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Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz


Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz, 2000

Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz, 2006

Location: Email: MySpace:
Reading, PA


Mindy (Snyder) and Mike Hinnershitz
(Pictures taken in late 2000)
Married 8/02/86

These pictures were a gift from Mike to Mindy, Christmas 2000 As it should be, the woman should be helping to save the man's energy by pulling him around when necessary.
Daphne, Jayme and KayAnne Hinnershitz, Picture taken in 2000 Kayanne (Top), Jayme (Bottom Left), Daphne (Bottom Right)
2001 2002

Born 04/21/89

Born 05/21/93
Born 12/23/86

Pictures from the December 2007

Jayme and Madison, Ocean City, MD in December 2007
Mindy's son Jayme
with his niece Madison
Ayden and Xavier, December 2007
Mindy's twin grandson's,
Ayden and Xavier
Mindy's first grandkid, Madison
Mindy's granddaughter,

Some Candid Pictures from the Spring 2006

Mike and Katy Hinnershitz, 2006
Mindy's husband Mike, and her daughter Katy - per Mindy, "as you can see we aren't show who's having the baby first Mike Or KayAnne"
Jayme Hinnershitz drumming, 2006
Mindy's son, Jayme

  Some Candid Pictures from the Spring 2004

Chris Fedder (MPHS Class of '84) and Mindy
Mindy's oldest, Kaytey, and her two friends Lindsey and Ashleigh
Mindy Roxx
This is a picture taken on Mindy's birthday getting her 10 minutes of fame playing bass guitar for Crystal Roxx at Crocodile Rock in Allentown.

 Some Candid Pictures from the Fall of 2003

Goooooooooooooooo Daphne!
Mike, Daphne and Captain Jimenez at her promotion.
Scary Mask
Halloween 2003
Nice Boobs
My oldest daughter Kaytey's friend Steve. He's my adopted son. Thought it would be neat to dress like Kaytey for Halloween
Kaytey should have dressed up like Steve for Halloween
Kaytey and Steve
Kaytey 2003
Daphne 2003
Halloween 2003
From Left to Right´┐Ż Jayme, Steve, Kaytey, Pam, Daphne and Sara

Daphne Hinnershitz

Jayme Hinnershitz...OUCH!

"I suddenly feel old knowing i have a child going to high school next year. " - Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz

Daphne and Jayme, Winter 2000
and Katy from her 8th grade prom, Spring 2001


Mindy's daughter and Craig Fedder's nephew!

Lance Corporal Hinnershitz

This is Daphne with her date to her 8th grade prom in 2003.  And who is that date?  It's Chris Fedder's son, Dave.  You might recall that Chris went to our school and was in the Class of '84.  His brother Craig Fedder, was actually in our Class of '86 for a while.  Small world.

And here is Daphne on October 16, 2003 at her Junior ROTC promotion to Lance Corporal.


The Hinnershitz's Pets

Daisy, world's largest lap dog, and Bill the cat using Daisy as a chair



Daisy & Billie Jager
Born 12/26/04
Born June 2003
Adopted 11/2003
Biggles, Lap Hamster Caddy, Lap Hamster #2 Teddie, Lap Cat adopted in 2001 Kermit Hinnershitz the Frog
R.I.P. 2002
R.I.P. 2002
R.I.P. 2002
Per Mindy 2001, Daisy "weighs about 110 pounds and stands about 5' 4'" when standing on her hind legs. She's very gentle, but thinks she's a lap dog.  When she runs toward people , people move quicker. Wonder WHY????" ... Teddie was adopted in 2001.

1/08/02 Update:  "We still have Daisy, our tiny little puppy, but we no longer have the Guniea pigs.  They died.  We also had Teddie put to sleep for medical reasons, however, we now have a new cat named Billie.  We had a friend that thought it would be cool to have Bill and Ted so they could have excellent adventures, but, alas, Ted had problems.  We also have had a green Tree Frog named Kermit for about 1 1/2 yrs now."

