May 1984

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606

MAY 1984


Exeter Optimist
Speech Contest
Mt. Penn Produces
Two Winners
Speakers Place in

     On Friday, April 6th, the Exeter Optimist Club sponsored an oratorical contest for Mt. Penn and Exeter students at the Exeter Restaurant. There were many things the contestants were judged on such as poise, delivery, use of hand gestures and enunciation. The winner was then determined by the highest overall score.
     Steve Kunkel, a sophomore, and Bethany Lightner, eighth grade, both from Mt. Penn, won first place in their division along with a $50.00 savings bond for their speech �My Responsibility - Involvement.� They later competed in the zone contest held at the Village Diner, April 27 but were not chosen as winners. Also competing at the Exeter Restaurant were Carol Bigos, Jill Moyer and Steven Reis.
          - Jill Moyer

SADD Started
     Heather Hill, a sophomore, has decided to be one who does something about a problem. The problem, in this case, is drinking and driving. An article in Seventeen made Heather aware of the problem. No one she knows was hurt or killed by a drunk driver, and she wants to keep it that way. Heather feels that people should realize that accidents don�t always happen to someone else - next time it could be you. Heather needs people to join and to help. She stresses the fact that the club is against drinking and driving, not drinking.
     So far, the members of SADD include Heather, Leann Deisher, Christine Jurasinski, Kelly Carter, and Beth Rosser. These members would like to make you aware of one statistic �drunk driving is the leading killer of teenagers.
          - Jenny Miller

�The Students Themselves�
This issue of the Penn Post recognizes those students who made decisions to get out and do something. Many are participating in volunteer services, others have achieved goals, received awards, or made important decisions to better their lives. MPHS is proud of these people and hopes they will continue the good work.


The Volunteers
     Many students from this school have participated in volunteer activities. The proceeds of each activity go towards helping different organizations and people who can�t help themselves. All students who gave of their time should be proud of themselves -their efforts will be greatly appreciated by many people.
     The March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon was held on April 29. The money raised goes to the March of Dimes Foundation to help prevent birth defects. About fifteen students from our school participated.
     The Humane Society of Berks County held its eighth annual animal walk-a-thon on Sunday, May 6. Proceeds go to the Humane Society to help neglected and abused animals. Five students took part in this event.
     Eighteen students from Mount Penn participated in a bike-a-thon. The money collected goes to St. Jude
Children�s Research Hospital to fight childhood cancer.
     Tuesday, May 1 was a day of jumping at Mount Penn. The Jump-Rope A-Thon an American Heart Association fund raiser. Eighty-five students took part in the event which lasted three hours.
     On Wednesday, May 2, members of boys� and girls� leader corps attended the Special Olympics at Kutztown State College. Here, the volunteers were each paired up with a special olympic contestant as they competed in various events. Thirty-five students from MPHS attended.
          - Jenny Miller
County Spelling Bee
     Friday, April 13th was both an unlucky and lucky day for Denise Reiger and Jenny Reimert.
     Friday, the 13th, both girls attended the Berks County Spelling Bee at Conrad Weiser High School auditorium.
     For Denise, the Antietam champion, the unlucky word was caterwaul, which she spelled incorrectly. However, she did receive 6th place in the Bee, the highest any of our students have placed.
     Jenny, our runner-up, �tripped� on the word jacamar. Although she missed the word, she did receive 19th place in the Bee.
     Both girls thought participating in the Spelling Bee was exciting and fun, even though they were a little nervous about it. Denise and Jenny are looking forward to competing in it again next
          - Christine Jurasinski

