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Mt. Penn High School
1985-86 Cheerleading Team
Mt. Penn High School Cheerleaders featuring a bunch of overexposed faces!

Top Row: Gloria Hutcheson, Mary Ellen Reed, Jen Eckel, Sandy Horning, Karen Denby,
Wendy Crow, Alyssa Max, Alison Poole, Donese Mabry
Bottom Row: Cherise Conlon, Becky Shaeff, Tanya Sload,
Missy Ryan,
Kelly Clark, Kristen Pfahl, Pam Tucci, Elizabeth Reed

June 1985 Penn Post

     For 2 weeks 27 girls from grades 8 to 11 practiced for cheerleading tryouts which were held May 23.
     In order to tryout, each girl had to learn a short dance, and a cheer. She had to do 3 out of 4 jumps and make up words and motions for an original chant.
     Each girl could accumulate up to 95 points. The most important qualities were considered to be smile, voice, pep, and enthusiasm. Each of these qualities were worth up to 10 points. All other areas were worth 8 points each. An extra short dance or acrobatic move could add 5 points to the score.

Cheerleading Squad 1985-86

Kelly Clark
Cherisse Conlon
Wendy Crow
Karen Denby

Jenny Eckel
Sandra Horning
G. Hutcheson
Donese Mabry
Kristin Pfahl
Allison Poole
Elizabeth Reed
Mary Ellen Reed
Missy Ryan
Becky Schaeff
Tonya Sload
Pam Tucci

Janine Lysczek
Allisa Max
December 1985 Penn Post
     When you come to basketball games this year, are you going to come to watch a good basketball game or are you going to come to watch this year�s Mt. Penn cheerleaders? This year�s squad will be ready to show their spirit with many cheers and dances.
     Most of the girls who tried out for the team went to cheerleading camp over the summer. This was a week�s camp which was nothing but hard work for the girls. They went on and cheered to win several awards for their efforts. They won a plaque for being the outstanding team, a rainbow award for the pom pom dance, two superior ribbons for individual cheers and two special ribbons for a certain cheer and dance.
     This year�s team is a little different from last year�s team because it will be only one squad. The squad will be headed by the four seniors on the team:
Karen Denby, Kelly Clark, Wendy Crow, and Missy Ryan.
     Not only are the girls going to cheer for all of the games, but they intend to have a bake sale at every home game. And to top this all off, the girls will provide entertainment at half time.
Hottie #1
Hottie #2
Hottie #3
Hottie #4

Mt. Penn High School
1984-85 Cheerleading Team

Kelly, why are you making that face?  Wendy isn't THAT heavy.
Top Row: Gloria Hutcheson, Becky Schaeff, Missy Ryan, Wendy Crow, Jen Miller
Middle Row: Tracy Wenger, Cherise Conlon, Missy Oberhauser,
Kelly Clark
Bottom Row:
Marta Weitz, Sandy Steigerwalt, Karen Denby, Tanya Sload

October 1984
Let�s Hear it for the Cheerleaders
     The Mount Penn cheerleaders attended camp at East Stroudsburg College July 27-31. They competed with many other schools and won numerous awards. They received a ribbon for a special dance routine, placed in all evening ribbon competitions, and were quite honored to receive the spirit ribbon.
     The spirit ribbon was an award in which the counselors observed all squads closely to see which group displayed the best spirit. Spirit was determined both on and off the practice field. In recognition of the "spirited� group, they were awarded a spirit ribbon and Shimmy Kitty (a stuffed animal) for one night, which they could decorate with their school colors. Mount Penn decorated Shimmy Kitty with a Mount Penn hat, buttons, stickers, and orange and black pom pom strings.
     The workshop featured instruction in cheers, chants, pom pom routines, tumbling, mounts, jumps, and stunts.
     Members of the squad that attended camp are:

Traci Wenger (Co-Cap.)
Sandy Steigerwalt (Co-Cap.)
Missy Becker
Wendy Crow
Karen Denby
Tracy Damiano
Gloria Hutchenson

          - Sandy Steigerwalt

Cheerleaders wandering aimlessly.

December 1984
     Last spring, on May 22, forty-seven girls tried out for the Mount Penn cheer-leading squad. The judges who rated the girls expected a lot from them this year. They emphasized certain basics that they thought each girl should perform adequately. The judges marked the performance of each girl in five categories: Precision, voice, smile, pep, and overall movements. Girls trying out for cheerleading were required to perform a dance, three jumps, a cheer, and a chant made up by each individual. Each girl could have done an extra stunt of her own performance to achieve extra points. The following girls were selected to represent Mount Penn High School:



Traci Wenger

Kelly Clark

Cherisse Conlon

Marta Weitz

Karen Denby

Becky Shaeff

Jenny Miller

Gloria Hutcheson

Wendy Crow

Tonya Sload

Sandy Steigerwalt Kristen Pfahl

Missy Ryan

Missy Oberhauser

          - Karen Denby


Mt. Penn High School
1983-84 Varsity Cheerleading Team
#42, Boyer; #44, Petersen

Top Row: Vickie Denunzio, Missy Ryan, Sharon Steigerwalt, Lisa Ruemmler, Missy Becker
Bottom Row: Kathy Kunkel, Lisa Martin, Steph Kingree, Denise Malecki

Mt. Penn High School
1983-84 JV Cheerleading Team
As a matter of fact, I AM amazing...

Top: Becky Shaeff
Riding Horseback:
Wendy Crow, Karen Denby
Carrying the Load:
Kelly Clark, Kelly Gray, Tracy Wenger
Sitting: Cherise Conlon, Jen Miller