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Randal Scott Boyer
Class Vice President
and Cutest Male

Randy Boyer, 8th Grade

Randy Boyer, stealer of the Stats Exam

Randy Boyer, 1994

Randy Boyer, 2000
Randy Boyer, 2002
Randy Boyer, 2004

Randy Boyer, 2006

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Married 10/15/94
Randal James "R.J." Boyer
6/06/99, 9:39am,
7 lbs 0.5 oz., 21"
R.J. Boyer R.J., November 2003
Christmas 2000 November 2003
Riley Davis Boyer
3/15/02, 11:26 am,
9 lbs 0.6 oz., 22"
Randy and Riley, 3/15/02 Colleen and Riley, 3/15/02 Riley, November 2003
At the hospital, 3/15/02 November 2003
Damon Max
(Darren & Deb Max's Son)
Randy Boyer's god-son, Damon Max
Occupation: Account Executive for West Lawn Graphic located in Sinking Spring.  West Lawn Graphic combines traditional advertising agency services, such as strategic planning and creative direction and design, with interrelated tactical services including in-house commercial and digital printing, web design, programming and hosting, mail handling, fulfillment, and much more.
Achievements: Randy Boyer and Butch Miller and the rest of the ushers in Chris Malinowski's wedding.Was in Chris M's wedding, plus my wife read.

(Click on the photo to the right and you will see the "Usher Pyramid" from my wedding.  I am on Randy Boyer's shoulders, and Butch Miller, Class of '87 is the 3rd person on the top.)
Interests: Randy is an avid cyclist.  He is part of the Technocycle BRC/Dynaflo Racing team, a USCF amateur team based out of Sinking Spring.  Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle's main focus is the Pennsylvania Cycling Association's "Best All Around Rider" competition consisting of over 30 races throughout the state. You can find more information by CLICKING HERE.

Randy is one of the Directors for Opportunity House. Opportunity House is a multi-service organization that improves the quality of life for children, families and adults who face various obstacles to independence, and supports their efforts to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and well-being.
Pets: 1 cat named Paisley
Person I would
Most Like to
see from H.S.:
Ron Slutsky
Splat the Cat, hater of all man-kind
The Splat Story:
A friend of mine who I work with lives way out in the woods near Temple. There was an outdoor cat who lived out on their farm-like land. She got pregnant and had kittens in their barn. A few days after the kittens were born, the mother was hit by a car and killed. My friends proceeded to give away the kittens - one of them to me. I named the little guy "Splat" after his mothers end-of-life story. I was living with my parents at the time who were on vacation - upon their return, they were not pleased, so I gave the kitten to Randy and Colleen. Splat has turned out to be the "Tasmanian Devil" of the cat world. That cat is the most psychotic creature that I have ever encountered.  (Splat was put out of his misery in 2000.)
Cute as a button

Class of 1986

Jody Brigel
Randy Boyer

Favorite H.S.
Having no responsibility and doing whatever I wanted.
Exciting Things
Since H.S.:
Got married - cruise to Bermuda

From the November 1985 Penn Post
Randy Boyer, stealer of the Stats ExamSENIOR OF THE ISSUE
     Our Senior of the Issue, Randy Boyer was born on November 22,1968. Randy instantly became an active boy. He now plays basketball, volleyball, and baseball for Mt. Penn and football on the side.
     Randy is not only athletic, but also very active in many school clubs and organizations. He is the president of Boys' Leader Corps, assistant business manager of the Penn Alma, and a member of the National Honor Society.
     Randy's favorite school subjects are American Government and Advanced Chemistry.
     In his spare time, Randy enjoys playing poker with the guys, playing basketball, watching movies, and sleeping.
     Randy's plans for the future include college with a major in engineering.
          - Julie Hyman


From the February 1986 Penn Post
Randy Boyer, stealer of the Stats ExamOUTSTANDING ATHLETE
     This issues male athlete is 62�, weighs 180 lbs., is a senior and is co-captain of this year�s varsity basketball team. His name as most of you know, is Randy Boyer. Randy is a starting forward and is currently averaging 14 points per game. He has been involved in the Mt. Penn basketball program for 4 years, playing varsity since 10th grade. Randy also plays baseball and is co-captain of the volleyball team.
     Not only is Randy a good athlete, but also is very active in clubs. He is on the yearbook staff, president of the Leader Corps, National Honor Society, and the Senior class Vice-president. In his spare time Randy enjoys �shooting hoops,� watching movies, and sleeping.
           -- Dan Hafetz


Ryan Petersen, Jeff Petersen (King),
Randy Boyer, Darren Max, Leon Pace

Which is a better title: "Nice Hair, Guys!" or "Didn't they feed you in high school"?