Junior Exits
     One of the juniors here at Mount Penn will be leaving next year. Kari Nordhoy will be entering the world of college life at Bryn Mawr College. Kari has chosen to go to college a year early because she has acquired enough credits to graduate and feels that she will save time by leaving early. At first Kari wasn�t sure if she wanted to leave so she let the decision up to Bryn Mawr�s Admissions Office. �If they are willing to accept me and feel that I�m ready for college, I�ll go; and if they don�t feel I�m ready, I�ll accept that, too,� Kari said.
     Kari has not yet chosen a major field of study. She chose Bryn Mawr because it is in the area and is a small school. Kari feels that she will receive an excellent education at Bryn Mawr. She plans to continue her riding, which will occupy most of her time; and she also plans to be a member of the field hockey team. We wish Kari luck in all she encounters and hope she remembers her times at Mount Penn.
          - Jenny Miller
True Friends
     Probably everyone knows there are more than one kind of friend. There are school friends, childhood friends, and true friends to name a few. In my opinion, the best type is a true friend. The person you share dark secrets with. Whenever someone needs a shoulder to cry on, the true friend is always there. A true friend is a special part of a person�s life. Someone to go everywhere with. Someone that doesn�t turn their back on you to be with another group of people. Someone who doesn�t laugh behind the person�s back, A true friend is there to share the laughter and tears.
          - Julie Horst

Senior Trip
     On Friday, May 11 the graduating class will begin their 3-day excursion to Virginia Beach, Virginia. They will depart 7:00 A.M. and are scheduled to check into a Holiday Inn by 2:00 P.M. There they�ll be free to go to the beach or the pool til 5:00. The rest of the night will be spent at a dinner theater and an open dance from 10:00-12:00 P.M. at the hotel.
     Saturday, after breakfast, there will be a tour of the naval yard from 10:30-4:00 and dinner from 6:00-8:00. The evening concludes with a cruise around Norfolk Bay from 9:00.12:00 P.M. The next day they start their trek home with one stop, Busch Gardens. They will depart, and some very tired seniors are due to return to Mt. Penn close to 10 o�clock Sunday Night.
          - Jeff Corliss

Mr. Bierly - Gone?
     Remember back to your middle school days when Mr. Bierly was principal? Do you ever wonder what happened to him? Well, Mr. Bierly didn�t give up being with people -that�s for sure. He, in a way, went from one extreme to the other. Instead of being with and helping junior high students, he now works with elderly people at the Hassler Home in Shillington.
     Mr. Bierly woks 3� hours every afternoon in the physical therapy department and says he loves his work. Both his warm smile and happy personality help to cheer up the patients.
     Before his job at the Hassler Home, Mr. Bierly was a volunteer at St. Joseph�s Hospital. He has certainly touched many lives and will continue to for some time. What the world needs is more people like this � more Mr. Bierlys.
          - Jenny Miller
Top Science Students Recognized
     The following student have been nominated for the National Science Merit Awards by Miss Brobst. The top students in their divisions were nominated.  The list is as follows:
Biology I
Randy Boyer
Leon Pace
Stephanie Sosh
Nicholas Baer
Norine Miller
Steven Reis
Jennifer Schickler
Carol Bigos

Jill Moyer
Darren Max
Christine Jurasinski
Leann Deisher
Suzanna Post
Steve Kunkel

Biology II
Joell Reimert
Jeffery Rogers
Jacqueline Savitz
Mark Knabb
Carol Krause
Stephanie Kingree
Denise Malecki
Eric Yoder

Mathew Elvin
Kari Nordhoy
Michael Korsky
Lori Fizz
Gregory Tucci
Donald Mackowiak

General Science
Irene Hatzistavrakis

Top Junior High Girls
Jocelyn Quaintance
Leah Hill
Alicia Gibb
Yen Lieu
Bethany Lightner
Kimberly Sobjak
Malinda Hill
Kathleen Petruska
Sandra Horning
Kristen Bukowski
Kristen Motley
Cynthia Jurasinski

Top Junior High Boys
Jason Miller
Michael Dautrich
Derek Hutcheson
Gregory Holland
Kyle Seidel
Harry Siklas
Timothy McMahon
Kevin Haney
Kerry Motze
Joseph Long
Daniel Hafetz
Jason Ziemba

