Marta Weitz

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Marta Sue
Class Clown

Marta Weitz, 6th Grade, 1980

Marta Weitz, 1982, 8th Grade

Marta Weitz

Marta (Weitz) Josephson, 2000

Marta, 2001

Location: Email:
Boynton Beach, FL

Above: Marta and her husband Scott (August 2001).

Upper Right:
Marta, Scott and Marta's in-laws.

The Weitz Family (Becca, Dad, Marta, Mom) (August 2001)

Marta, Scott and her In-Laws
The Weitz Family (August 2001)
Jake and Jenna, Holiday Card 2006
Jenna Josephson, 2006
Jenna 2006
Jake Josephson, 2006
Jake 2006
Jenna Josephson, 2006
Jenna 2006
Jake Josephson, 2006
Jake 2006
Jenna Josephson, 2006
Jenna 2006
Jake Josephson, 2006
Jake 2006
My god...the kid's only 2-1/2 and he already looks like a little bodybuilder
Jake 2005
Jake Josephson, future muscleman
Jake 2005
Husband: Scott (Married 3/14/98).  Marta says that she and her husband Scott look like brother and sister.
Children: Jake Ronny Josephson (Born 8/11/02)
Jenna Nicole Josephson (Born 5/12/06)
Marta's B-Day October 4th, 1968
Pets: 2 cats-
Topper (a.k.a. Whitey) - all white
Nala (a.k.a. Squirt) - brown tiger striped, a gift from Marta's sister Becca.  They call her "Squirt" because everything on her does - her butt squirts, she drools a little and she licks like a dog.
Post H.S. Education and Achievements: Marta went to West Chester University where she received two bachelors degrees - one in Management and another in Marketing - and a masters degree in Exercise Physiology.

She has opened a "Body Zone" in West Chester, which has a personal training center, a gym and fitness testing center.

She has also been in four body-building competitions.
Occupation: "When I first moved to Florida (2/12/97) I got a job at Boca Pointe Country Club, where I was the Aerobics Coordinator and one of three managers in the fitness department. I managed the fitness center, managed the aerobics department, taught aerobics and did personal training.

"91 days after starting my job, they fired the other two managers in the fitness department, made it one position, and I was put in charge.  At this point I still had the same responsibilities, but I was not in charge of the aerobics department any more (although I still taught.)

"October '99 I had enough of the management bullshit.  I quit managing and teaching aerobics and decided to only do personal training.  I still train clients at Boca Pointe, but I also am 'independent' and will train anyone anywhere.  It's a great life, although I do not refer to myself as a personal trainer as I feel that it is a degrading title (because so many trainers SUCK.) So I tell everyone that I have my masters in Exercise Physiology and I do only personal training, or I just say I'm an Exercise Physiologist."

MA-rta and baby Peanut

MA-rta 7 Months Pregnant!
Left: 6/08/02, the night before Becca's wedding.  Marta, Marta's husband Scott, Becca's fiancé Martin and Becca.
Right: 6/09/02, Marta, the Matron of Honor at Becca's wedding.

Jake Josephson, manliest name ever!
Two months old
October 2002

Look at his hat!  Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
Two months old
October 2002

Jake Josephson's First Year!

Marta with Muscles (1993) Marta with Muscles (August 1997)

Marta "Muscles" Weitz
Left: August 1997, NPC Southern States, Florida
Center: 1993 in PA competition
Right: August 1997, NPC Southern States, Florida

What ever happened to Wranglers? Is that a Jordashe jacket?

Becca and Marta from October 2000
These pictures were taken by Becca's friend, Adrienne, for her website, "Shadowhawke Studio" at  There are a lot more photos of Becca that you can find by checking out the site!


Woody, Marta, Beth, Bob (November 2000)
Woody, Marta Weitz,
Bob Painter & Beth Rosser

(November 2000)

Woody, Marta and Bob (November 2000)
Woody, Marta Weitz,
& Bob Painter

(November 2000)

Woody, Marta, Jeff (November 2000)
Woody, Marta Weitz,
& Jeff Greene

(November 2000)

Scott, Marta & Becca (August 2001)
Marta's husband Scott,
Marta and Becca Weitz

(August 2001)

Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Marta listed "Business" as her future career path.
Exciting Things Since H.S.: "I went to school in Israel (as did my sister) for a half year (1 semester) during my Junior year of college.  I went to Tel-Aviv University and lived in the dorms there.  At the end of my semester I wasn't ready to come home, so I went to a kibbutz for a month.  It was in Northern Israel, right at the Lebanon boarder...pretty cool. I worked in the fields every day, and had the MOST incredible tan!  I also went to Athens and the Greek Islands for 13 days for Spring Break that was amazing!"
Hey, Marta, I had a lot of onions for lunch...wanna smell my belch?

Class of 1986
Class Clown:

Leon Pace
Marta Weitz

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Foldies ... Judy, Trudy, Prudence ... lost in Reading -- RPC ... Brookdale ... VJ ... Portugazibis ... Big and Small Club ... Europe '85 ... Orgee ... Uh -- Fork ... BF-SP ... Nlf-CR ... Frog Legs ... CaCa ... MaMa ... Smile ... I made it!