Randy, would smiling have been so hard?

Chris Mal Notes:
RBoyicus Genitalius Penisticus ForeskiniusRandy was co-writer of the "Hot Pink Book" back in high school. The "H.P.B." was later stolen and was never reclaimed. At the time I remember we were all sure that Mr. Ranck had confiscated it.

Randy, Colleen, Bev and I have gone to see our favorite band "Barenaked Ladies" twice.

Randy and Colleen used to feed me before I got married and were the first people to be introduced to my wife.  Randy was an usher in my wedding, and his wife, Colleen, read the scriptures.

Randy was voted "Cutest" male in the Class of '86 and was President of Boys Leader Corps.

The Invitations that were used to round everyone up for the 10-year reunion were made at cost by the company Randy works for - West Lawn Graphic.

The picture to the upper right, as well as the first picture of Colleen and Randy way above were taken at Viva Good Life Bistro and Lounge on 1/10/04.  Let me tell you one thing, VIVA is the best restaurant in the city of Reading right now.  GO THERE.  This is what you should order:  Brie as an appetizer (but make sure the woman asks for this or the waitress may mock you), French onion soup, and the Viva Steak and Salmon combo with the french fries and sweet mashed potatoes.  OH - MY - GOD.  Excuse me, I need to be alone...

Randy's younger brother Todd is a Master Sergeant in Okinawa, Japan.  From what I understand that is about one notch below the highest rank an enlisted soldier can go.  There's a chance Todd may be headed to Iraq by the end of 2006 ... Todd and his wife Kelly became proud parents to a baby boy named Ethan Todd Boyer on 12/22/03.  (See the picture below.)

Randy was named after Randal Scott, a powerlifter/bodybuilder in the late 60's.  Per Randy, "My dad was completely full of testosterone." ... His favorite cereal is Crunch Berries ... His favorite ice cream is Peach ... He says The Fixx were the greatest band of the 80's.
Small World:
On 9/24/05, during the MS City-to-Shore 150 mile bike ride, among 7100 cyclist, Randy and Darren Max pulled up next to Kevin Haney at an intersection.

In January 2004, Randy's youngest, R.J., tripped and banged his mouth onto the corner of a coffee table.  Colleen took him to the E.R. at Reading Hospital where his nurse was former MPHS graduate Roberta (Schreiber) Goldstein.  (R.J. is going to be fine, by the way.)
Ethan Todd Boyer
(Randy's brother Todd's son!)

12/22/03, 2:15 pm,
6 lbs 14 oz., 22-1/4"
Born at the Lester Naval Hospital,
Chatan-Cho, Okinawa, Japan
Ethan Boyer, 12/22/03

 Great Adventure '88

Genesis....was this from the Invisible Touch tour?

Great Adventure has never been the same.

I don't think I'd want to hug these four after a flume ride.


He seems to have
an Invisible Touch?

Half of MPHS '86 does
Great Adventure

Hot sweaty men

This picture needs
no caption

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Summer Crew -- DM, JP, LP, JS, DW, JOB, Dad ... Night School -- ES, JP, DM ... The inevitable Zube ... Finals -- LP, DM ... Let's go to Philly! ... LP, JP, DM ... Art Room ... DM, I'll go in. (Question from Chris Mal: was it necessary to mention DM four freaking times?)

President: Leon Pace
Vice-Prez: Randy Boyer
Secretary: Kelly Clark
Treasurer: Diane Churan

(Click on picture to enlarge)
Class Officers
Senior Year
Junior Year Class Officers
Junior Year

1984 JV
Basketball Team

1985 Boys JV Basketball team starring Barry Mowery!
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1984 Varsity
Basketball Team

1985 Boys Varsity Basketball team starring the Petersen brothers!
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1985 Varsity
Basketball Team

1985 Boys Basketball team starring Ron "When in doubt, shoot!" Slutsky
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1986 Varsity
Basketball Team

1986 Boys Basketball team starring Randalstilskins Boyer
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Poor technique of blocking the plate... Barry's head is on backwards Randy Boyer (Prez), Leon Pace (VP), Darren Max (Treasurer), Steve Kunkel (Secretary) Also a good position for sitting on a toilet "I might be the class cutest, but Chris Mal is a close second, just my opinion" - Randy Boyer Look, if I flap my arms like a bird, I can fly!
Hey, block
the plate!
Randy running
away from
Boys Leader
Corps Officers
Get your hand
out of my
A railing
holding up
Randy Boyer
Randy fending off the other team with his smelly pits

Number of times Randy and Colleen
generously fed me dinner before I met my wife:

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