     These students have the opportunity to be presented in the USSA Official Yearbook. Less than 10% of the nation�s students are eligible for this recognition.
          - Jill Moyer

Junior Class News
     The junior class sold a total of $1028 worth of Easter candy. This was a profit of $442. Jackie Ritter was the high salesperson with $52 profit. Each person who sold candy received the profit they made towards next year�s trip. The class is now running a sale of two different items:
mints and peanuts and stationary items. The profits made by the individuals again go to their credit. These types of sales provide great incentive
because the students know they will be raising more money for themselves, thus lowering the trip cost for the individual. Coming money-raisers include the slave auction in May and a sandwich sale in June.
          - Jenny Miller

Did You Know...
     ...that the average American family owns 13 pairs of jeans.
     ...that Cheryl Ladd, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jack Lemmon, and Raquel Welch were once cheerleaders.
     ...that professional ballerinas wear out about 50 pairs of toe shoes a month.
     ...that you spend a third of your lifetime asleep.
     ...that the character of Dracula is based on a real person. Vlad Tepes, a tyrannical ruler of Transylvania in the 15th century, conducted a massacre of 30,000 people.
     ...that over 70,000 young women try to become Miss America every year.
     ...that doctors say that laughing actually gives you exercise by stimulating and then relaxing your heart, circulation system, and muscles.
     ...that your brain studies best during the day. One hour of daylight studying equals an hour and a half at night.
     ...that, if rolled into one piece, that $800 million worth of gum we pay for each year would form a stick 5 million miles long.
          - Jenny Miller

Penn Post
Volume XXVII, Edition 6
May 1984
Penn Post is published 8 times per year by the Journalism Class of Mt. Penn Junior/Senior High School

Penn Post Staff

Editor Jenny Miller
Editorials Laura Schnader
Features Gabrielli Savitz
News Julie Hyman
Sports Jeff Corliss
Reporters Kelly Grim
Sam Heizmann
Dawn Hill
Julie Horst
Christine Jurasinski
Jill Moyer
Lisa Pacharis

Stephanie Rosenthal
Advisor Mrs. Strickler

Seniors of the Issue

Junior High Student of the Issue
     The seventh Junior High Student to be recognized this school year is Alfred Worrall, a seventh grader. Alfred�s favorite subject is math, but he dislikes Science and English. Some of his hobbies include model building, wood working, model railroads, and listening to music.
     Alfred also enjoys sports. Basketball and baseball are his favorites; the Sixers and the Phillies are his favorite teams. He plans to play these sports in high school.
     Alfred says he dislikes school: �It is too boring, and there is too much homework.� Even so, he plans to go to college and become a lawyer.
          - Jenny Miller

Merit Honor Roll
The names of those students who made the Merit Honor Roll for third quarter have once again been released. These outstanding students have achieved an overall 3.75 average with no grade lower than a C appearing on their report card.
Grade 7
Alicia Gibb
Jenny Reimert

Grade 8
Kathleen Petruska

Grade 9
Carol Bigos
Gloria Hutcheson
Jennifer Schickler

Grade 12
Jackie Savitz
Heli Kallio
Sandra Miller
Grade 10
Leann Deisher

Suzanna Post
Darren Max
Jill Moyer

Grade 11
Jenny Miller
Kari Nordhoy

Students of
the Quarter

Mark Schwartz
Mike Shannon

          - Jill Moyer

Art Awards
     Several students from Mt. Penn received District Art Awards in competition sponsored by the Reading-Berks Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen. Kathy Tobias took first and second places in oil painting, third and honorable mention in drawing, and a third place in pastels.
     Other winners include Heli Kaillo, third place in oil painting; Christie Perks, first place and honorable mention in photography.
          - Jenny Miller

