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Mt. Penn High School
1985 Varsity Softball Team
MPHS Girl Varsity Softball team featuring future Mrs. Mark Goldstein

Top Row: Coach Roger Fegely, Dennis Albrecht, Krissy Bukowski, Peggy Monroe, Steph Sosh
Middle Row:
Sally Ford, Diane Churan, Roberta Schreiber, Karen Denby
Bottom Row:
Audry Acker, Cathy Ketcher


RECORD: 3-15
MPHS Opponent OPPT
4 Brandywine 10
3 Sch.Valley 9
16 Fleetwood 26
13 Holy Name 16
1 Kutztown 15
0 Tulpehocken 20
7 Holy Name 18
13 Exeter 7
23 Daniel Boone 5
4 Twin Valley 22
4 Central Catholic 15
2 Oley 20
8 Wyomissing 14
1 Twin Valley 20
11 Daniel Boone 18
11 Central Catholic 17
2 Oley 12
12 Wyomissing 10
June 1985 Penn Post
     Although the Mounts came back during the end of their season, they still managed to salvage two of their league games. They beat Daniel Boone and Wyomissing.
     According to Mr. Fegely, head varsity coach, two major keys to a good softball team are hitting and fielding. He believed that due to graduation and other problems, people had to be moved to new positions, which led to numerous fielding mistakes. To continue, the hitting was weak only in the sense that they could not get that one hit when they needed it.
     If the key to success is improvement, then this year's team was successful. Next year, with everyone returning except the only senior, Bert Schreiber, they can hope to see more improvement.

Mt. Penn High School
 1984 Varsity Softball Team

1984 Mt. Penn High School girl softball team starring Cathy Ketcher the Catcher!
Top Row: Coach Roger Fegely, Cathy Ketcher, Amy Schnader, Jen Miller,
Deanna Spohn, Denise Malecki, Bert Schreiber
Bottom Row:
Diane Churan, Karen Denby, Kelly Clark, Audrey Acker, Jackie Savitz

May 1984 Penn Post
Softball-Slow to Start
     As of April 27 the softball team has played only four games. The first game was to be on March 30 at Governor Mifflin.  This game, like so many others, was rained out. The first game played was at home against Brandywine. The season didn�t get off to a good start as the Mounts lost 12-3. The next team Mount Penn faced was Kutztown. The Mounts were romped by an excellent Cougar team 24-6. League games began on April 26. The team�s spirits were lifted as they coasted to a 10 run victory over visiting Wyomissing. The following day, the Mounts traveled to Fleetwood. They fought hard, but their efforts were not enough as they fell to the Tigers 10-7. Though the majority of the team is young and inexperienced, they will hopefully emerge as a strong team in their division.
     The JV softball team has yet to play a game, again, because of rain. Six games are scheduled to be played. The team is also young, and hopefully its members will develop the skills needed to be a good team.
          - Jenny Miller

Mt. Penn High School
 1984 JV Softball Team

Top Row: Dawn Doskus, Laura Schnader, Jen Eckel,
Amy Miller, Traci DeCarlo, Steph Sosh
Bottom Row:
Sally Ford, Kathy Ford, Kim Steiger, Jen Schickler


Mt. Penn High School
1983 JV Softball Team
MPHS 1983 JV Softball Team

Top Row:
Robin Franckowiak, Jackie Savitz, M. DiGiacomo, J. Miller, Tracy Rogers
Middle Row: Vickie Straka, Dawn Doskus, Kelly Bonnema, D. Hill
Bottom Row:
Karen Denby, Kelly Clark, Diane Churan