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Mt. Penn High School
1985-86 Varsity Field Hockey Team
Field Hockey players wear some funny socks.

Top Row: Debbie Albrecht, Cherisse Conlon, Amy Miller
Bottom Row: Jen Eckel,
Laura Schnader, Leanne Deischer, Jen Schickler,
Kelly Clark, Tanya Sload, Kim Steiger, Karen Denby, Sally Ford,
Kathy Ford, Diane Churan
, Alyssa Max, Coach Thomas

Karen Denby, #41 The senior field hockey girls (except for their feet) Kelly this a swing and a miss?  The ball is still at her feet.
From the October 1985 Penn Post
     With most of last year's players returning, this year's hockey team seems to hold a promising future.
     Starting of the season with a non-league game against Brandywine, Mt. Penn fought to the end to tie the Bullets 1-1. Next on the list was Daniel Boone. Unfortunately, the Blazers overcame Mt. Penn's fighting offense and defense to a 5-2 win.
     With high spirits the Mounts marched onto Fleetwood's field, determined to win. The game ended in a tie 1-1. Central was the next challenge. M t. Penn scored first and then scored again to hold off the Cardinals to the end with a score of 2-0, in favor of the Mounts.
     The Junior Varsity is also doing quite well. With only one loss, they seem to be holding their own.
      Mrs. Thomas feels that Mt. Penn has the talent and ambition to do very well this year. The hockey team is also in agreement with her.

From the November 1985 Penn Post
     The Field Hockey Team has done very well this season. Varsity worked through the rest of the season by defeating Oley Valley and Schuylkill Valley. Losing but putting up a good fight against Twin Valley, Central Catholic, and Hamburg came next. They beat Wyomissing and tied Daniel Boone, who placed first in their division. Varsity ended the season with two wins against Oley Valley and Twin Valley. Their final record is 6-5-1. Varsity placed third in their division this year.
     J .V. has had only one loss this season which was to Hamburg. They also ended the season with two wins against Oley Valley and Twin Valley. Their final record is 9-1-5.

From the November 1985 Penn Post
      Even though the hockey team did not win their division, they still had individuals who were acknowledged for their achievements on their respected teams.
Diane Churan of the hockey team was selected to the Berks All-County Team for her outstanding efforts in hockey. Sally Ford, also on the hockey team, was selected to the All Division Team. Diane played the left line position while Sally played the left inner position.

Mt. Penn High School
1984-85 Varsity Field Hockey Team

1985 Varsity Field Hockey
Top Row: Kim Steiger, Norine Miller, Amy Miller, Cherise Conlon,
Debbie Albrecht, Jen Schickler, Steph Sosh, (Coach) Mrs. Thomas
Middle Row:
Diane Churan, Sally Ford, Karen Denby,
Kelly Clark, Kathy Ford, Laura Schnader

Bottom Row: Bert Schreiber, Jen Miller, T. Goodbred, Vickie Straka

Most Improved: JENNY MILLER

October 1984

     Mt. Penn does not have a regulation-size hockey field (100 yds. x 60 yds.). For years Mt. Penn hockey players had to be satisfied with a short field on a hill. A rough terrain also made it a very inadequate playing field. Moving on the right track and getting things done, Mrs. Thomas, the hockey coach, is pushing to get a regulation-size field.
     As a result of Mrs. Thomas� efforts, the hockey games are now played on a regulation-size field at the Antietam Recreation Center. Next year, however, we may have a regulation field at the A-field. Because of the sale of the Pennside building, there is money for school improvements. Mrs. Thomas has received approval for the original hockey field to be leveled and lengthened this spring.
Mrs. Thomas feels very optimistic about the field. She continued to add that if athletes in a school district are willing to put forth their time and efforts for an athletic program, then it�s the school district�s responsibility to supply for those athletes the best equipment and facilities possible.
- Karen Denby

October 1984
     It�s that season again and sticks are really hot at Mt. Penn. However, Mrs. Thomas feels the team is still in a building process. The program is better than ever because the number of participants and interest is really increasing. With the two-coach concept there is more individual contact. The girls are a young team and have only been playing the new system for 1 or 2 years. Mrs. Thomas feels very positive and says the team is full of talent.
     The girls have already played their toughest matches. The hardest part is over, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Injuries have plagued the team.
Sally Ford broke her arm during a scrimmage game and Roberta Schreiber bruised her knee.
The team does have high hopes and is a good contender in their division. They�ve come a long way and are going to go much farther. Go for it girls!!

