently, Mrs. Bowman is attending Albright College as an undergraduate student in history, and she hopes to get a degree in this area.
     Mrs. Bowman has liked Mount Penn ever since she student taught here in 1969. She thinks the faculty is very friendly and the atmosphere couldn�t be better. And, Mrs. Bowman adds, even though she yells a lot, she thinks her students are the nicest she has ever taught.
     - Kathleen Petruska

     The Yearbook staff will be having a Hawaiian Luau on April 18, 1986, from 7 to 11 p.m.
     Refreshments and decorations will follow the Hawaiian theme. There will be line dances along with hula-hoop and limbo dance contests. Prizes will be awarded to the winners. The Pros will feature top forty music.
     Jams will be permitted at the dance, though no halter tops or tank tops will be allowed. Any student from MPHS can sign up to bring one guest. The guest list must be completed by 3 p.m., April
     Pre-dance tickets will be $2.00 per person and tickets at the door will be $3.00 per person. Tickets will go on sale April 1, but there is a limited number available. See any Yearbook staff member for tickets.
     The newest addition to MPHS�s faculty is Mrs. Zeimer, the German teacher that has replaced Mr. Brossman. This is Mrs. Zeimer�s first teaching job at a pub. lic school, and she enjoys it very much.
     Mrs. Zeimer graduated from Muhlenberg High School in 1978. She received a Bachelor�s Degree in German and religion from Lebanon Valley College in Annville. She has also attended Marburg University in Germany, Indiana University, and Al bright College.
     Mrs. Zeimer has plenty of teaching experience behind her. She taught German at Larona School of Language and Indiana University. She�s also taught English at Lebanon Adult Education Center. Mrs. Zeimer is also interested in music. She teaches it privately and at several churches.
     In her spare time, Mrs. Zeimer enjoys piano, folk-art painting, and woodworking, swimming, reading, and spending time with her husband and daughter.
     - Kathleen Petruska

     The Y-teens Variety Show, which is usually held every year, was not held last year because there was not enough participation. This year it looks as though that will not be a problem. The Variety Show is open to the whole school and many people have shown interest this year. The Variety Show will be held on Thursday, March 20th starting at 7:30 P.M. The cost is $2.00 per person, and the money collected is going to be do. nated to the scholarship fund established for the children of the seven space shuttle astronauts.
     - Sandy Horning

     The Spring Fling, held every year by the Sophomore Class, was held on Friday, March 21st, from 7:30 to 11:00 o�clock. The cost of the dance was $2.00 per person. The theme this year was a May Day Dance. Spring and summer attire were accepted. The money collected from the dance will go toward the Sophomore Class treasury.
     - Sandy Horning
     Miss Goodman is presently teaching English and reading for Mr. Segro, who is on sabbatical leave. She is a graduate of Kutztown University where she was enrolled in liberal arts. She received her teaching certification from Albright College. She did her student teaching in English at Southwest Junior High in the Reading School District.
     Besides teaching, Miss Goodman enjoys reading and walleyball, volleyball on a raquetball court.
     Miss Goodman said she prefers Mt. Penn to Southwest. When asked if there was anything she disliked about MPHS, she said nothing, except when students leave class for band and chorus, she has difficulty keeping track.
     - Marla Schnee

7th and 8th

     This year Mount Penn had a 7th and 8th grade basketball program. Hopefully, this will better prepare our players future basketball teams.
     The 7th grade team after losing a couple of games, showed their spirit by coming back from a deficit to win against Oley.
     The 8th grade team after starting with two quick wins, lost a couple of games to some taller teams. The overall record for 7th grade is 11-4 and 8th grade is 5-4.
     Greg Galtere, who scouted this past year for our high school team, coached this Jr. high program.

7th Grade

Mike Bundens
Tuan Duong
Mike Fiddler
John Gruber
Todd Gibb
Dave Haring
Zack Ludwig
Dave Newmoyer
Joe Pocrass
Ty Petrakis
John Thompkins

8th Grade

Corey Baver
Brian Hoyt
Hue Lieu
Ethan Miller
Greg Pocrass

     - Pam Tucci

     The Junior class had an Easter egg sale from March 3 to March 14. During this sale junior representatives came to each homeroom and took orders. The eggs, filled with candy and a message, were sent to friends and then delivered before Easter vacation.
     - Sandy Horning

April 9, 1986
5-7 P.M.
$4.00 and $2.50
See Penn Alma
Students for tickets

     On Tuesday, March 11, the eighth graders of Mount Penn High School received the Testing for Essential Learning and Literacy Skills, or the Tells Test. Approximately 440,000 other Pennsylvania students took part in the testing, which measures basic learning skills, particularly reading and math.
     The tests are given annually to 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade students. The purpose of the Tells Test is to determine students who have difficulties in basic math and reading skills. Those who are recognized as below level in math or reading are given remediation in these areas and are retested.