11/25/03 Update:  The Hinnershitzes adopted a 5-month old grey kitten named Joey!
Birthdays and updates on the kids AND GRANDKIDS!: Mindy: March 19th, 1968
Mike: December 19th, 1966

Kids (3)
KayAnne: December 23rd, 1986
Daphne: April 21st, 1989 
Jayme: May 21st, 1993

Grandkids (5
Madison: June 4th, 2006 (Kate's 1st)
Ayden and Xavier: September 2007 (Kate's 2nd & 3rd)
Dominick (Kate's 4th)
Tyler: Born February 4th, 2009 (Daphne's 1st)
Kaytey and her hubby Mindy's granddaughter, Madison, 4 weeks old, born on 6/04/06Kaytey:
"My oldest (Kaytey) graduates in 3 months and is starting college classes in April. She also just got married on January 16th to the young man who she's dated for 2 years. He just left for Iraq the Tuesday after presidents day and will be there for 8 to 14 months."

11/09/05, "Clifton is home from Iraq.  He came home September 15th. They are living in Maddie, 4 days old!the new house they bought in North Carolina.  Big news is I'm going to be a grandmom. Sometime end of June beginning of July.  Kaytey is sick but doing ok."

Mindy and Madison3/03/06, Kaytey had her ultrasound,
and.... IT'S A GIRL!  They are going to name her Madison.

6/04/06, Mindy became a grandmother!  Madison was born 4 weeks early on June 4th, 2006 @ 4:07 p.m.  She weighed 8 pounds and was 21" long.  Mom and baby (and grandma) are doing fine.  The picture to the upper-right is of Madison, 1 day old.  The one to the left is 4 days old.

Mindy's daughter Daphne was promoted (October 2003) to a Lance Corporal in her JROTC program at high school, and
out of a school of 4400 was accepted to Reading-Muhlenberg Vo-Tech's cosmetology program for 2004-05 ... 3/06/05, "Daphne is doing well at Vo-Tech in Cosmetology.  I now sit on the advisory board for cosmetology at Reading Muhlenberg Vo-tech." ... 11/09/05, "Daphne is in her second year of cosmetology and was just promoted to a Gunnery SGT. in JROTC."

As of February 2004, Jayme had gotten a full set of drums and had been taking lessons since September 2003 ... In May of 2004, Jayme was selected to play trumpet in the All-City Elementary School Band.  He is doing great with his drum lessons, and his also learned to play guitar and keyboard as well ... 3/06/05,
"Jayme is my 4.0 kid doing great in everything. He is an awesome drummer, and not bad at skateboarding." ... 11/09/05, "Jayme is still drumming and was just inducted into the junior national honor society."

Post H.S.
Education & Achievements:
Graduate of the Empire Beauty School
Occupation &
Where I Work:
As of 1/28/08, Mindy began working as a teacher at Empire Beauty School.  Mindy said that she loves teaching, "It's a challenge like no other."

Prior to teaching at Empire Beauty School...

Mindy was teaching Cosmetology until she began managing the Cost Cutters salon located just inside the front door of the Wal-Mart in Wyomissing, PA.  Then, in May of 2002, Mindy left Cost Cutters and began working at Fantastic Sam's which is near the Target in Wyomissing ... Coincidentally, Mindy's boss at Fantastic Sam's was a former co-worker of mine at GPU, Stephanie Warmkessel.  Mindy also frequently cut the hair of Patty Brann, the former secretary of my department at GPU; as well as Steve Monroe's sister, Peggy, who graduated from MPHS in '89. 
And she worked with a girl who married fellow MPHS graduate, Brian Snyder (brother of Barry Snyder, Class of '88).