Diane Churan - Inner
Kelly Clark - Back
Cherisse Conlon - Inner
Karen Denby - Wing
Kathy Ford - Link
Sally Ford - Inner
Norine Miller - Goalie
Jenny Schickler - Link
Laura Schnader - Link
Roberta Schreiber - Back
Kim Steiger - Inner
Terry Goodbred - Sweeper
Steph Sosh - Back
Vicki Straka - Back
Amy Miller - Back
Jenny Miller - Wing
          - Diane Churan

Diane Churan and Jenny Miller charge Twin Valley goalie and score.
Diane Churan and Jenny Miller
charge Twin Valley goalie and score.

November 1984
     Unfortunately, things didn't turn out the way the varsity hockey team had hoped they would. This was probably due to all the injuries and sickness during the season. Those on the injured list for part of the season were Sally Ford, Kathy Ford, Terry Goodbred, and Bert Schreiber. These players were all on the starting team. In addition, some players were absent many times and a few players quit the team entirely. The team suffered greatly from the absences of these people.
     Mrs. Thomas feels that another reason for the unexpectedly poor season was the empty seats on the bench. Since the starters were injured, the second string varsity played. This left no one to fill the bench except the junior varsity players who lacked playing time and experience in varsity games.
     The Mounts were defeated by Hamburg (2-3), Daniel Boone (1-3), and Wyomissing (1-3). The Mounts conquered the Brandywine Bullets (1-0) and the Schuylkill Valley Panthers (4-1).
     Next year the team will he losing four starting seniors - Jen Miller, Roberta Schreiber, Terry Goodbred and Vickie Straka. The outlook for next year, however, is good because many starters will be returning.
     The season for the junior varsity was also unpredictable. They started off strong, for the most part, kept a strong hold. They, like the varsity, had a number of illnesses and injuries. This often led to defeat. The experience some of the players had on the varsity this year should help them next year. Hopefully, there will be as much interest in hockey next year.
- Karen Denby

Diane Churan, a very fine hockey player December 1984
Outstanding Athlete - December 1984
     This issue's outstanding female athlete is Diane Churan, a junior. Diane is a very fine hockey player who has an excellent attitude and will always give 100% during practice and games. Some of Diane�s accomplishments this year were leading the hockey team in goals and making the All-Division hockey team.
     Besides hockey, Diane also plays basketball, volleyball, and softball. Mrs. Thomas is looking for many fine things from Diane this year and next.
Dave Blose


Mt. Penn High School
1983-84 Varsity Field Hockey Team
1984 Varsity Field Hockey

Top Row: Karen Denby, Audrey Acker, Diane Churan, Kelly Clark
Second Row: Jen Miller, Vicki Straka,
Kathy Ford, Sally Ford
Third Row: Melinda DiGiacomo, Kathy Kunkel, Roberta Schreiber, Tina Goodbred, K. Nordhoy
Bottom Row: Coach D. Biffel, Stephanie Rosenthal, Jackie Savitz, Stephanie Kingree,
Deanna Spohn, Marjorie Walter, Coach Nancy Weaver

December 1983
A Surprise for the team

     On October 24, 1983, there was a pizza party for the field hockey team. This party was at Pizza Hut, and it wasn�t your average one.
     Before the party, a few of the hockey players planned to send a Muscle-Gram to Miss Biffel and Miss Weaver.  Everyone helped pay, and there were a lot of laughs. At around 6:20, two men entered Pizza Hut with a portable. One was in a dark red sweat suit, and the other one was in a three-piece suit. Immediately, the hockey coaches suspected something because the men were making their way over to our table. When the one man removed his sweat suit, on his chest was written �THANK YOU NANCY AND DEBBIE.� He was wearing a red bikini bathing suit, a black bowtie, and cufflinks. The music was turned on, and he showed off his muscles to not only the coaches, and the team, but to everyone at Pizza Hut. A picture of him and our two great coaches was taken afterward.

          - Laura Schnader