Barclay Wilson

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Wilson II

Barclay Wilson, 2006

Location: Email:
Reading, PA Unknown
Wife: Engaged to Jennifer Lynn Radka as of December 2004. She is a graduate of Wilson High School and Millersville University, where she received a BS in business administration and accounting.  As of late 2004, she was pursuing a master's degree in business administration at the University of Phoenix, Wayne, Delaware County.  She works at Advance Personnel Staffing, Inc.
Children: None as of 10-year reunion
Occupation: As of 2005 he was working for Sunoco Logistics in Sinking Spring.  (He was a machinist at G&M Co as of the 10-year reunion.)
Pets: None as of 10-year reunion
Future Career:
In our senior yearbook, Barclay listed "Machinist-Toolmaker" as his future career path.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Thanks: Dad, Mom, Todd, Sean, Mark, Chris, Monroe ... Eric ... Mau 1,2 ... Runaway comet ... Tonka Power ... fat Brandywine ... Rent-a-cop ... October 30 ... Swimming at St. Pete's ... Chumps ... Patsy!
Chris Mal Notes:
Barclay was a proud member of Mr. Leinbach's Train Club back in 5th grade.  He also was part of the Screwdriver Mafia.

Along with Steve Monroe, Barclay was one of my best friends in 5th grade when I first came to Antietam from St. Catherine's.

Mr. Leinbach used to call him "Woodrow."

Barclay was the Soccer team's "Most Improved" player for the 1984-85 season.

Barclay started racing stock cars in 2001.
It's a Small World:
Evan Spohn ran into Barclay at the Lowe's in Spring Township in 2006.

Engagement Announcement
from 12/05/04 Reading Eagle
Radka - Wilson
     Jennifer Lynn Radka of Liberty Avenue, Kenhorst, step­daughter and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jay McConomy, Butternut Court, South Heidelberg Township, and daughter of Dennis Radka, Kenhorst, to Barclay James Wilson Jr. of Liberty Avenue, son of Mr. and Mrs. Barclay Wilson Sr., Butter Lane, Mount Penn.
     The bride-elect is a graduate of Wilson High School and Millersville University, where she received a bachelor's degree in business administration and accounting. She is pursuing a master's degree in business administration at University of Phoenix, Wayne, Delaware County. She is employed by Advance Personnel Staffing Inc.
     Her fiancé is a graduate of Mount Penn High School. He is employed by Sunoco Logistics, Sinking Spring.


Chris Wilson (Barclay's younger brother) & Lynn Orlando
Wedding Announcement from 7/29/01 Reading Eagle/Times

Barclay's younger brother, Chris's wedding announcement, 2001


1984 JV
Soccer Team

1985 Varsity
Soccer Team

1986 Varsity
Soccer Team

1984 JV Soccer team featuring...a lot of bad haircuts.
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MPHS 1985 Varsity Soccer Team starring goalie Lee Pace
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From the June 1986 Penn Post
     Barclay Wilson is the last Male Senior of the Issue. Barclay is in Vo-Tech which makes him not as well known with some of our teachers.
     Barclay is very active in the sports here at Mount Penn. He has participated in soccer in all of his four years as a high school student. He also played volleyball his last two years at Mount Penn. In his spare time, Barclay enjoys spending time with Amy, Todd, Sean, and Chris. He also enjoys motorcycle riding and cars.
     After graduation, Barclay plans to get into the machinist toolmaker trade.
Dan Hafetz

Barclay Wilson, doggie style
If Barclay was a
dog he'd lift his
leg to pee,
Barclay closes his eyes to drink punch.
Jeff & Barclay at the
Valentine's Dance
Barclay Wilson, 1985
Barclay Wilson,
Stomach Ache?
Barclay Wilson in 1984, the year, not the book.
Barclay Wilson
and the back of
Jeff Petersen's head
Is everyone else short, or was Barclay REALLY tall?
Barclay Wilson (right) and
lots of short people,
Was Barclay dating the photographer at the time or what?

Number of hours Barclay and I
spent in Train Club in 5th grade:

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