Jeff Corliss

Joell Reimert

     This issue�s male Senior of the Issue is Jeff Corliss. Last year at this time Jeff was a new student trying to fit in with the crowd. At his old school in New Jersey, Jeff was in the modern language club and received 2 varsity letters and a jacket for wrestling. Jeff was the co-captain of the wrestling team in his junior year.
     At MPHS Jeff is the wrestling team and entered the District Wrestling Tournament in March. He has been on the Penn Post Staff since he came here. Jeff also models at the Model�s Institute for Chess King and Athletic Attic.
Jeff�s future plans include Kutztown University, where he will major in communications or finance.
          - Dawn Hill

     The female Senior of the Issue is Joell Reimert. Joell is an active member of Y-teens, the U.N. Club, National Honor Society, Science Club, and Student Council. She is president of both the U.N. Club and National Honor Society. She also plays flute in the MPHS band. For three years, Joell was a member of the Girls� Field Hockey Team.
     With all these activities, Joell is still able to maintain an honor student status and has consistently been one of the top two in her class.
     Joell�s interests lie in reading and listening to music on her stereo.
     Joell plans to go into veterinary medicine at Virginia Polytechnic In-stitute.
          - Dawn Hill

Feature Teachers

Mr. Segro
     Mr. Segro graduated from Lancaster Catholic and then went on to attend Kutztown University. He has earned his Master�s Equivalent and his Reading Certificate from Millersville University.
     Mr. Segro has taught at MPHS for eleven years. His first teaching job was at Mount Penn.
     Mr. Segro�s hobbies are bowling, reading, and enjoys space and adventure movies. His favorite author is William Faulkner.
          - Lisa Pacharis
Mrs. Ann Starr
     Mrs. Ann Starr was brought up in Shenandoah, Pa. She is a graduate of Bloomsburg University where she earned a B.S. in Business Education.
     Prior to Mrs. Starr�s three years at Mt. Penn, she taught at Conrad Weiser. She has also worked at the Unemployment Office and has been a secretary at the Courthouse. Now she teaches typing, shorthand, and other office skills in our Business Department.
     In her spare time, Mrs. Starr plays racketball and pinochle with her friends.
          - Gabrielle Savitz

Dear Habib,
     The senior prom is coming up. I always hate occasions where it is necessary to have d date. I really want to go because it�s supposed to be the highlight of my high school years, but I don�t have a date. I hate rejection, so I�m scared to ask anyone.
                                            Missing It

Dear Missing It,
     If you don�t ask someone then you are sure to sit home that night. It�s very rare that people say �no� to such an invitation. Think of someone that you think would be a nice date, get all of your courage together, and ask. I bet the results are great!

Student Symposium
     On Wednesday, April 11, Lisa A. Martin, Stephanie Rosenthal, and Tom Sload attended the Fourth Annual Student Symposium. It was entitled �Business in Berks� and was sponsored by the Berks County Intermediate Unit and the Berks County Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Carolyn Holleran was the coordinator of the symposium, which included different presentations given by business people in Berks County and a film entitled �Mrs. Peabody�s Beach.�
     Business leaders escorted the students to lunch at restaurants of their choice in the community. At this time, they had the opportunity of discussing the many aspects of business on a personal level. After lunch, the students were separated into different groups to participate in a program led by Mr. Thomas Aubrey, a career educator at Wyomissing Area High School.
     The symposium lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. It proved to be a very educational and worthwhile experience.
          - Stephanie Rosenthal

