Cori Roboski

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Corienne E.

Hey, wake up!

Cori Roboski, 7th Grade (1981)
Cori in 8th grade

Cori (Roboski) Haggard

Address: Email:
Manteo, NC
(Outer banks of NC,
just 5 minutes from the beach)
Husband: Ryder Haggard (Married 1988)
Children: Haley Elizabeth (Born 11/20/94)
Harrison Ryder (Born 2/16/96)
Cori is pregnant with her 3rd, and is due September 12th, 2006!

Haley and Harrison were pulled from private school in 2001 and are now being home schooled.  Cori says that it's been a lot of work, but it has made a big difference.
Cori's Birthday: August 29th
Occupation: "My husband and I are both self-employed. Our company is Haggard Business Solutions. We sell and repair computers, do graphic design and printing, and web design. Basically, if it has anything to do with computers or paper, we do it. It keeps us quite busy, but it's better than having a real job."
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Cori listed "Liberal Arts" as her planned future career path.
Exciting Things I've Done since Graduation: "After high school, my mom, sister, and I moved to California, where I went to UC Berkeley for a year, and absolutely hated it! (Berkeley, not California). I met my husband, Ryder, and we lived in San Francisco for about 7 years, then moved here (North Carolina). After my kids were born, my mom moved here to be near her grandkids, but my sister's still in California. I still have some family in PA; my grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins. I don't visit there very often, usually only for weddings or funerals. Well, that's my life - pretty boring, but I'm happy with it." (Editor�s note: That doesn�t sound boring at all, actually. It took me 15 years to move 30 minutes from Reading. At that pace, I�ll be on the shores of North Carolina in about 250 years.)

'86 Senior
Class Trip

15 minutes later they were all, just kidding.

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Lolly, Chrissy Val, Jon, N.1.F. -- MW ... being outnumbered ... Bruno's '85 ... HEYY! ... RP concert -- MMMM! ... Europe '85 ... Nun! ... uh-mm ... Brookdale ... wandering around in photo class with Maia ... Congratulations everyone!
Chris Mal Notes:
Cori was on the "Pomeroy's Teen Board" - (see my notes under Kelly Clark).

Cori was an officer in the "Chris Malinowski Fan Club."  She has the title of "Incompetent Secretary," and even wrote that title under her senior picture in my yearbook.

If I remember correctly, Cori had a thing for Robert Plant.
Was Thanh the treasurer for all clubs? Kinda ironic that the picture of the class photographers is totally overexposed.

Cori and Connie

Shouldn't this club have been renamed "European Vacation Club"?

Future Business
Leaders, 1986
Prez: Audrey Acker
VP: Kelly Carter
Treas: Thanh Lieu
Sec: Cori Roboski

Cori Roboski &
Maia Carvalho,

Cori & Connie
(The Student
formerly known
as Thanh)

Modern Language
Club Officers, 1986
Prez: Marta Weitz
VP: Cori Roboski
Treas: John Henry
Sec: Christine Jurasinski

Number of field trips the Pomeroy's
Teen Board took to Pomeroy's at the Berkshire Mall:

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