Mindy's husband
Mike works for Stroehmann Bakeries.
High School
Career Goal:
In the senior yearbook, Mindy listed "Child Development" as her future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Special thanks to my Mom and Dad, my family and Mike for all the love and encouragement ... Remember P. W. Herman ... Lori's cows ... What's an Egg McMuffin smell like? ... Good luck Bev, Lori, Susan ... Thanks!
Chris Mal Notes:
Mindy is a fan and friend of the band "Gravity Tuned."  Her favorite band, though, is Crystal Roxx.  She goes to see Crystal Roxx and Oklahoma Dan on weekends when she's not busy.  In fact, you can find pictures of Mindy on the Oklahoma Dan website.

Mindy told me on 3/19/03 that she got to see former MPHS graduate Tom Sload sing a Jimmy Eat World song.  "He not only played basketball well, but he has a great voice too!"  Tom sings in the band Burnt Sienna.

Mindy was the Girls' bowling team MVP our senior year.  She and I and dominated the world of bowling in 1986.

Mindy attended Empire Beauty School at the same time as former classmate Lori (Stoss) Weimer.

Mindy became an Aunt again.  Her cousin Jodi (MPHS '98) had a baby in October 2002.

Mindy got ripped off on the yearbook bowling pictures.  She didn't know about the pictures being taken before a match in 1986, and didn't get there in time to get her picture taken.  In the 1984 yearbook, she's in the team picture but her name isn't mentioned in the caption!  Jeesh!  No respect for the team's best bowler!

Mindy ran into Alan Ganas in May 2004 at the Riveredge.  My Pal Al still tends bar there.  She said that he is doing well, is married and has a 6-year old.

15-Year Reunion

A Chris Mal Sandwich

Mindy (Snyder) Hinnershitz
and her family...(and Chris Mal)


From the March 1985
Penn Post

1984 Girls
Bowling Team

The 1984 Girls Bowling team featuring Mindy Snyder!
Click to enlarge!

1985 Girls
Bowling Team

1985 Girl Bowling team featuring Sally Ford!
Click to enlarge!

1986 Girls Varsity
Bowling Team

Mindy was MVP
of the team, but
was unavailable
for the picture.

Mindy and a Microscope

Vo-Tech Picture
Senior Year
(Health Assistant)

2nd Grade Beauties
From 2nd Grade!!!
From left to right: Karen Denby, Lori Alison, Wendy Crow, Mindy Snyder, Sally Ford, Julie Kissinger (in back) and Renee Moyer.

Girl Bowling MVP, Mindy Snyder!

Mindy Snyder
1985 Girls
Bowling MVP

General Info and Favorites:
Born: 3/19/68 in St. Joe's Hospital, Reading, PA
Shoe Size: 8-1/2
Height: 5'-9 1/2"
Siblings: Two - Debbie and Jodi
Eye Color: blue/green
Hair Color: bimbo blond
Hobbies: Listening to music, crafts, the pub, hanging with friends and family, watching movies, swimming
Languages: English and French
Are you ticklish? No
What kind of car do you drive? Any without 2nd gear
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Hawaii
Where would you retire to? Anywhere with snow and mountains
What was the worst day
of your life?
The day we lost our daughter Delaney
What has been the best day
of your life?
Everyday that I have my husband, kids and friends
Who makes you laugh the most? My husband Mike
Who is your weirdest friend? I have no weird friends.  Well, maybe Chris M is as demented as I am
Who's your cutest friend? They are all just so cute
What did you want to be when you were little? A Cowgirl
Favorite Movie: Officer and a Gentleman
Favorite TV Show: Iron Chef
Favorite Band/Group: Gravity Tuned
Favorite Song: "Thank You for Loving Me" by Bon Jovi
Favorite Store: A.C.Moore
Favorite Sport: Bowling, I can still kick butt
Favorite Sport to watch: Football, Go Steelers!
Favorite Flavor: Chocolate
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint chocolate chip
Favorite Sandwich: PB & Marshmellow
Favorite Fruit: Cherries
Favorite Candy: Lollipops of any kind
Favorite Car: P.T.Cruiser (Canary yellow with flames)
Favorite Holiday: Halloween and St.Patrick's Day
Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday
Favorite Color: Blue

Have you ever?