Hugh O�Brian Seminar
     For four days in March, the Hugh O�Brian Youth Foundation held it�s 6th annual Eastern Pennsylvania Leadership Seminar.
      The ambassadors were sophomores from all over the state. One sophomore was chosen from each high school on the basis of his leadership abilities and an essay he was to have written.
     I was one of the 90 ambassadors who spent March 29-April 1 at the Treadway Resort. In those four days we heard speakers from Business and Industry, such as Wendy�s and McDonald�s, Education, Career Management and had a chance to ask them questions.
     Other activities which were scheduled were a Labor Management Simulation in which four people represented labor and four who represented management were given three hours to negotiate a contract. A talent show, a mock trial in which we were the jurors, a pool party and a dance were also held.
     The highlight of the entire seminar was a visit from Mr. Hugh O�Brian -the founder, who chose our seminar from 65 others occurring all over the country.
     Since the start of the foundation in 1958, the seminars have grown to include 8,000 high schools with 66 state seminars in all 50 states. This year the Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Private industry pays for all ambassadors ($150 per person) and volunteers its members to speak.
     I can not express the enthusiasm and motivation I felt during that time. It was one of the best experiences of my life and a privilege for me to attend.
          - Christine Jurasinski
Boy�s Volleyball
     The boys� volleyball team attended its second and third matches April 7th and April 28th.The second match was hosted by Schuylkill Valley at Schuylkill Valley High School. The boys played well, receiving 5th place.
     The third match, which was at Mt. Penn, was attended by five other teams - Brandywine, Central Catholic, Schuylkill Valley A and B, and Oley. The Mounts advanced to the playoffs and received 4th place. Oley, matched against Schuylkill Valley A, won two of the three championship games, receiving 1st place.
     The last tournament will be held May 12th at the 3rd and Spruce Rec. Center.
          - Christine Jurasinski

Baseball Gets the Short Hop This Year
     The baseball team hasn�t had the best of luck this year. They have a record of 2W-4L and have had 3 non-league rain outs. Injuries have also been a problem for Mt. Penn. Starting pitcher Jeff Ravel has been out with a knee injury after pitching only 2 games. He�s out indefinitely. Leon Pace, who also pitches, is out with an arm injury and probably won�t return. The absence of Warren Davis has also caused some team changes. Replacing Warren is Eric Pfahl.
     The first game this year at Schuylkill Valley was a 9-7 loss. The Mounts also lost their first home game against Hamburg 11-2. Victories against Brandywine and Tulpehocken have been the team wins. They have also played Kutztown and Fleetwood and lost both, 5-2 and 7-2 respectively. The team has plenty of time to prove itself with 12 games left, and things do look promising.
          - Jeff Corliss

Out On The Courts
     The tennis team has worked very hard so far this season. Although they haven�t won any matches yet, they have come close. The players on the team are seated according to ability and are then placed against members of the opposing team in the same place. They then play the best out of three sets of games. After the singles matches, the members of both teams play doubles, these too, are also the best out of three.
The rainy weather we�ve had this spring has caused the postponement of several matches and the cancellation of practices. The tennis season
will continue though, so get out there and support your MPHS team!
          - Stephanie Rosenthal
Girls� Volleyball
     March 31 and April 21 the Girls� Volleyball team had its second and third matches. The second match which was held at Schuylkill Valley with 13 teams participating. The Mounts who played quite well received 5th place. The third match was at Mount Penn and had 10 teams participating. The Mounts had a good day receiving 4th place in their division. Other teams participating in the match included Central Catholic, Holy Name, Schuylkill Valley, St. Margarets, Sacred Heart, Oley, Brandywine, and Most Blessed Sacrament.
     Their last match will be held May 5th at the 3rd and Spruce Rec. Center.
          - Christine Jurasinski

Softball-Slow to Start
     As of April 27 the softball team has played only four games. The first game was to be on March 30 at Governor Mifflin.  This game, like so many others, was rained out. The first game played was at home against Brandywine. The season didn�t get off to a good start as the Mounts lost 12-3. The next team Mount Penn faced was Kutztown. The Mounts were romped by an excellent Cougar team 24-6. League games began on April 26. The team�s spirits were lifted as they coasted to a 10 run victory over visiting Wyomissing. The following day, the Mounts traveled to Fleetwood. They fought hard, but their efforts were not enough as they fell to the Tigers 10-7. Though the majority of the team is young and inexperienced, they will hopefully emerge as a strong team in their division.
     The JV softball team has yet to play a game, again, because of rain. Six games are scheduled to be played. The team is also young, and hopefully its members will develop the skills needed to be a good team.
          - Jenny Miller

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