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Kelly Clark

Kelly E.
Class Secretary
and Most Spirited

Location: Email:
Lake Whales, Florida
(since March 2001.  Was previously living in Largo, Florida, about two hours from where she is now.)


Caleb Clark Geniott, born 5/10/02
Husband: Michael A. Geniott
Children: Caleb Clark Geniott.  Kelly and Michael had their first - a boy! - on May 10th, 2002, five days past her due date.  She was in labor for 13 hours, pushed for 2 hours and then the epidural caused her contractions to stop, so they had to perform a C-section.  Everyone is happy and healthy!  Caleb weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces when he was born, and was 20-1/4" long.

Jacob Connlee Geniott.  Born at 6:03PM on Tuesday, June 20th, 2006.  Jacob decided he couldn't wait and came on the 20th despite the fact that Kelly was scheduled for her C-section on the 22nd.
Kelly was engaged on 2/05/99. She graduated from from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science, and the Moore College of Art & Design, both in Philadelphia. Her husband graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa where he received a bachelor's degree in business administration. He is employed by IBM Global Services, Largo, Florida.
Kelly and Michael were married on 6/12/99 in Clearwater, Florida. Kelly was given in marriage by her brothers Scott and Greg. Sally (Ford) Stewart was a bridesmaid. The reception was followed by a wedding trip to Orlando and North Carolina.
Occupation: Doing freelance work for the Home Shopping Network, mostly on a per-project basis mostly from home.  When she was living in Largo, she worked directly from HSN's office in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Why is the Mountaineer's arm in a sling?

Class of 1986
Most Spirited:

Dennis Swartz
Kelly Clark

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Lifting ... Pointing: 8/2 ... PDI ... Beanies ... rabbit ... Artroom ... NYE ... Thanx: KF, WC, DC, SF, KD, MB, and Dad (Tigger, Too!).

Kathy Ford, Missy Ryan,
Wendy Crow (Queen),
Diane Churan, Kelly Clark

The Queen and Her Court

Randy, would smiling have been so hard?

Chris Mal Notes:
The yearbook listed Kelly as being on the "Pomeroy's Teen Board" from 9th through 12th grades. What the hell is that, if you don't mind my asking? Did you make that up? Actually, the yearbook seems to have overlooked the fact that I was in the "J.C.Penny Young Mens' Association."

As of 2002, Kelly's Mom works at Boscov's East, as does Beth Klempke and Joe Ricards.

April 21st, 1983, Diane Churan, Missy Becker, Missy Ryan and Kelly Clark tried out for the Y-Teen Fashion Show, and were among the 12 girls chosen as models.  The theme for that year was "Swing into Spring."
It's a Small World:
Former classmate Valerie Whalon met Kelly Clark's roommate from college in 2005.  Kelly's roommate is living in the same neighborhood as Valerie.  Thanks to this website, Val was able to get Kelly and her roommate back in touch with each other.  Another website success!

Great Adventure '88

Genesis....was this from the Invisible Touch tour?

Great Adventure has never been the same.

He seems to have
an Invisible Touch?

Half of MPHS '86 does
Great Adventure

Class Officers
President: Leon Pace
Vice-Prez: Maia Carvahlo ('84), Randy Boyer ('85 & '86)
Secretary: Kelly Clark
Treasurer: Diane Churan

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Class Officers
Senior Year
Junior Year Class Officers
Junior Year
Class Rule: The Treasurer and Secretary always show some leg.
Sophomore Year

From the November 1985 Penn Post
Kelly Clark     The female athlete of this issue is Kelly Clark, the left back on the Varsity hockey team. Kelly also participates in volleyball and cheerleading. She is in National Honor Society and is an officer of Y-Teens and Girls Leader Corps.
     In her spare time she enjoys drawing, being with her friends and participating in sports. Kelly has done very well this hockey season and Mrs. Thomas was pleased with her performance.
          - Sandy Horning


From the March 1986 Penn Post
Kelly Clark     Penn Post�s fifth Female Senior of the Issue is Kelly Clark. Kelly has been playing hockey and volleyball since ninth grade and has also been a member of the cheerleading squad since ninth grade. This year she is a co-captain of the cheerleading team.
     Kelly also finds time to be a member of Y-teens, the Girl�s Leader Corps, and National Honor Society. In addition, she is the treasurer of the Class of 86�, a position which she has held also since ninth grade.
     Kelly�s favorite class in school is Elective Drawing for which she has won some awards. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys drawing, spending time with her friends, and photography. She says she will miss being with her friends everyday after she leaves Mt. Penn.
     Upon graduation, Kelly is planning to go to college, majoring in interior design.
Danny Hafetz


From the May 1986 Penn Post
     Our girl�s team competed unsuccessfully at the Brandywine Volleyball Tournament. Kelly Clark was named to the All-Star Team. Five teams participated in the tournament; only seven players were picked for the All-Star Team.
     At the Mt. Penn Volleyball tournament the girl�s had an A-team and a B-team. The B-team didn�t do too well scorewise, but they got experience for next year�s season since the A-team has only one player that's not a senor. The A-team played very well and had a good chance to win the tournament. This was their last tournament for this season. Overall the girl�s didn�t have a perfect season, but they played their hearts out at the last tournament.
     Kelly Clark was also named to the All-Star Team at the Mount Penn Volleyball Tournament. Kelly is the setter for the team.
           - Sandy Horning


1983 Mt. Penn
JV Softball Team

Mt. Penn High School 1983 JV Softball team
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1984 Varsity
Softball Team

1984 Varsity Softball team featuring future Home Shopping network employee, Kelly Clark!
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1984 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1985 Varsity Field Hockey featuring more people with their shoes not in the picture (who was our photographer?!)
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1985 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1985 Varsity Field Hockey featuring the mother of twin egg babies, Diane Churan!
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1986 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1986 Varsity Field Hockey team starring Diane Churan!
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1984 JV

Cheerleaders think that Chris is amazing, thank you.
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Cute girls in short skirts yelling stuff.
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Why doesn't Karen get to lean on anyone?
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I still don't understand what this Y-Teens thing was about...
A cheer without much direction.
This page is very touching if you read the print...sniff, sniff...Anyone have a tissue?
Kelly Clark
Kelly Clark, smiling while she pitches
Kelly Clark
I'd have to guess that MPHS had the cutest field hockey team.  Just a guess.
Field Hockey Hotties
Kelly this a swing and a miss?  The ball is still at her feet.
Swing and a miss
Hottie #1
Nice afro, Wendy.  Hehe.
Simon Says
raise you hands
Go Chris, Go Chris, Who's Your Daddy!
"Go Chris,
Go Chris!"

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