...done drugs? Nope NEVER
...eaten an entire box of Oreos? No
...been dumped? Yep, and you know who you are!
...watched Punky Brewster? Yes
...hiked a mountain? Yes
...seen the White House? In pictures
...seen the Eiffel Tower? In pictures
...tried smoking? No
...drank alcohol? Yea...lol
...smoke marijuana? Nope NEVER
...played monopoly? Yea
...seen Titanic? Yea
...visited another country? Not yet
...had a bubble bath? Yea
...been on a plane? No
...been on a boat? Yea
...been in a car accident? Not yet
...ridden an elephant? Yep
...played with Barbies? When I was little
...broken a bone? No
...called a psychic or sex hotline? No
...watched Jerry Springer? Yeah, who hasn't?
...gotten in trouble for talking in class? Who, me?
...been afraid of the dark? When I was 'lil
...had stitches Yea
...lied Maybe
...been arrested? Not yet
...fallen asleep in class? Nah
...broken the law? Maybe once or twice

Do you...

...like to give hugs? Absolutely
...like to walk in the rain? Of course
...sleep with or without clothes on? Both
...prefer black or blue pens? Black
...dress up on Halloween? Yea
...sleep on your side, tummy or back? Tummy
...have a goldfish? No, I kill them all
...ever have a falling dream? Yea
...have stuffed animals? Yes, lots

What do you think about...

Suicide? It's not healthy
Girls? We rule

What do you think of when you hear these names?

Jennifer Grim
Lindsey Wagner, the Bionic Woman
Brandon 90210
Christina Anis's daughter
Angela Ho
Courtney My
Jeff Gordon
Mike My husband
Ryan Rimby, my friend's kid
Matt My brother-in-law to be
Caroline Little house on the
Joseph My husband's grandfather
Patrick Leprechaun
Erin Katy's friend

This or That

Pierced nose or tongue Tongue
Be serious or funny Funny
Simple or complicated Always complicated
Law or anarchy Anarchy
7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek 7th Heaven
Sugar or Salt Sugar
Silver or gold Silver
Tongue or belly-button ring Belly
Chocolate or flowers Flowers
Angels or miracles Angels
Color or black-and-white photos Black-and-white
Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
M&Ms or Skittles M&Ms
Rap or Rock Rock
Stay up late or sleep in? Both
TV or radio Radio
Hot or cold Hot
Tall members of the
opposite sex or short
Sun or moon Moon
Diamond or Ruby Both
Are you Lefty or righty Righty
10 acquaintances or 1 best friend One best friend
Vanilla or chocolate Chocolate
Kids or not Kids
Cat or dog Both
Half empty or half full Half Full
Mustard or ketchup Mustard
Newspaper or magazine Newspaper
Spring or Fall Fall
Give or Receive Give
Rain or snow Snow
Lace or satin Satin
A year of hot sex or
a lifetime of friendship
Lifetime of Friendship
Happy or sad Happy
Corduroy or plaid Plaid
Wonder or amazement Amazement
Sneakers or sandals Sneakers
McDonald's or Burger King McDonald's
Blonds or Brunettes Bald
Mexican or Italian Food Italian
Lights on or off Off
Duct tape or Scotch Tape Duct Tape
Candy or soda Soda
A house in the woods or the city Woods
Pepsi or Coke Pepsi
Nike or Adidas Nike

Opposite Sex preferences

What do you look for in a guy? Trust and understanding
Sweet or innocent guys? Sweet
Favorite cologne on a guy Drakkar
Best gift a guy could give Love
Flowers...sweet or wasteful Sweet
Sweetest guy you know Mike

Number of innocent bowlers Mindy and I humiliated
due to our superior abilities in 1986
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