Missy Becker

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(Becker) Kochel
Most Mischievous

Missy Becker, 6th Grade, 1980

Missy Becker, 1981, 7th Grade

Missy Becker, 1982, 8th Grade

Missy Becker

Location: Email:
Mohnton, PA Unknown
Husband: Scott Kochel
Children: 2 as of 5-year reunion
Occupation: As of 2006, working at Morgan Body (Morgantown, PA)
Missy-laneous Notes:
Missy was voted the Class of '86 "Most Michevious" ... Missy's husband, Scott, was an usher in Eric and Lisa Delewski's wedding.
Chris Mal Notes:
Missy's husband Scott and I were in the same Boy Scout troop along with other Mt.Penn graduates Jack Evans, Dave Rodgers, Jeff Greene, Dennis Swartz and John Frankowiak - the guy who's dad called my dad to tell him they thought I might be taking drugs because I was friends with Brendan Kane and Sean Gimeno.

Missy is Sherri Becker's cousin.

Missy was on the bowling team in 10th grade (I'm going to see if I can some how mention bowling under at least half the names!) I think Scott's brother Steve is a pretty good bowler.

Missy Becker and Missy Ryan were the only two girls to make the varsity cheerleading squad our Freshman year.
Missy and Erich stealing a podium so they can give speeches to their fellow classmates.

Class of 1986
Most Mischievous

Missy Becker
Erich Pfahl

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
All my love to Joe (my sweetie) -- July 26, 1984 ... Neversink Mt. ... Cruisin' in the 280Z ... the Drive-In ... Weekends at Tuckeys' House ... Greg (George) ... The Cars, Bill Idol, Iron Maiden, AC-DC ... EH, CF, BS, MG (Tony, 4-wheelin'), JG, SD ... '67 Cougar ... South Street ... Pottstown ... Couldn't have made it without Mom and Dad -- Thanks for everything!!!

1984 Girls
Bowling Team

The 1984 Girls Bowling team featuring Mindy Snyder!
Click to enlarge!


Nice shoes.
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She must be having a happy dream...
Wow, those are some nice legs.
 Missy Becker
Missy Becker and Joe Gallagher
Missy Becker and
Joe Gallagher

Missy Becker, 1979, 5th Grade
Middle School: 1979
5th Grade Class Picture

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