From the June 1986 Penn Post
    Marta Weitz, the senior class clown, is the month’s Senior of the Issue. You should know Marta because she tries to make it a point to meet everyone and be friendly with all. If you’d like to find Marta around school check with the Modern Language Club, of which she is president, Girl’s Leader Corps, Y-teens, or FBLA.
     In her spare time, Marta enjoys talking on the phone, jogging, and eating peanut butter swirl ice cream. She works at Brooks at the mall, and she also works on the Words of the Day in her homeroom. She says that Homeroom 301 is her favorite class during the day.
     After graduation, Marta will be attending West Chester studying Business Management and Administration. She would
then like to attend the Fashion lnstitute of technology in New York, studying retail management and fashion merchandising. Then she says she will be ready to have a real life.
Dan Hafetz


'86 Senior
Class Trip

15 minutes later they were all, just kidding.

Chris Mal Notes:
I just noticed that in the yearbook, the names down the left hand side of the page where our senior pictures are, lists "Mawta Weitz."  Is that a typo or did someone do that on purpose?

OK, what's the "Orgee" thing about in the "senior memories"?  (According to Marta, "As for the orgee, we never had them, it was a joke between Audrey, Suzanna and me...I think we used to call someone that."  OK, you people are totally lying.  For years I have been suspicious that the entire class was having gigantic orgees without me, and this just confirms my suspicions.)

Marta has taken up bodybuilding. I saw her around 1991 or 1992 and I nearly fell over.  She has competed in four shows.  The most she ever weighed at the shows was 110.  (Her normal weight is 116-120.)  She never did steroids and competed at 6-7% bodyfat.  "I hated the training, the diet and having no life for 9-12 weeks, but I loved the way I looked and the actual competition was TOTALLY worth it."

Marta was the president of Modern Language Club. Question - what the heck was this club all about? Seriously, I never knew, and I still don't know. What does a language club do exactly? Talk to each other? And what does the president of such a club do? "O.K. everybody, youz guys quiet down now, I'm about to preside...As President of this here club, I say that today we're going to speak in French..."

Marta used to talk to me through hand-to-hand phones.

Marta has both a tattoo and a belly-button ring.  Her bellybutton was pierced on August 14th, 1997.  Despite always hating them, she got a tattoo when she was in graduate school when she was about 22 - the tattoo is cute little picture of Mickey Mouse on her butt curling a dumbbell.  I don't know firsthand that it is on her butt, but I'll take her word for it.

Marta's husband, Scott, has a Masters in Exercise Physiology, just like Marta.  He's also is a dietitian and a drummer.  He is way into rock, as is Marta.  He has been playing in rock bands his whole life, and still does (just for fun).
Becca (Weitz) White Notes:
Marta's sister, Becca's email address is  Becca lives in Scottsdale, AZ.  She ran her very 1st marathon in Feb 2001, and Marta was there.  It was The Valley of the Sun Marathon out of Mesa, Arizona ... By the way, Becca was born 3/11/70.  Don't forget her birthday! ... Becca married Martin White on June 9th, 2002, in Reading at the Golden Oaks Country Club.

Becca and her husband had a baby girl on 9/10/04:  Her name is Hannah Rose.
Stuff to Know about Marta:
Marta's nicknames are "Obbie" and "Yoo Shoo" ... Her eyes are brown ... Her hair is dark brown...well, kinda light reddish brown, depending on when she last got her hair colored and how much she's been in the sun ... Mickey Mouse is on her butt ... She has 3 piercings in her left ear, 2 in her right and 1 in her bellybutton, but she took it out when she got pregnant ... Marta's favorite color is blue ... Her favorite food is French fries, although she rarely eats them ... She's never been to Africa, but she has been toiletpapering ... She has been in a car accident, and loves her bed ... Her favorite movies are "Breakfast Club," "Sixteen Candles," and "The Money Pit" ... Saturday is her favorite day of the week ... Colgate is Marta's toothpaste of choice ... Marta loves Blue Delphinium flowers, Strawberry Margaritas, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street ... Her favorite sport to watch on TV is The World's Strongest Man Competition and gymnastics ... Wendy's is her favorite fast food restaurant ... Marta has white tile in her bedroom, and failed her driver's test once ... She claims to have no criminal record ... She watches TV when she's bored ... She hates when people ask her how much she can lift ... By the time the clock strikes 10, Marta is usually in bed ... Her favorite TV shows are Friends, Hill Street Blues and LA Law.


Cute girls in short skirts yelling stuff.
Click to enlarge!


Shouldn't this club have been renamed "European Vacation Club"?

A cheer without much direction.

Nice mop, Darren.

Modern Language
Club Officers


Yearbook Staff
Seniors-Lisa P.
Faculty-Cathy K.

Marta sometimes brought the Muppets to school

This is Marta after throwing up alphebet soup on the floor.

At midnight Missy
turned into a pumpkin

Marta on her


Marta Weitz, 1979, 5th Grade
Middle School: 1979
5th Grade Class Picture

Marta Weitz, 6th Grade, 1980
Middle School: 1980
6th Grade Class Picture

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