          - Kathleen Petruska

Seniors of the Issue

Erich Pfahl

Kelly Clark

Paco Juan Diego

     Erich Pfahl has been chosen as the Vo-tech student of the issue. Erich was chosen because of his outstanding work in welding. He has been attending Berks East for three years and is working hard at his trade.
     Other than welding, Erich enjoys playing volleyball and baseball. Some of his interests out of school include skiing, hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling.
     After graduation, Erich intends to follow his trade and become a welder.
           - Kristen Pfahl
     Penn Post�s fifth Female Senior of the Issue is Kelly Clark. Kelly has been playing hockey and volleyball since ninth grade and has also been a member of the cheerleading squad since ninth grade. This year she is a co-captain of the cheerleading team.
     Kelly also finds time to be a member of Y-teens, the Girl�s Leader Corps, and National Honor Society. In addition, she is the treasurer of the Class of 86�, a position which she has held also since ninth grade.
     Kelly�s favorite class in school is Elective Drawing for which she has won some awards. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys drawing, spending time with her friends, and photography. She says she will miss being with her friends everyday after she leaves Mt. Penn.
     Upon graduation, Kelly is planning to go to college, majoring in interior design.
Danny Hafetz
     Darren Max, our Male Senior of the Issue, is a starting guard on our boys� basketball team. He has played basketball since ninth grade, playing his last two on the varsity squad. Besides basketball, Darren plays baseball which he also played since ninth grade.
     In addition to participating in sports, Darren is a co-editor of the sports section of the yearbook and is the treasurer of the Boy�s Leader Corps.
     Darren�s favorite subject in school is Calculus. He is planning on a college education in the field of physics.
     Darren�s hobbies include playing basketball and being with friends. He says that he will miss being close to his friends everyday after he leaves Mt. Penn.
Danny Hafetz
     The mystery student of last issue was Alyssa Max, a freshman.
     This issue�s mystery student is a male senior. He is one of the star soccer players and he also enjoys playing volleyball. Some of his many hobbies are playing street hockey and parties. This student also has some musical talent.
     This issue�s mystery student has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He has one brother in 11th grade and one sister who is a junior in college. His favorite subject is shop class and his favorite teacher is Mr. Groff. Can you take a guess who this mystery student is? Look for the answer in your next issue of Penn Post.
           - Kristen Pfahl

     With all of the attention drawn to basketball many people overlook the upcoming volleyball season, but die-hard volleyball players know that this year�s season is right around the corner. The approaching season looks promising for both boys and girls.
     There was a great interest in volleyball this year, and try-outs for both teams were necessary. The teams were picked in the beginning of March.
     The girls� first tournament was Saturday, March 8th at Schuylkill Valley High School. The boys followed a week later, also at Schuylkill Valley High School.
           - Sandy Horning
           - Kerry Motze

     The boys� bowling team has done very well this season. The boys defeated Exeter in three straight matches. Since this is the first time the boys had a winning record since 1975, Mr. Fegely is very proud of them.
     The team average, which is the highest average is 852. Their record this year was 25-17. The team finished second in their league.
     Chris Malinowski and Mark Leffler had high triples of 676 and 664, respectively. Mark Leffler and Todd Boyer had high games of 248 and 244. Chris Malinowski and Mark Leffler had high averages of 196.2 and 186.3. The Boy�s Bowling team has had a great season and there is a possibility that will continue next year.
           - Sandy Horning


     The Mounts had a fine regular season this year finishing up with an overall record of 15-7 including a fantastic 8-2 league record. The two losses sustained in league play were to Central Catholic by 5 points in O.T. and to Wyomissing by 1 point in the end of regulation. The final league record of 8-2 left Mount Penn tied for first place in Division I and called for a showdown between these top two teams. As you know, the Mounts lost this finale and then were upset in the Division opener against Boiling Springs.
     The J.V.�s finished with an overall record of 13-6 and a league record of 8-2.
           - Kerry Motze

Outstanding Athletes

Kathy (Ford) Keck

Barry Mowery

     The Female Athlete of this issue is Kathy Ford. Kathy is very active in the Mount Penn sports program. She plays field hockey and bowls. This year, Kathy helped the girls� bowling team finish 2nd in their division. She had the high average of 155.9 and a high triple of 556.
     Kathy enjoys school and her favorite class is typing.
     After graduation, Kathy plans to attend Penn State at University Park and major in business.
     In her free time, Kathy likes being with her friends, listening to music, reading, and skiing.
           - Kathleen Petruska

     The girls� bowling team finished second in their league just as the boys� have. They had a good season with a record of 22-20.
     The girls� team average this year is 747. Kathy Ford had the high triple of 556 and the high average of 155.9. Sally Ford had the high game of 224. Mr. Fegely was pleased with the girls� team this year.
           - Sandy Horning

     Last weekend, Mark Dereska, a freshman here at Mt. Penn took part in the district three swimming championships. He swam in the 50 meter freestyle and the 100 meter freestyle. He did very well in both events, taking a fifth place in the 50 meter freestyle with a time of 22.50 seconds.
     His fine performance in the 100 meter freestyle (49.64 seconds) earned him a position as first alternate for the state finals on March 7th and 8th. This means if someone is unable to take part in the finals due to injury or illness, then Mark would fill that position.
Jon Franckowiak
     The Male Athlete of the issue is 6�3� tall and played the center position on the Mt. Penn basketball team, not too hard to guess that he�s Barry Mowery. Barry played a crucial role in the success of this year�s basketball team; he was the leading rebounder, grabbing more than 20 boards in several games. He also made a steady contribution in the scoring column, and many of us will remember his many incredible blocked shots.
     Barry currently attends Vo-tech and enjoys participating in various activities in his spare time, of which his favorite is basketball.
           - Kerry Motze


     As the girls� basketball season closed for the 1985-86 school year, the Mounts didn�t do as well as was expected. However, despite the losses, the girls fought hard in each game and never gave up. Against visiting Twin Valley, Mount Penn scrambled for each loose ball to win by a buzzer-beater shot by Debbie Albrecht.
     Since the team had only won 2 games this season, the year was looked upon as a building year in which the team gained valuable playing time.
     This year the JV team succeeded in beating their previous record by winning one game, and also having a few extremely close games.
     Although the varsity team will be losing senior, Diane Churan, the next season looks optimistic.
Cindy Jurasinski


Chris is our first male bowler to be so recognized. His average placed him 4th during the Berks County League schedule.